Do Russian Blue Cats Like Water?

Not a lot of people believe that some cat breeds love water. They would display such admiration towards it that it will change your belief system about cats being big-time lap and couch loungers.

Although not every cat breed displays that kind of admiration so we will find out if your Russian Blue Cat is one of them. 

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Water is something that a Russian Blue Cat would hold dearly or not. It depends on each Russian Blue Cats’ personality and the way they are raised. Some of them would play in their water bowl, catch water on the faucet, dive directly into the pool, or even join you on your baths at the tub or shower. There are also Russian Blue Cats that would be too afraid and run away if you present them to some baths or playtime in the pool. It doesn’t mean though, that they don’t drink water. It’s just that they don’t like it on their blue double coats or paws. Russian Blue Cats and Chartreux cats generally have an affinity for water, but individual preferences can vary. While there is no definitive answer as to which breed likes water more, both breeds are known to exhibit an interest in water-related activities

Why Is Water Important to the Breed of Cats?

There are a lot of activities for cats that involve water, and that includes drinking, bathing, swimming, and playing. It has a huge responsibility to keep your cat healthy, alive, and happy. Urinary Tract Infection is common in cats, and it should be the cat owner’s responsibility to provide enough water to cats to avoid health concerns from happening. Not just that, a lot of health issues may arise in regard to the lack of water in the cat’s system. So in this article, we will give you all the reasons why your Russian Blue Cat must love water so that they won’t miss out on the great benefits that water can offer in their lifestyle.

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Health Issue Caused by Lack of Water to Russian Blue Cats?

Lack of water for Russian Blue cats may cause many problems and the cat’s behavior in drinking too much water. We’ve listed down all the probable diseases as well as the reasons why your cat is drinking too much water.

1. Dehydration

It is a health issue that is very common to humans and animals. Often, pet owners neglected to provide enough water to their pets that’s why these instances would happen. The indicators of a dehydrated Russian Blue Cats are the following:

a. Loose Skin

A sure way to identify if your cat is dehydrated is when you lift the cat’s skin on the back and if you release the hold, it would fall slowly or folds. The hydrated one will indicate a skin that would go back to its place after you release the hold of the skin.

b. Weakness

Russian Blue Cats under dehydration would feel weak and won’t be in their usual active state. You might find them sleeping all the time and not doing any activities that they used to perform. If this happens, consider being mindful of your cat’s water intake by not forgetting to refill the water bowl every single day.

c. Infrequent Urination

If your Russian Blue Cat is not peeing frequently then there’s a chance that your cat is having less than the required fluids. You can observe it if you find the litter boxes or pee pads clean all the time which indicates that your cat is having problems peeing or being dehydrated.

d. Loss of Appetite

The other symptoms and the weakness that your feline feels because of dehydration may result in loss of appetite and eventually drains out the energy in your cat. Check the food of your blue coat cat always if they finish it or leave the food untouched.

e. Drooling 

Drooling for cats is unusual and you should consult your vet doctor about why it’s happening to your cat. Also, since it is one of the symptoms you must do the necessary actions to provide clean water to your cat and to make sure that they are always drinking it.

If these symptoms are evident on your cat, you must contact the veterinarian right away so that both of you can plan the necessary actions to take to stop dehydration and one of the ways is through giving them ice cubes if they like it.

Also, if there are problems in drinking less water for Russian Blue Cats, there will be problems if your cat is drinking too much water. This behavior may indicate the following.

Reasons Why Cat is Drinking Too Much Water

*Kidney Failure/ Chronic Kidney Disease



*Hepatic Lipidosis


*Salty and Dry Food

*Blood Loss


Sometimes a change in behavior and too much thirst may indicate that your cat is experiencing health issues and urgent actions must be taken to avoid these diseases from getting worse. 

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Do Russian Blue Cats Like to Play in the Water?

The behavior still depends on the character of each cat. Home environment, owner’s care, family members, trauma, and the way the Blue Cat was raised are only a few of the reasons whether they’ll like to play in the water or not. You could also add the cat’s natural curiosity upon seeing water on your home, lake, pool, and beach. Some cat owners complain about their cats not wanting to take a bath or be anywhere near the water but there are also cat owners that can attest that their Russian Blue Cats love water and playfully plays in the rain, faucet, or their water bowl.

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Why Is Drinking Water Beneficial to Russian Blue Cats?

Drinking water is essential to all cats because it keeps them hydrated and free from any sort of toxins in the body. Water helps maintain healthy gums, skin, fur, and overall physical and mental well-being. Make sure that you provide clean water to your cat so that they won’t be harmed but be refreshed and kept healthy.

Why Do I Need to Practise Taking Baths to a Russian Blue Cat?

Taking a bath will allow them to be refreshed and clean from any bacterias found on the cat’s coat. By practicing your cat in taking baths, you can get rid of all the parasites that have been causing itch and discomfort on your cat. Yes, cats are naturally clean but you can help them clean their bodies by doing it once every 3 weeks. Also, you can lessen the chance of your feline accumulating hairballs on its tummy that may get stuck and will cause problems along the way.

Does a Russian Blue Cat Know How to Swim?

If you want your cat to know how to swim, you must train them in a way that they are doing it right and not get drowned in the process. It would be wise if you put on an animal life jacket so that your cats stay afloat. However, swimming is an activity that only depends on your cat’s preference. If they dislike water then they will never get a chance to swim, But, you can slowly train them in your bathtub and lure them with toys and treats on the tub so that they will be motivated to play in the tub and be familiar with water.

Cat Breeds That Loves Water

If you are curious about what cat breed you should buy to encourage your Russian Blue Cat on the water then we’ve listed down the cat breeds that could help your cat conquer its hate on water.

*Turkish Angora

*Selkirk Rex




*Turkish Van

*Egyptian Mau



*Japanese Bobtail

*American Bobtail

*Kurilian Bobtail

*Norwegian Forest Cat


*American Shorthair

*British Shorthair

*Maine Coon




Before you throw your Blue cat on the water, make sure first that they love water and are equipped enough to swim. Otherwise, the whole experience would come off as trauma and would put a barrier between the cat and the water. Nevertheless, you should put drinking water on your list as a top priority for your cat. Observe and check regularly if your feline has enough water in its system to avoid dehydration. You can make the whole drinking water fun by providing a creative and innovative way to supply water to your cats such as Cat Water Fountain

and Faucet type water bowls.