Why Do Siamese Cats Bite So Much? A Guide to His Behavior

A number of reasons explain why this happens and a few of those can either be due to a feeling of overexcitement or excessive petting. It is no surprise that Siamese cats are highly energetic and, therefore, they all have the vigor to play with their family. However, it’s all fun and games until one of your kids gets bitten by a Siamese cat. 

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The Siamese breed is a mischievous one. He has an interesting personality fit for outgoing individuals, but you might resent him due to how fond he is of biting. To remedy this, let’s understand what triggers him to snap as well as what we can do to discourage this undesirable behavior.

The Top 10 Reasons Why a Siamese Cat Loves to Bite

Lots of cat lovers are heavily drawn to the chatty and adorable Siamese cat breed. They are loving, fun, laid-back, and active, but the number one drawback in keeping a cat of this kind is that he can be “aggressive” as most people would label the breed. A Siamese cat who’s acting up like this fairly has a reason behind such behavior and here are the top 10 common causes:


A Siamese cat who displays a feeling of fear needs comfort and security. Anxiety and stress due to certain home changes or unfamiliar people around can make him feel threatened. He’ll hiss, growl, and even bite anyone who would try to get near him.


True to other cat breeds as well, Siamese cats who love to play with their owners may end up biting them not because they suddenly hate their masters. When you overly pet them, their minds go somewhere else and the moment you touch a region they’re most sensitive to, their automatic response is to bite you gently. 

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Short Temper

Cats of any kind are short-tempered but the Siamese breed has a shorter one. For example, one of the essential formulas to keep the feline happy is by giving him loads of your attention. If he greeted you in the doorway and you ignored him, he’d certainly get offended and bite you.

Predatory Instinct

Have you ever been in a situation wherein you’re just relaxing on your bed with your Siamese cat and then all of a sudden, he jumps at you and gives you a surprise bite? Well, this is his predatory instinct that’s at work. 


Siamese cats may have always been labeled as divas, but if they have been a result of past trauma, they might often find themselves uncomfortable in any type of situation. Anyone who’s approaching a cat who isn’t in the mood is likely to get bitten.


Aside from being short-tempered, the Siamese breed also gets easily irritated. It could be that it’s just part of his nature, but another cause would be illness or pain. If he’s not feeling well and is not up for a game, anyone who forces him to will have a mouthful of his teeth.

Lack of Affection

Unsurprisingly, Siamese cats are intelligent. They enjoy human company, but if they notice that you, their favorite human, are gone for several days, he’ll be highly displeased. As a sort of punishment for your negligent behavior, he’ll remind you not to do it again through a remarkable bite. 

Territorial Instinct

Besides their cheerful personality, Siamese cats are notoriously territorial. If any lines are crossed by another pet or individual, he’ll resort to biting aggressively. 

Sensitive to Touch

Acknowledging that every Siamese cat is born different, you may have ended up with one that is aloof and not demanding of your attention. That could mean, he won’t require you to touch him as often as you did with your late Siamese. If you show too much affection, you’ll know what will happen next.

Too Much Affection Received

This may be slightly the same as overstimulation, but there is a difference. While overstimulation could mean “Don’t touch me there but keep giving me attention”, this section explains that the Siamese might be telling you something else like “Stop giving me attention, I need some me-time!”

Ways on How to Keep Him From Biting

It can be a problem in the long run for owners who realize that the Siamese cat’s biting behavior is not for them. But, instead of giving up on this wonderful cat, know that there are certain ways you can do to minimize or eradicate this habit. Here’s how you do it:

Pretend That You’re Hurt

Known to be people-pleasers, a Siamese cat who’s doing a play bite will eventually stop if he sees that you’re not enjoying what he just did. Every time he sinks his teeth lightly on your skin, let out a painful groan to help him understand that you’re not comfortable with his bites. 

Enforce Rules on Biting

A Siamese cat is smart enough to know what you want from him. Therefore, you can create rules that draw the line between what’s appropriate behavior and what’s not. You can use reinforcements such as treats if the Siamese behaves and doesn’t bite. 

Encourage Appropriate Playing

Always help your Siamese cat understand the rules when playing. If he bonds with you, he should not attempt to bite you or your kids. It really depends on what causes him to snap, so connecting with an animal behaviorist is advised. 

Give Him Enough Attention

This is why Siamese cats are not for busy people. They demand time, love, and care from their family. As much as you can, ensure that he doesn’t lack the amount of affection he needs daily from you. Be even more dedicated to giving your time to a Siamese rescue if he has been subjected to past trauma. 

Ignore Him for a While

Depending on the cat’s personality, ignoring him when he bites you might work. Still, you have to express that he hurt you when he does that, but don’t say anything more than that. He’ll slowly realize that it is his biting habit that upsets you and will try to refrain from doing that again.

Install a Scratch Post

Keep your Siamese cat busy by installing a Catry Scratch post nearby. Instead of pouring out his frustration on people or furniture, having a cat item for his claws will divert his attention to it. You can also purchase Potaroma toys so he’ll be continuously preoccupied.

Is It Alright to Discipline a Siamese Cat?

Yes, as long as it’s done correctly. However, if you mean yelling, using a spray bottle, or hitting him, then it might affect him negatively. These forms of discipline do more harm than good and any Siamese cat should, in no way, experience these. It will only make his behavior worse and hard to break. Moreover, getting wrongly disciplined can cause a series of undesirable behaviors to develop in your feline. Instead of solving the problem, you might be creating more issues!

So instead, correct his biting behavior in a loving and gentle manner. He’s smart enough to be on board with you.