How Much Are Siamese Cats? Price Range & Factors

Prepare to splurge at least $600 to $1,200 for a purebred Siamese. The price tag may go a bit higher if the parents are of superior bloodlines. The Siamese cat is known for its chatty behavior and majestic color points that come in a variety of shades. 

They are now common household pets and, unsurprisingly,  a lot more cat lovers are after this Thai breed. If you are one of them, you might be wondering what makes up the set cost of one Siamese kitten. With that, this article will lay out all details regarding factors that influence the price and also answer related questions. Keep reading!

Price Range of a Siamese Cat

Limited Registered

Siamese kittens that are determined to be of pet quality are much cheaper and they can only be bought for around $400 to $600. These will not be allowed to be exhibited in show rings nor have the chance to reproduce. The reason behind this is simple- they do not pass the cat breed standards. The breeder is the one who judges the quality of the kitten and he would eventually ask the owners to have their kitten checked before getting it spayed or neutered.

There is no huge difference, however, when it comes to personality and appearance in general. 

Fully Registered

Show-quality Siamese cats are the ones that are allowed to breed and they can join various competitions conducted by cat associations like the CFA. They achieve the ideal proportions and features found in the Siamese breed standards. Show-quality Siamese kittens are more affordable if they come from lesser-known breeding farms or if their features are less prominent. They are about $600 to $900.

Meanwhile, those that are bred by well-known catteries with magnificent appearances may cost anywhere between $900 to $2,000.

Why Are Siamese Cats So Expensive?

For responsible breeders, there is so much that goes on just to be able to breed Siamese cats. The process is extensive and it can be highly costly as well. Moreover, breeding is a form of business and one way for breeders to be able to keep on pursuing their chosen field is to set up a price that would compensate for all their efforts. 

Let us take a look at each reason why Siamese cats typically cost a thousand dollars or more:

Breeding Costs

In breeding a Siamese, both the dam and the stud require proper care and attention. They have to be in good condition and that would mean giving them the highest quality of cat food as well as supplements depending on what the vet recommends. The breeder would also need to spend a considerable amount on electricity, equipment, and essential products for breeding, and don’t forget gas in case he has to drive to a certain place to rent the stud. All these cost money and energy.

Vet Fees

Making sure that the Siamese parents are healthy is an important step before actually mating them. This prevents their offspring from coming out unhealthy or inheriting genetic conditions that would have been avoided in the first place. Certain health tests are conducted and they are, of course, far from inexpensive. 

Health tests are highly beneficial not just for the reputation of the breeder but also for prospective owners to enjoy a longer duration of companionship from their Siamese cats. 


It is not advisable to base a Siamese kitten according to “rare” features since most backyard breeders use this as a strategy to attract customers. Having uncommon or “desired” features do not equate to high quality. Trusted Siamese breeders, however, aim to achieve the ideal physical appearance as well as the behavior of the cat at a reasonable cost. 

Note: Avoid buying from pet shops as most if not all of their cats come from cat mills. They may be a bit economical compared to the standard prices, but at times, they sell their felines at higher rates while making them appear perfectly healthy or competently on the same level as those you’d find from a reputable breeder. Adopt instead as they may only cost around $50 to $150. 

Are Siamese Adult Cats Less Expensive Than Kittens?

Some of them are. Siamese adult cats that have superior bloodlines or lineages are highly valuable and coveted, especially if they have won several shows already or if they display great potential. Those who sell high-end adult Siamese felines would usually require at least $2,000 or even more than that! 

This case is not common, however, so that means kittens are still generally more expensive than adults, more so if we take into consideration the fact that you have to purchase or spend on all the needed things in taking care of a cat in the first year of his life with you.

List of Things You Need as a Siamese Owner

Photo from: pootles_sam (IG)

Knowing the actual price for a kitten isn’t just enough information as a future cat owner. You also have to be aware of the one-time and recurrent purchases you have to make to guarantee your future pet a happy life! The thing about owning a Siamese is that you don’t have to shower him with luxury as opposed to his once royal lifestyle in the history books. Simply give him his basic needs and a few treats, surely you’ll have the most cheerful companion!

Below is the list of things you’d need as a Siamese owner:

  • Cat bed
  • Microchip
  • Cat carrier
  • Food and water bowls
  • Spaying/neutering fee
  • Grooming tools
  • Scratch post
  • Cat tower
  • Toys 
  • Cat food
  • Litter box and tools
  • Annual boosters
  • Cat insurance

How Much Would It Cost to Own a Siamese Cat?

Since spending doesn’t end with purchasing or paying an adoption fee for a Siamese cat, we might as well let you know of the estimated figure that would tell you how much it would cost to own him in a lifetime and that is around…$27,000 or more!

Let’s say you have gotten your Siamese buddy for only $250 from a local rescue shelter and you enrolled him in a particular cat insurance company that charges $350 yearly plus medications that can run up to $5,000 in his lifetime, food that may cost you a thousand per year, and other expenses you’d need to spend on for let’s say 15 years and this might be around $2,000, that would equal to $27,500. Sounds like a lot of money!

Is It Worth It to Buy a Siamese Cat?

Absolutely! Siamese cats continue to be human companions for thousands of families worldwide. They are charming, intelligent, energetic, dog-like, talkative, and outgoing! On top of that, they are not that overwhelming to maintain in terms of their coats and shedding. 

For some, they may seem pricey, but compared to other cat breeds, the Siamese is one of the most affordable purebred cats you can get. Owners frequently share their fun moments with their Siamese cats on various online platforms like Reddit and Quora, so hurry up and get one for you as well!