Are Siamese Cats Friendly? FAQs Plus Ways on How to Properly Bond With Them!

There may be several depictions of the Siamese cat breed in films that would paint it a picture as a cat that is mean, hostile, and troublesome, but the truth is told, the moment you get to know a Siamese feline, you will learn how friendly and excellent he is as a family pet!

There are several reasons why a Siamese cat is naturally genial and one of those is that he craves human attention. He perceives relationships as bonds that must be formed genuinely and what’s a better first step to connect than be approachable?

With the widespread circulation of misconceptions regarding the behavior of a Siamese cat, it might be difficult to decide on whether to get one of his kind or not. But, this article will provide clarity that will guide you to the real personality of the said breed. 

Are Siamese Cats Amiable With Kids?

Yes, they are! They can even be best friends if they grow up together. Various fun stories are being shared by doting owners about the times when they caught their felines being dressed up with doll clothes or placed in cribs by their kids. Parents admit that if they ever attempt to do the same thing to their Siamese cat, the feline will highly likely not allow them. 

Kids and cats have a unique bond. Given that the Siamese breed is extremely playful and energetic, the attention and activities he’ll be doing with the children will keep him entertained which he doesn’t find bad at all. 

Are Siamese Cats Friendly With Other Pets?

Most of the time, yes! The playful and social nature of the Siamese cat helps him bond easily with other house pets such as dogs. Also, Siamese cats can get along with other cats too. If ever you are thinking of getting a pooch, assess his personality first and check if it would match with the behavior of the Siamese cat. Oftentimes, some canines tend to be overly dominant and this might clash with the character of the feline who can be a bit possessive at times. 

Still, there is a higher chance for a dog and cat relationship to be successful as long as the dog’s temperament is a good fit with that of the cat’s. Of course, the owner should also commit his efforts toward helping them build a good relationship with each other.

Are Siamese Cats Cordial With Strangers?

It depends on the social needs of the particular Siamese cat. Typically, the breed acts cautiously around new people. There is a sort of approval process guests would usually undergo in a house with a Siamese pet. It would take some time before someone can win his trust, but the moment he does, it is totally worth it!

It is no surprise as well if the Siamese will scout around the neighborhood. It could be that he’s looking for an additional social engagement. However, the general Siamese population only craves attention from their owners. 

3 Reasons Why a Siamese Cat Is Unapproachable

Photo from: olive.and.maya (IG)

Putting aside the discussion about the Siamese cat’s usual response which is to be leery toward people he doesn’t know, there are several other more reasons that would trigger him to act reservedly. Knowing what these 3 reasons are will help you understand the situation better if ever your Siamese cat behaves badly.

Suffering From Sickness

Lashing out at others is a common response made by a sick cat. He would not be able to communicate his feelings properly hence the reaction. If this is the root cause of a Siamese cat’s behavior, owners must try to be patient and understanding toward him. 

Senior Siamese felines who also suffer from dementia are most likely going to exhibit aggression despite being calm cats during their youth. 

Experienced Abuse and Harassment

Traumatized cats will develop behavioral problems and they are going to get worse unless there is intervention. Any provocation, unintentional or not, will affect the way a Siamese cat will act. If the trauma is so severe, signs will evidently show such as shaking, hiding, pacing, excessive vocalization, and panting. 

This puts the cat under a lot of stress and when it becomes too much to bear, belligerence may show. 

High Prey Drive

The Siamese cat will lose his cool at the sight of a small animal he’s not familiar with. Whether it be a squirrel or a mouse, expect your pet to go after it endlessly until it is caught! Of course, we already know that the moment he gets a grip of the poor animal, there is no friendship that’s going to form. The natural law seems to play strongly when a predator and prey meet.

How to Properly Bond With a Siamese Cat

If you recently just got your Siamese kitten, there surely is an adjustment period for the both of you. The cat will not instantly be friendly but rather scared of the new environment and people he’s surrounded with. Developing a friendly relationship with him is easy if you follow the tips below:

Give Him Your Attention

We already know it, ignoring your cat will not develop any meaningful bond. However, if you shower him with the right amount of attention, he will feel loved and accepted. Constantly providing him a good experience with you will eventually condition him by associating your presence with pleasant moments and, therefore, he’ll crave more of it from you. 

Provide His Needs

Knowing how to take care of a Siamese cat is a key to his happiness. He will sense contentment inside your home. If he feels sick and you immediately bring him to the vet, that’s one way of showing him your love and cats do know how to feel their owner’s emotions.

Invest in Cat Toys

Play with a Siamese often! Cat toys or any interactive games will spark an incredible level of vigor from him and he’ll surely not complain. You can take advantage of his prey drive and purchase him SmartyKat mice toys or a laser beam to get him moving. 

Train Him

Training your Siamese is another opportunity to bond with him. Give him challenging tasks or teach him commands because he will not have a hard time following you thanks to his intelligence! The more you teach him things, the better you both will understand each other and that’s going to improve your relationship more. 

Socialize Him

Give everybody a favor and let them experience the joy of having a Siamese cat around! Let your feline interact with your friends, dogs, or neighbors if you can. The more people or animals he meets at a young age, the friendlier he will be.

4 More Tips on How to Befriend a Siamese Cat

Are you still struggling to be friends with your Siamese cat? Here are additional tips you can try:

  • Be patient and don’t force him to get close to you.
  • Don’t be harsh on him.
  • Be the food source and give his meals on a regular schedule.
  • Get it spayed or neutered to make it more gentle and affectionate.