Do Siamese Cats Like to Be Held? 4 Ways on How to Snuggle With Them!

To say that they love being held is an understatement. It’s always appreciated if their owners take time to carry them in their arms even just for a bit. Their sweet purrs prove that they too are fond of spending time with their families. 

Cats are often thought to be aloof, too independent, and not capable of showing much of their love compared to their canine counterparts who endlessly beam with happiness in front of their owners’ faces. Despite their natural “mean” look and widespread bad reputation, as others would claim, the truth is that Siamese cats are highly affectionate beings. Well, of course, in a general sense. Some cases will tell you otherwise, but that’s just upbringing, breed, and overall temperament that makes each cat unique.

How Affectionate Are Siamese Cats?

This is one highly affectionate cat breed. Take note that not all cat breeds, no matter how approachable they look, crave human attention and companionship. We are so lucky that the famous cat from Thailand, famed for its stunning blue eyes and majestic overall image, is fond of spending most of its time with its owners. You can definitely say that this feline is a people-pleaser. He’s almost like a dog in personality!

This breed tends to be extremely loving, therefore he won’t be complaining about being held most of the time. Having a kitten for your family means giving your kids the opportunity to experience genuine loyalty and trust even if it just comes from a small four-legged body. Perhaps the affectionate nature explains why Siamese cats are great at socializing. They put high importance on developing relationships.

So, how do you know if your Siamese cat is asking you to carry him? Here are some major giveaways:

Strong Emotional Attachment

If you just brought the kitten home, expect him to be somehow distant and cautious of you in the first few days. This is known to be the adjustment period every new cat undergoes when he’s in a new environment. By earning a Siamese cat’s trust, you’ll be surprised to see changes in his behavior. He will be more tolerant of you when you invade his space or allow you to carry him for some time. Just be careful not to overdo this at the start of your relationship. It has to happen gradually.

Extremely Velcro Cats

Have you ever noticed that your Siamese cat is following you wherever you go? If you are in the kitchen and you sense him staring at you, your first instinct might tell you to give him a yummy snack. But, if he keeps on being around you all the time paired with his constant bellowing, it could mean that he’s asking you to show him some love. Carrying him in your arms will give him the security he needs. It’s like renewing your vow that you’ll be there for him for as long as he lives!

Fond of Playtime

Contrary to what most cats do which is spend the day napping, Siamese cats are different. They need to be stimulated regularly and this denotes giving them an active lifestyle. With cat toys available in your home, you’ll certainly see one happy Siamese kitten who doesn’t get tired of preying on stuffed mice. You can make his play more interactive by participating and for sure, you wouldn’t be able to resist petting or holding him from time to time. Siamese cats who enjoy your company will highly likely let you do that, but this won’t completely divert him from playing.

Chatty and Expressive

A Siamese cat is so intelligent he knows exactly how to get your attention. He uses his voice to let you know what he needs in certain situations. If you were out the whole day, this cat is going to miss you. He’ll run to the front door and greet you once you approach the porch. Letting out a distinct meow sometimes follows with a standing stretch which is a cue for you to pick him up.

Thoughtful Through Gestures

Nothing is much clearer and better than a cat who isn’t shy of using his body language to tell his human what he wants. A well-bonded Siamese cat often initiates affection by jumping into your lap and snoozing for a while in there. Siamese kittens, at times, would climb at you as if you were a tree while you’re washing the dishes. These are clear indications that they want to be held.

Is Holding a Siamese Effective in Easing Up His Separation Anxiety?

Yes, it is! The main reasons why cats develop separation anxiety are boredom and loneliness. Let’s not forget that the Siamese cat breed is highly social to the point that they won’t do well without interaction for a few hours let alone for a day or two. Holding and cradling him up in your arms will provide him the assurance he needs concerning your relationship with each other. He’ll feel that he’s important in your life by giving him your time and love.

Although holding him is a simple act anyone can do, it has an immeasurable impact on a cat’s life, especially those who weren’t used to feeling affection from others, like the rescues in shelter homes. As much as you can, try not to leave your cat for several hours without anyone to keep him company.

4 Ways to Snuggle With Your Siamese

Having a cat gives off a positive health effect. Research studies show that owning a pet would add more years to your life. Take advantage of this perk by bonding with your Siamese kitten. Should both of you be in the mood to snuggle, here are four different ways to do it:

  • By Petting and Stroking. Lightly tap the head or scratch the belly whilst the Siamese is in your arms. Maintain eye contact with your cat and learn to read his emotions.
  • All-Night Cuddles. For those who don’t have pet allergies, why not let the cat sleep in your bed? It can be considered a bonding moment only that you both don’t have to do anything but sleep the whole night!
  • Unli-Cradles. If it’s your day off, we know what that means- more free time with your cat! Spoil him with your affection as much as you can by carrying him around with you. 
  • Lap Time. Watching your favorite TV show or the final football match is best enjoyed with a cat on your lap. Invite and encourage your Siamese to jump and sit with you. He’ll take interest in whatever’s shown on the screen if he’s in the mood to snuggle as well.

Which Gender Likes to Be Held More?

Although Siamese cats generally love being held by their owners, hands down, the males want it more than females. Male Siamese cats are into physical interactions, cuddles, and playtime due to how late they mature compared to their counterparts. You can say they’re babyish than females, and, therefore, would require more time. Meanwhile, female Siamese cats are more independent and wouldn’t demand much affection from their owners.