Are Russian Blue Cats Friendly?

You are probably thinking of owning a Russian Blue Cat and you are wondering if they are good with people. If you are a pet owner that has huge friends and family that will visit you all year long then can a Russian blue Cat breed be able to withstand these people and be friendly to them?

As much as you wanted these beautiful blue cat breeds to be friendly and able to 100% socialize with people but they just don’t have it in their natural self to do that. Russian Blue cats are quiet and laid-back felines that would prefer calm and peaceful surroundings.

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In addition, these cat breeds do not give their attention right away to any people marking them as less friendly cats. However, this blue coat feline is loyal to its owner and would tend to be attached to the one that is constantly giving them care and attention. 

How Can a Russian Blue Cat Make Friends With People? 

Since Russian Blue Cats are usually cautious with their attention to strangers. It would take a long time before they get to chill and trust your guts around them.

So how do Russian Blue Cats warm up to people and give their loving attention to them?

1. Lurking at You in the Distance

The thing with Silvery coat cats is that they will have to observe you first. They have to weigh down if you are fit for their trust or not. Therefore, you’ll find them looking at you in the distance. Don’t try to go near because they will just hide or run around the house.

2. Getting Nearer After Quite Some Time 

If the Russian Blue feline is familiar with you already then the distance between both of you will be shorter. Try offering some treats or toys so that they’ll favor you because of your generosity and willingness to be friends.

3. Reward Time

In this stage, if you are patient and not forcing the bond between the Mona Lisa of cats then they will reward you with loving affection and loyalty. It’s going to be worth it since Russian Blue Cats have wonderful temperaments and characteristics. You’ll conclude that the breed of cats is an excellent companion.

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What Activities Can You Do With Your Russian Blue Cat to Increase Bond?

Russian Blue Cats are well-behaved and quiet felines, that’s why you have to make an effort to be closer to your cat. Initiate a fun activity with the list of suggestions that we’ve got for you. 

1. Get Lots of Colorful Fun Toys

Russian Blue Cats would enjoy fun toys such as hanging or feather toys. In addition, you could also buy a toy that has similar features to the rat and is battery-operated to provide the best entertainment for your cat. They could chase it and have some exercise along the way. Another fun toy for Russian Blue Cats is bubbles. Although, you have to be the one doing it cause otherwise, your cat would end up drinking it all.

Furthermore, it is not enough that you only let your cat play with these toys alone. You could allot a time wherein you’ll play with them and challenge them to reach or catch their favorite toy. 

2. Have Fun With Lasers

Cat’s in general love lasers and you can make this game more fun by incorporating it with yummy treats. It’s a given that your cat will chase this tiny red ball of light but by having treats you can make it more rewarding and fun to do. Point the laser on the floor and allow your Russian Blue Cat to chase it which is leading them to a treat. Not only can you exercise them but you can also entertain their boring days with this activity.

3. Build Caves or Tunnel for your Cat

Your Russian Blue Cat may find it amusing if you build them a cave and tunnels inside the house. It is advisable that you play with these blue breeds but you can also leave them to play on their own. Build a personal playpen for your cat especially if you have a dog inside the house. In this way, they will be safer, and knowing the temperament of your Russian Feline friend, they would appreciate it.

4. Grooming and Care Activity

To maintain the overall wellness of your archangel blues, you have to regularly do the grooming and care activity. It will strengthen the bond and would allow you to spend more time with your cat. The level of trust will go deeper in these activities because the Russian Blue Cat would allow you to comb its plush coat and remove the excess hair. Not just that, but also allowing you to cut their nails, brush their teeth and bathe them.

5. Clean Litter Boxes

Since Russian Blue Cats are extremely clean, your cat would appreciate you more if you are a responsible owner and would frequently clean after their litter boxes. If you don’t want your cat pooping anywhere around the house then you must keep the litter box spotless.    

6. Show Love and Affection 

The surest way to a cat’s heart is by being available to them, pet their head, belly, paws, or their bum area. Russian Blue is a sweet-natured cat that would respond to your action dearly. Also, if the cat was raised to be cuddly then there’s a chance that your cat would sit on your lap, chest or even annoy you on your work and chores at home. The deep connection between the both of you would leave the Russian blue cat seeking your presence and even gets excited when you come home.

7. Delicious and Healthy Meals

Your furry friend would love you even more if you provide not just delicious cat food but also healthy ones. It will give them more energy and a well-functioning body that could serve its purpose. Also, by providing this kind of meal you can prevent expensive medication and treatments in the future.

Is My Russian Blue Cat Friendly to Other Cats?

Yes, if you want to provide a sister or a brother to your cat then you can do it because Russian Blue Cats can adjust to the temperament and characteristics of other felines. Although they are generally friendly to all breeds of cats, it would be more beneficial if you get another furry friend that is closely similar to the personality of your Russian Blue Cat.

Additionally, Russian Blue cats can get along with dogs, but it largely depends on the individual cat’s personality and the dog’s temperament.

If you are having problems living with your cat at home then worry no more because you can add a perfect companion to your Blue Cat because they are friendly with other felines.

Is Russian Blue Cat Aggressive to People if They Don’t Like Him?

No, the Russian Blue Cat is not aggressive. What’s true about their reactions to strangers is that they tend to shy away and hide from that particular person. They won’t associate themselves with you as if you don’t exist at the house.

However, if you accidentally get them hurt by stepping on their paws or tails, you can expect that they scratch you that instant. That is their protective side and the best thing to do around them is to be watchful and be respectful of their privacy and needs.

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Your Russian Blue Cat’s friendliness still depends on how they were raised and trained by their owners. It would be best to provide training if you are an owner that constantly has visitors around the house. If the Blue Cat is still a cute kitten then practice them to be around people and train them to be sweet and cuddly on them. Remember, you shouldn’t force your Russian Blue into liking some family member. Let them warm up to that someone and eventually, if the person is kind then the cat would warm up to him. It’s such a fulfilling feeling to have a Russian Blue Cat because they are loyal and loving to that specific person that gives them time and food. They could shower with much love and joy that the owner’s stress and worries would go away.