Are Siamese Cats Mean? A Guide to His Behavior

In “The Lady and the Tramp” film, two Siamese cats were featured to be mean, nasty, and unfriendly. For many of those who have watched this movie, one can easily draw a conclusion that the Siamese cat breed is a source of many troubles and mischievousness. 

However, contrary to how this breed is often portrayed on the screen, he is generally warm, affectionate, and friendly. Still, it is possible for him to exhibit a mean attitude toward others whenever he feels uncomfortable or he’s being taunted. 

What Is the Ideal Personality of a Siamese Cat?

A well-bonded Siamese cat is incredibly loyal and loving toward his family. He is impressively talkative and vocal about how he feels, so you will surely hear his rants, complaints, or requests at any time of the day. Another interesting trait of his is his amiability. Naturally, he will crave human connection and that puts him in a position of being open to starting relationships with any members of the family. 

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There may be a time wherein he’ll act differently toward people, and that’s if he finds you unfamiliar. Aggression shouldn’t be the automatic response of a healthy, well-socialized Siamese cat, but rather a wariness or aloofness. Sometimes, a Siamese cat bites due to aggression, overexcitement, or excessive petting. But that doesn’t mean that they are mean cats.

It’s possible sometimes to label him as a mean cat. With his chatty behavior alone, anyone might presume he’s very demanding. Sometimes he is, but it is only likely that he wants your attention.

Are Siamese Cats Meaner Than Other Breeds?

Some Siamese cat owners would disagree. There is no absolute measure that we can use to compare the “meanness” of a Siamese to that of another breed. This is because callousness is a feline behavior problem that can be present in any type of cat. 

Let’s not forget that the way a feline is raised and treated contributes a lot to how his personality molds as he matures. Perhaps, the silly myth that suggests all Siamese cats are more obnoxious than other cat breeds is merely based on his unique ability which is to meow a lot with his raspy quality of voice. 

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The best word others would associate with the Siamese feline is that he’s assertive. He knows what he wants, he refuses things he doesn’t like, and he remembers who treated him right or wrong. Paired with his intelligence, the Siamese cat certainly knows how to get what he thinks he deserves. 

Knowing what is acceptable in his world is also a key to understanding him better. For him, it is acceptable to trip on people, bite, or wreak havoc in your room only when he has the reason to act that way.

How to Tell if a Siamese is About to Get Mean

A Siamese cat’s body language will tell you a lot about his current mood. As long as you are a well-informed owner, you can immediately tell if your pet is approachable or not. Knowing what the signs are would help you predict his future behavior. Also, it will keep you from getting scratched on or bitten.

Here are the common body languages signifying that he’s about to get mean:

  • His pupils constrict or dilate
  • Both ears go flat
  • The tail moves differently
  • Refusal to come near you
  • His coat looks fluffier
  • His whiskers all point down
  • You hear him hiss or growl
  • Crouching and attempting to look larger

7 Reasons Behind His Mean Behavior

Siamese cats act reasonably and they love being in a home filled with happiness and love. However, they might start a different vibe not just because they’re bored but due to several causes pushing them out of their comfort zones.

Here are 7 reasons why he’s being mean to you: 

He Doesn’t Like to Be Touched

Some Siamese cats and mixes suffer from a condition called feline hyperesthesia. This neurological disorder would make them have increased sensitivity in senses such as sight, touch, smell, or sound. That means your cat might not be allergic to your affection but rather just intolerant of how he feels when you pet him. 

He Feels Jealous

You’re lucky if you are the chosen family member of your Siamese cat! The breed tends to get attached to one person, and when this happens, his territorial and protective nature may show. Cats have feelings, and one of them is jealousy. Once he feels that someone is trying to get the attention he deserves from you, he’ll surely let the message get across. 

He’s Afraid

Becoming aggressive is a defense mechanism cats often show when they are threatened or afraid. Your Siamese may hiss or try to bite anyone to try to “protect” himself. If this develops, his fear may turn into a “stranger danger” behavior.

He Has a Short Temper

A short temper is prevalent in any cat breed, especially if your pet is a Siamese whose history is composed of being a temple guard. This highly intelligent cat has no room for bad manners hence his intolerance for anything he finds senseless.

He’s Overly Excited

Siamese kittens, most especially, tend to be overly-excited creatures. They don’t intentionally suddenly show aggression or mean problems just because they think it’s fun but rather these are just the kind of responses they give out when they experience having an adrenaline rush. 

He’s Sick

Being physically unwell can trigger so many negative emotions for your Siamese pet. If he reacts after you try to pet him on his back, it could be that you just touched a painful area and he reacted in a way that would tell you not to do it again. 

How to Keep a Siamese Cat From Being Unfriendly

Whenever you witness unfriendliness in a Siamese cat, know that there are a few things you could do as an owner to attempt to conciliate the situation. Fixing this behavioral problem as early as possible will not only keep his meanness from developing but also create a safe environment for everyone at home.

Here are 4 ways to remedy his undesirable personality trait:

  • Know the Reason. Knowing why he’s mean in the first place will give you the right idea on how to properly deal with his nasty attitude.
  • Give Him His Space. Let your Siamese cat cool down in a separate room to keep him from harming anybody.
  • Avoid the Triggers. Know what certain things you can associate with his behavior. Does he react badly when somebody touches his favorite toys? If yes, then ensure that nobody borrows his possessions.
  • Use Positive Reinforcements. Train him to understand that showing good behavior will earn him treats and rewards. Also, let him come to his terms. Avoid getting all over him when he doesn’t want you around yet.

5 Tips for Owners Who Own a Mean Siamese Cat

  • Play calm and soothing music for your Siamese cat.
  • Make sure he gets neutered (or spayed if it is a female).
  • Allow him to socialize and make relationships without forcing him to.
  • Help them learn the house rules.
  • Use distractions like scratch posts and toys.