Do Siamese Cats Get Along With Dogs? Here Are All the Answers You Need!

Yes, of course! Siamese cats are considered a dog-like breed, and most of them get along pretty well with canines. Their suitability should be the first thing you must consider, or a bad pairing will end up in disaster. Despite the common impression that dogs and cats are match-made in hell, the contrary is true when discussing the Siamese feline. Just like dogs, Siamese cats are highly social and playful by nature.

But, before you adopt your preferred dog, pause first and consider a few things we will discuss in this article.

Is a Siamese Cat and a Dog Compatible in Personality?

Possibly. In all honesty, a well-socialized Siamese cat can learn to accept anyone, whether a dog or if the canine is open to developing bonds with the cat. But sometimes Siamese cats can be mean to dogs or other pets in the house. However, if pets are raised well, and their backgrounds as individuals are deeply considered, their relationship will become a two-way street. 

Know the Temperament of the Dog

Knowing that you have a smaller pet like the Siamese cat, you should ensure he feels safe around a dog. It is a no-no if the canine has behavioral problems. He’ll pose a threat to not just the cat but everyone around him as well. Siamese cats are short-tempered, meaning they don’t have a high tolerance for anyone they find difficult. Instead, seek a dog who is even-tempered, trained, and has a low prey drive. 

Understand the Siamese Cat’s Personality

Siamese cats are cheeky, sociable, and mischievous, and at times, they can also be labeled aggressive. Most of the time, they become good friends with their dog companions. Still, you must know how your cat acts and behaves and focus on properly introducing him to a dog. This is the most challenging part, but once it’s done right, they will turn into partners in crime. 

Would a Dog Love to Have a Siamese Cat Around?

Not in all cases, no. However, there are several cases of dogs living peaceably with felines and even sometimes sleeping together and cuddling. Others don’t end up like this, but they can coexist with lesser tension between them.

You can say that it is all about behavior and exposure. A cat and a dog have higher chances of getting along if they are regularly given the chance to interact with new faces. The way people and other pets treat them would also be a factor. Give it around 1 to 2 days; others may take longer than this, and you’ll be surprised that both your pets are already playing together!

Qualities of a Perfect Dog Companion for a Siamese Cat

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Understanding that not all dog breeds are suitable for you, is also the same for the Siamese cat. You cannot simply match a large English Mastiff with a Siamese kitten due to the large size difference or the other might end up getting sat on by accident. So, what qualities should you look for when choosing the right dog for your Siamese cat?

  • He shouldn’t be violent.
  • Company-oriented and friendly. 
  • Closely alike in personality as your cat.
  • Low in his territorial instinct.
  • Calm and gentle.

Steps in Properly Introducing a Dog to a Siamese Cat

The moment you have passed through the process of filtering out which dogs are not a match and have already chosen one that you are confident your cat will love, it is time to learn the steps in the proper introduction. But, before anything else, make sure the environment is controlled and subtle. Here are the rest of the things you should do:

  • Place each pet in its place separately. Allow them to get used to each other’s presence without getting into any contact. Let them get associated with each other through smell.
  • After a few days or so, allow them to see each other from a distance. Still, there must be a boundary between them in case one or both of them react negatively. Make sure you correct any bad behavior immediately, but not harshly. 
  • Give them some time and when everyone is calm, encourage both of them to get closer. Be alert in case a clash explodes. To be safe, both pets must be leashed. They can get close but never touch each other. 
  • When you see the positivity exhibited by the pets, close the distance more.
  • You have to repeat this for a few weeks until they get acquainted with each other’s smell and presence.
  • When there are no longer bad reactions from any of them, enable both pets to interact without being on a leash. A few minutes will do and monitoring is still needed.
  • Acknowledge that any or both of them can be stubborn so they have to learn how to obey verbal commands.
  • For the first few weeks or months, never leave them alone without anyone to supervise them.
  • The moment they are at ease and close with each other, make sure you treat them equally with love and care!

List of Dog Breeds That Get Along With Siamese Cats

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There are at least 200 dog breeds that are officially recognized by the American Kennel Club and countless more are available in the dog market such as mixed or designer breeds. Admittingly, it can be a headache contemplating about which breed to go for, so here is a list of dogs who can potential establish an unbreakable bond with your Siamese fellow:

  • Beagle
  • Pug
  • Golden retriever
  • Boxer
  • Labrador Retriever
  • Cocker Spaniel

What if the Siamese Cat and the Dog Don’t Get Along?

Whenever you think about getting a Siamese and a dog, making a plan on how to ensure they eventually have camaraderie is not just the only preparation you should dwell on at the start. You have to be ready in case they don’t end up suitable for each other. In the initial introduction, it is just normal if the cat or the dog exhibits unfriendliness, therefore, it will be too premature to declare that they’re hopeless to be together.

If after a considerable amount of time and there is still no progress, it’s time to visit the vet and see what he can give as advice to make the situation go smoother. They are knowledgeable about what certain products, medications, or techniques are effective in improving the relationship between two ungenial pets. 

Photo from: maxi.nibbles (IG)

Moreover, you should not just think about getting a dog and a Siamese together. You also have to know what your long-term plan is. Assess if you are capable of taking care of them and if you have the right lifestyle and environment that matches their needs. If in the end, it has been evaluated that they are not right for each other, no matter how tough, you have to make a big sacrifice of rehoming either one of them. Thankfully, there’s a low chance of this happening thanks to the easy-going nature of the Siamese cat!