Where Can I Buy a Norwegian Forest Cat? 7 Best Places to Get Your Norwegian Cat

This loyal, calm, and dog-like feline is achievable through getting in touch with your most trusted Norwegian cat breeder or simply visiting shelter homes. With so many available options, every potential cat owner needs to know which place they should go to ensure that you’re getting your money’s worth. 

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Norwegian Forest cats are one of the best choices as a family addition and if you are browsing the internet to look for reputable websites or breeders who can give you your dream cat, you have just come to the right place!

Know Your Norwegian Forest Cat Before Purchasing

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How much is a Norwegian Forest Cat? Norwegian Forest Cats typically range in price depending on various factors such as pedigree, age, and breeder reputation. It’s best to research and contact reputable breeders or shelters to inquire about the cost of these majestic feline companions. 

The general overview of this cat’s personality is that he loves to go outdoors and enjoy the beauty of nature. Although he is fond of the external environment, he is also a great indoor cat. However, no matter how adaptive this feline is, he can never stand being treated like a lap cat, so for anyone who wants a clingy cat, the Norwegian Forest won’t fit the puzzle.

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Another great thing to notice about this large cat is his inquisitive nature. If you have a fish tank, he’ll surely dip his paws in and might even sneak in his prey drive and devour your fish so this is something you should consider if you’re a fishkeeper.

Spending time with your prospective cat must be done before bringing him home. By doing this, you don’t only get to know if you are both suitable for each other, but you’re also saving yourself from wasted efforts or, worse, sending this cat to a shelter home.

Two Recommended Places to Buy Your Norwegian Forest Cat

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Undeniably, getting cat pets is not inexpensive. You have to pour in your time and money before finally getting into your arms your desired cat breed that would complement all the efforts you have placed on the table!

To avoid a bad experience in getting this coveted kitty, here are the two types of cat places you should go for:

Adoption Centers. Thousands of cats end up in shelter homes each day, worldwide and that includes Norwegian Forest cats. One thing to know about is that the cats you can find here are as great as the ones you’d get from a breeder. Not only would you be able to provide a new loving home for a cat rescue but you’re also allowing a new room to get in another lost or rejected kitten.

Moreover, adoption centers will only charge you the least price for adopting one of their kitties. This is a wise choice for cat lovers who are tight on their budgets. However, the cheap price a rescue cat entails should not be the primary reason that would drive you to a shelter home- this is only a bonus.

Reputable Breeder. For those who have not found the right cat yet despite visiting every local cat shelter, resorting to a legitimate Norwegian breeder is the next reasonable option. Experienced breeders who specialize in 1 or 2 cat breeds know which cats are best to be sold. 

The environment, as you would expect, is hygienic, relaxed, and welcoming. Moreover, you’d be assured that the breeding process they conduct is ethical! Finding a good breeder is not hard at all. You can meet several through attending cat events that feature your desired Norwegian cat or by checking the cat breeders directory from cat organizations. 

Why You Should Avoid Cat Mills

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Cat mills are the third possible option to get your Norwegian kitten, but all genuine cat fanciers will never suggest any potential cat owner purchase a cat from these places. This is the sketchiest kind of cat source where unhealthy felines are stored and bred. 

To describe the horrendous environment, visiting one will give you chills. There you’d witness crowded rooms where purebred cats and kittens are mixed. Since they are numerous in only one space, some sickly or dying cats will be left unattended or unnoticed. You’d find a plethora of kittens that have defects as well.

Cat mills are where unethical breeders only care about the profit they’d make. They won’t spend a fortune to give each cat their medical needs, but instead, they would cherry-pick the ones that can be sold and advertise them as perfect cats to unsuspecting buyers. The best thing to deal with this is to report them and to discourage others from purchasing kittens from these mills.

7 Best Places to Get Your Norwegian Cat

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Now knowing that adopting or contacting a reputable Norwegian breeder will save you from major future concerns, I have gathered some of the best places that will guarantee you a healthy kitten. Although these are reassuring, you must still responsibly do your tedious research before engaging yourself in a transaction.

