How Long Do Norwegian Forest Cats Live

You are stumbling in this article because you wanted to know if you can keep your cat for a longer period. A lot of owners would feel the same way because who wouldn’t want to keep intelligent and have a good relationship with people. Let us know the Norwegian Forest Cat Lifespan as you read further in this article.

It would take 15 years for a Norwegian Forest Cat to live. The number can be higher up to 20 years old if the cat breed is in good condition both mentally and physically.

It’s important to note that several factors may affect the lifespan of cat breeds. 

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Areas To Look for To Ensure Longer Life for Norwegian Forest Cat

Here are the areas you must observe and take good care of so that you can ensure a wholesome life for your Norwegian Forest Cat.

*Nutritional Diet

*Home Environment

*Genetic Issues


*Quality of Life

*Grooming and Care

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  1. Norwegian Forest Cat Nutritional Diet

We will explore the best nutritional diet so that your Norwegian Forest Cat is kept alive and happy. 

The best diet for this cat breed is a large portion of protein, additional vitamins, and minerals and a moderate amount of carbohydrates for energy.

You have to be selective in choosing the right cat food for your Norwegian Forest Cat. As a responsible cat owner, you can’t just select the cheapest cat food without the right nutrition. Look for the ingredients at the back corner of the package and see if the food consists of meat and has a lower portion of flour, grains, and wheat.

Also, look in a cat food an amino acid called Taurine because it can help in the cat’s metabolic process. In addition, taurine can help your cat have good eyesight and will reduce the risk of heart diseases. 

Furthermore, in terms of diet, you should not let your cat eat as much food as they wanted. Do not leave their food bowls filled with cat food instead only feed them for a scheduled time. Measure the amount of wet and dry food that you’ll provide each meal. Stick to these measurements daily and control the number of treats they’ll intake to prevent obesity. Yet, it is also better that you check their weight consistently so that further action will be taken if they are overweight or underweight.

The nutrition does not stop on food alone but the amount of water Norwegian Forest Cat intake. Wate bowls should always be filled with water to quench the cat’s thirst and to avoid Urinary Tract Infection that is common to cats.

  1. Norwegian Forest Home Environment

Norwegian Forest should have a home environment that is fun, full of love, and free of violence. These cat breeds should be handled with care and not be neglected because of busy schedules. An ideal home for a Norwegian Forest Cat is a home that they are accepted and valued. Also, their owners should give them their basic needs such as a comfortable bed with soft pillows and blankets. In addition, Norwegian Forest Cats should be given toys or anything that can spark joy and happiness in them.

One way to provide a loving home to them is to avoid them from being stressed that can be a result of new pets, new house furniture, illnesses, or the loss of someone dear to them. Stress is normal for cats but you must help them aid it by showing more love and affection.

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  1. Norwegian Forest Cat Genetic Diseases

It is a breed of cat that has hereditary health issues that you must prevent to ensure a long lifespan for your cat. Norwegian Forest Cat is a natural breed that has developed and adjusted to domestication. Along the way, researchers have known that this breed can get the following Hereditary conditions such as:

  • Glycogen Storage Disease Type IV
  • Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
  • Hip Dysplasia
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  1. Norwegian Forest Cat Health Conditions

Aside from the hereditary health conditions on your cat, there are also common health diseases that they can get along the way such as:

  • Diabetes
  • Polycystic Kidney Disease
  • Skin Disorders
  • Retinal Damage
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  1. Norwegian Forest Cat Quality of Life

In terms of Quality of Life, the Norwegian Forest cat must live its life as a happy and healthy breed. Each cat owner should provide a life wherein they are free from any abuse, maltreatment, and stress. The gentle breed should have the freedom to do what they want and not be put in the cage as they will spend their life sleeping and being sad. Also, for them to have a wonderful life, they must interact and socialize with people and animals. Furthermore, responsible breeders should also take care of the well-being of these Norwegian Forests, and not just use them for money.

The life expectancy of the Norwegian Forest depends on how they are treated and provided in the areas stated above. From the moment you have acquired your Norwegian Forest Kittens, train them immediately to be active and to eat healthy food. 

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  1. Norwegian Forest Cat Care and Grooming

In addition, you can improve the quality of life of this fascinating breed if you maintain them in terms of care and grooming. Their silky coats must always be brushed and combed to remove the excess hair. Since they have a dense undercoat, make sure to give them daily brushing. By doing this, you can prevent hairballs from forming inside the cat’s stomach. Dental hygiene must be properly taken care of because there are oral histories for these breeds of cats. Bathe them and always clean their ears. Be sure to check parasites on its silky coats too.

Norwegian Forest have this undemanding nature, yes they are sweet and loyal but they tend not to think of themselves. For this reason, you have to make way and approach your cat. They are not expressive thus you should always check them if something is wrong with their health and their overall well-being. To prolong a cat’s life, discipline and patience are important. They may not live as long as we are but we must strive to provide the best life for them.