How Much Is a Norwegian Forest Cat

You are reading this article probably because you are planning to buy a Norwegian forest cat. When you look at this breed, you can sense elegance due to its dense coat and striking colors. Not only will you be mesmerized by its appearance, but you’ll also fall in love with its personality and how it’ll lovingly provide happiness to your home. But, your practical personality might resurface, and you want to know how much it will cost and if you can save money to buy a feline pet.

Norwegian Forest Cat would cost you around $600 to $1200 from a reputable breeder. You’ll be lucky if you can get it for a minimal amount. Still, if you plan to buy a Norwegian forest cat, you must prepare around $1200 to buy a high-quality breed and get the most in-demand color for a Norwegian Forest Cat. 

You must also know the other names for a Norwegian Forest Cat because you might lose a good deal just because you don’t know the simpler names for this cat breed. They are often called Norskogkatt, Wegie, and Skoggkatt. The breed is from Northern Europe. Because of the colder weather in that area, the Norwegian Forest has long glossy outer coats and wool undercoats as insulation for colder climates. So a Norwegian Forest Cat is perfect if you live in a colder area with frequent snow.

Also, note that cat breeders would require a reservation fee of around $100 to $300 when you buy a purebred kitten. This way, you can ensure you own the Cat and not wait another day or month for another Norwegian Kitten.

How To Get a Norwegian Forest Cat for Free?

There’s always a chance that you can get a free Norwegian Forest Cat when you inquire about a local animal shelter around your place. Animal shelters are filled with different breeds of cats and dogs. Enquire immediately about any nearby Animal shelters so that you can catch a Norwegian Forest and save them from loneliness inside the shelter. Also, aside from Animal Shelters, you can look on social media sites about Norwegian Forest Cat adoptions. Many people share their problems in raising any breed of Cat or dog, and these people are always looking for responsible fur parents to take and nurture their pets willingly. 

How Much Do I Have To Pay for Adopting a Norwegian Forest Cat?

Some adoption of any cat and dog breeds involves a fee. The average cost for adopting is around $40 to $200, which is not bad if you are looking for a specific breed. However, you can’t ensure that the breed is pure by adopting a Norwegian Forest Cat. Some of them may be mixed, which is not a good business if you want to breed the Cat, but if you want a Norwegian Cat because of how it looks and personality, then you should adopt and provide these pets a loving home.

What Should I Do To Acquire a Norwegian Kitten at a Low Cost?

To acquire a Norwegian Forest Cat for low cost and almost free, you should have the following options to breed this Cat around your house.

1. Negotiate a Breeder

If you don’t have cash, you can find other ways to acquire the Cat. Negotiate with them if they would accept your offer of barter. For instance, if you have a value puppy, you can offer it in exchange for the breeder’s Norwegian Forest Cat. You can also barter other items that a breeder would accept if they feel it’s fair and of equal value. Then, any breeder would accept the offer.

2. Ask for an Installment

If you know any breeder, you can ask for an installment so that the full amount of the Norwegian Kitten wouldn’t burden you. Other breeders would accept this offer if they knew you or trusted you. There are a lot of online scams, so do the negotiation face-to-face as much as possible.

3. Adopt a Norwegian Forest

As we said earlier, you can get a Norwegian forest cat for free or pay a small adoption fee at the Animal Shelter. 

4. Wise Buying

Don’t buy a Norwegian Forest Cat immediately; be diligent in looking for cheaper kittens. If you are lucky, you can find a seller immediately needing the money. That’s why they will give the Kitten for a lower price if you pay right away.

5. Search on the Internet

There are many ways to communicate on the Internet nowadays, so if you can widen your scope in terms of location just to hit a good deal, then do so. Just be sure that it is legit, and you will get the value of your money by checking that it has no health issues or a history of a genetic disorder.

Cost of Initial Set-Up and Supplies of Cat

First-time cat owners need to buy cat stuff and supplies too. It is a cost that you must know beforehand to prepare for it. Usually, it is necessary for a cat, so you must prepare money for it. You will spend around $450 to $1200 for the vaccination, neutering, litter box, cat food, bed, and toys. Furthermore, you also need to buy vitamins, flea treatments, shampoo, food bowls, and scratching posts. You also need to hire a trainer if you can’t train your Cat in basic potty training or an animal behaviorist to correct some behaviors that weren’t good around the house. The medication, grooming, and vet’s regular check-up should also be included. Thus, you must allot a budget for your Cat’s needs and lifestyle.

Norwegian Forest Cat Monthly Cost

Let’s tackle the cost of maintenance for your Cat monthly.

1. Healthcare

Healthcare for a Norwegian Forest Cast monthly will be around $10 to $50. It includes Flea treatments and preventive medications for any cat disease. You may also need to put some money away for emergencies such as Diarrhea, Surgeries, unexpected injuries, and wounds.

2. Food

It will be the most basic thing; you must allot money for this before anything else. Your cat food and treats expenses will be around $20 to $40. It is already high-quality cat food and will be enough for a month. The expenses will be less if the Cat is on a diet for various reasons.

3. Grooming

If you do it yourself, you don’t need to spend a buck for grooming. However, when you are busy, you must visit a professional pet groomer to do everything from trimming nails, washing, cleaning ears, and trimming hair. The grooming bundle would cost you around $100.

4. Vet Visits

Vet visits need to be done bi-annually; you have to stick to the schedule because Norwegian cats have some common health problems that need to be looked after as they grow old. Norwegian cats can develop Hip dysplasia and other diseases. It’s important to have vet appointments that cost you around $160 to $200.

Price of Show Norwegian Forest Cat

Show Norwegian Cats will be priced higher than normal Norwegian Cats. Show cats are those cats that have the potential to be included in a show. The cost would be $1000 plus, and the breeder usually keeps these breeds and won’t allow any mixed to the lineage. 

Are Norwegian Forest Cats Rare?

Yes, the cat breed is rare because there are only a few breeders for this breed. The Cat costs too much, so not many people consider owning one. The Cat is from Norway, and most breeders you can find breeding this breed are from Norway. Although the Cat is similar to a Mainecoon, it is still one of the rare Cat breeds today.

Comparing the price of a Norwegian Forest cat and a Siberian cat, it is generally observed that the Siberian breed tends to be more expensive.

Norwegian Forest Cat would also cost you a lot of money. It is not a usual breed you can find around, so the cost is high. Also, you need to consider the monthly cost if you want to own one because they are expensive and high-maintenance cats. They may be expensive pets but can shower you with love and affection. In addition, the Norwegian Forest Cat can be a good source of money if you turn yourself into a breeder and sell the Cat’s kittens. In this way, you can provide your Cat with good food, a healthy lifestyle, and many toys so they’ll be happy and alive for the rest of their lives.