  • Cat Fanciers Organization. The CFA has a list of registered Norwegian cat breeders you can contact. You will be assured that the kitten you’ll end up with is healthy if the breeder you’re going to work with is CFA-approved.
  • The International Cat Association. TICA is a well-known organization that conducts clubs in various local areas as well as cat rescue activities. If a breeder is what you are looking for, TICA has registered sources here as well.
  • Skogberg Cattery. This is a TICA and CFA-registered cattery located in Colorado, USA where all kittens available for purchase are raised in a conducive and loving environment. (Expect your cat from Skogberg to be affectionate and well-raised!)
  • Viking Tails. The Household Cattery of Minnesota, the Viking Tails, is a TICA-registered cattery where breeders conduct health tests for their kittens before putting them out to be sold.
  • Adopt a pet.  ‘Adopt a pet’ takes care of Norwegian Forest cats that need a new home. This is North America’s largest non-profit adoption website you can freely check and get in touch with if a rescued Norwegian feline is to your liking.
  • Norwegian Forest Cat Rescue. Rescue Me Organization is the home for unwanted animals and they include your dream Norwegian Forest kitty. This site has given out over a million pets to hundreds of thousands of households and you might be the next to receive one.
  • 13th Street Cat Rescue. Located in San Jose, California, this no-kill, animal rescue organization strives to send every four-legged pet to a nice and loving family. You can either contact them online or physically visit the place if it’s near you.

Countries Where You Can Get Your Norwegian Cat

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What’s a better way to find out which country sells the cheapest Norwegian cat than to explore the world? You can compare each price and the possible quality you may get and then you can decide where to get your furry  friend from.

  • Australia. Norwegian Forest cats with normal bloodlines, especially those from lesser-known breeders would only cost you around AUD 1,200 and AUD 1,600. You shouldn’t let the chance slip away once you get a glimpse of this kitty-cat as there’s only a handful of this breed in Australia.
  • The United Kingdom. Luckily, there are now breeders of the Norwegian Forest Cat in the UK. However, keep the excitement down since you’ll most likely have to be on the waiting list. On average, breeders would only charge 500 to 700 pounds sterling for every kitten.
  • The United States. There are numerous breeders now in the USA that could provide you with a Norwegian kitty. Typically, the price you’d pay for a pet quality fluffy kitten such as the Norwegian cat is only around $800 to $1500.
  • Norway. Even though this is where the Norwegian Forest cat is hailed from, the price for a good quality feline is quite the same as the US price. The average cost would be $1000, but usually, breeders will only charge as much as 6500 Norwegian Krone. 

Note: Each price from the said countries is only estimated. You can contact your preferred breeder and discuss further details before ultimately closing the deal. Moreover, if this cat breed is found out to be cheaper if bought overseas, think about how taxing the kitten might experience. As much as possible, try to purchase one within your area. 

Moreover, aside from the price, you will also be shouldering other expenses such as travel expenses, permits (if needed), and other requirements depending on the country.

10 Tips Before Buying a Norwegian Forest Kitten

Although we cannot contain our excitement regarding the idea of having a cat as majestic as the Norwegian, we still have to remain cautious before doing transactions with breeders. Some have shared unfortunate encounters such as paying the right price but receiving a mixed cat or getting a kitten for a cheaper cost with health issues.

To ensure a great and fair deal, here are some tips you have to bear in mind in buying a Norwegian Forest kitty:

  1. Consider it a red flag if the price tag for a Norwegian cat is based on special features or if the seller is hasty in closing the transaction.
  1. Research what other breeders charge for a cat breed of your choice.
  1. Reverse-image search the pictures of the kitten being sent to you. If these are available on numerous sites, chances are that you’re dealing with a scammer.
  1. Never buy or adopt a Norwegian cat unless you can meet and see it in person.
  1. Go for personal communications. If the seller only wants to do the transaction via email, this can be a red flag as well.
  1. Search for the breeder’s name online and see what people have to say regarding his business.
  1. Check if you could match the seller’s name in the watchdog lists of alleged scammers.
  1. If you can, try purchasing or adopting through places near you instead of doing it online.
  1. Only send your payment through credit card as this offers you greater protection in case there are disputes or if you found everything to be a fraud. 
  1. Some scammers will threaten to hurt the animal or that you’ll face criminal charges if you don’t go through with the deal. This is not a good sign, so cooperate with the police if you can. 

Know If You Bought a Real Norwegian Forest Kitten

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Since it is much better to see the kitten in person before purchasing him, you might want to know if you’re really getting the right cat you’re wanting. With that, here are the identifying features of the Norwegian cat.

  • He has a thick long coat
  • He has one big fluffy tail
  • The toes and ears have thick tufts of hair.
  • The eyes are almond-shaped that may be in green, copper, gold, or blue.
  • His head must be triangular.

Is Getting a Norwegian Forest Cat Worth It?

Definitely! Compared to other cat breeds, the Norwegian Forest cat is generally sold at an affordable price. Even though he looks regal and could make you feel overawed, his temperament suits almost anyone who prefers a laid-back and easy-going feline. He’s also a great playmate with kids and a relaxing purring companion for exhausted adults who just came home from work.

With all these qualities, the adorable Norwegian Forest Cat might just be the right pet for you!