Are Siamese Cats Smart? All The Proofs You Need!

Yes, Siamese cats are indeed smart! They are highly capable of doing a lot of things such as tricks some other cats can’t do and let’s not forget about how sociable he is. It seems like he knows how to communicate clearly with others and get attuned to his owner’s emotions.

Every cat is unique, of course. The level of intelligence varies among them, but still, the Siamese is generally a clever one. If you want to know why and how smart he is, this article will talk solely about his brainpower!

Why Are Siamese Cats Smart?

There is no denying that the Siamese breed is smart, but what are the proofs that support this claim? Well, it is simple. Siamese cats are highly trainable felines and they can do exceptional things. The best way to test this out is to get a Siamese for yourself, but if you are not sure about the breed yet, learn more regarding how awesome it would be to have such a witty cat!

They Can Enter Tournaments

Given that the Siamese is prepared extensively, he definitely can be a good candidate for competing in various cat tournaments! You can take advantage of his brain’s capacity and guide him on how the rules of a tournament work. There are various types which your Siamese can join in such as agility courses and cat shows. With his splendid physique complemented by his ability to grasp concepts, he sure does have a high chance of going home with a trophy!

Some Siamese cats have already brought home the bacon. Let’s remember back in 2005, a one-year-old blue-point Siamese named Cobbie won the 3rd Annual CFA-Iams Cat Championship which was sponsored by the Cat Fanciers’ Association, a highly prestigious and largest registry in the world.

They Can Be Taught Things

Siamese cats are commonly described as dog-like due to how easy it is for them to be trained. Aside from that, they are also loyal and affectionate to their family. Due to the breed’s capacity to learn, various new things can be taught to them. The breed can instantly learn them out provided that the training is done properly. So, what are the drills you can teach to a Siamese? Here are a few:

  • Tricks
  • Housetraining
  • Obedience
  • Verbal commands
  • Agility drills
  • Leash training
  • Litter training
  • Clicker training

They Can Be In a Circus

Have you ever watched the Savitsky Cats’ full performance in Season 13 of America’s Got Talent? If you did, well, let me tell you that one of the cats in the group named Asia is a Siamese! If you watch again the video, you’ll see her display her cat-like attitude at first which was to not listen immediately to her masters, but eventually, she started cooperating and doing the tricks she was trained to do and she did so perfectly!

Photo from: savitskycats (IG)

(Asia, the Siamese)

Now, Asia, along with the other furry babies are the new acrobats of the Big Apple Circus. If you train your Siamese diligently, he or she might be the new internet sensation!

How to Measure Your Siamese Cat’s Intelligence

It is undeniably hard to determine a cat’s level of intelligence, more so if you are thinking of comparing it with other cat breeds. While there is no surefire way to evaluate how much the cat knows, we can, however, identify some areas a Siamese cat excels in. 


Cats usually have good memories compared to dogs. While canines only have a short-term memory that lasts for only 16 minutes, the felines can store information for up to 16 hours. However, the thing is that cats are more selective when it comes to what details to keep on their minds. They typically just keep information they consider useful.

Try this out with your Siamese, hide a treat somewhere in a room that he can access easily. Make sure he sees you do this. Then, take him out for a short bit and let him back in. If he remembers seeing you put a treat on an area, he should be able to find it easily. That means, he’s one smart cat.

Social Skills

Social intelligence is another thing and Siamese cats are known to outshine others on this. They communicate a lot with their owners, especially those family members they bond with the most. Interacting requires intelligence, and the breed doesn’t just meow back meaninglessly. If ever he gets vocal, there certainly is something he wants you to know and they’re good at getting the messages across. 


Do I need to say more? As mentioned earlier, a few cats of this breed have joined prestigious shows and displayed their talents incredibly! If your feline can learn average to complex training drills, then he would require more honing so he keeps on improving for the better. It can be challenging, however, but sessions will go smoothly if you share a good rapport with him. 

Cause and Effect

Purchase a puzzle toy for your cat, especially the ones that offer a treat afterward. After just a quick while, he’ll start figuring out how the toy works. The moment he understands its system, the Siamese cat will “cause” a certain behavior and anticipate the “effect” which is the release of a yummy treat!

How to Make a Siamese Cat Smarter

Naturally gifted to be sharp-witted, the Siamese cat as a pet shouldn’t just be left out there to figure things out on his own. You, as an owner, must aim to further his talents and skills by trying out these tested and proven ways:

  • Play With Him. Playing with your Siamese helps in stimulating him mentally. You can invest in cat toys from MeoHui which helps promote learning for cats through games. 
  • Train Him Early. Use cat clickers from Cat School to make every drill more efficient for him as the sound it makes conditions the cat to repeat the same behavior! Also, start teaching him cat lessons at a young age. 
  • Keep Him Healthy. Siamese cats and any other breeds learn better when they are in the condition to undergo training. Make sure he’s not in pain and his whole attention is on the course. Discomfort or injuries can make him irritable, stubborn, and incapable of focusing, so bring him to the vet if needed.
  • Build Him Obstacle Courses. Siamese cats love to be regaled and one thing he should have aside from toys is an obstacle course! In Pawaboo, they manufacture three-way tunnels that will spark even more the curiosity of the feline. When inside, the Siamese will start figuring out which way will get him out!
  • Provide Healthy Meals. The food your cat eats can boost his intelligence. All the needed nutrients, vitamins, and minerals help improve his memory and body! Of course, ensure that while he is a kitten, he’s getting the right amount of DHA for brain development and more. A few of the most trusted brands you can try are Science Hill’s Adult Cat Food and Purina One Selects Blend For Adult Cats.