Are Russian Blue Cats Vocal

It’s very frustrating when a pet owner tries to communicate with their cat but does not get any meows in return. Although there are advantages to cats being reserved and quiet there are pet owners that prefer cat breeds that are vocal about their needs and concerns. So if you are planning to own a Russian Blue Cat and you are wondering if they are vocal, then you are on the right page.

Yes, Russian Blue are vocal felines. You can observe once you get to own them that they will communicate to you when they need food, some attention, or implying fear or danger. However, because of the cat’s naturally gentle and calm characteristics, their meows are soft and sweet that won’t annoy you as other cat breeds do.

Do Russian Blue Cats Only Meow To Manipulate Its Owners?

Russian Blue Cats tend to manipulate you using their voice. In general, cats are great manipulators concerning their needs. Over the years, an owner would find themselves owned by a cat rather than them owning the cat. 

Russian Blue Cats would get the behavior by observing its owner and weighing your responses to each of its cries. The behavior will only develop if you allow your cat to use its voice on you. Although, the behavior is not bad especially if your cat does need something and is hungry but when the cries become more urgent and demanding then it’s time that you discipline your Cat to use its voice properly.

Nevertheless, it’s important to note that cats do not intend to do bad things. Manipulative behaviors on cats are different from how evil manipulation on humans is. It is their way of interacting with humans and should be listened to. Responsibility would still come into play and it is your job as a pet owner to listen to your cat’s cries.

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Why Are Russian Blue Cats Vocal?

There are reasons why your Russian Blue Cat is noisy or not being its gentle and quiet self. We list down the reasons for your to identify what should be your response especially to first-time owners.

1. In Heat

Female Russian Blue Cats would tend to be noisy and yowl frequently to call the attention of suitable male cats. In addition, you would find your cat more affectionate in this state, they would meow on you, rub their heads on your feet or furniture, roll on the floors, and vaginal bleeding. To avoid its noisy sounds, then you must do something about it if you are planning your cat to be pregnant and have a litter of blue kittens.

2. Old Age

If your cat is not a kitten anymore, then observe some illnesses that are caused by old age. Most probably the reason why your Russian Blue Cat is so vocal is because of the pain it’s feeling. The most common diseases out of old age are intestinal problems, thyroid, cancer, renal issues, and diabetes. Have a regular to provide adequate care to your Russian Blue Cat.

3. Wants to Go Outside/Inside

If you find your cat constantly meowing at the door then most likely they want to go outside or if they are on the other side they want to go inside the house. Meowing is a sign of request and they will use it on the activities they want to happen. Not just on going outside but also during playtime or requesting their favorite toys.

4. Hungry

Family pets like Russian Blue Cat would be vocal if they are hungry. Most cats will be demanding because of food. They don’t need to be hungry as long as they see someone eating, they will meow and ask for it. Oftentimes, they won’t stop being vocal until you give them what they need. It will be annoying especially if you are in the middle of something and need your cat to be quiet.

5. Ask For Attention

Another reason why these Blue breeds keep on meowing is that they wanted some of your attention. When you are busy and your Russian Blue cat keeps on following you, rubbing their heads on you and talking to you, that means they want some quality time wherein you will pat their head, play with them or just cuddle them on the couch.

6. Sign of Greeting

Talking Russian Blue Cats would also imply that they are happy to see you. It is a sign of greeting when you come from work and they meet you at the door or when they see you around the house. 

Who Should You Run for Help if Your Cat Is Always Meowing?

It is always best and recommended to contact your veterinarian for consultation. If you have done all the solutions for the reasons above and your cat is still meowing then you visit the nearest vet clinic. There are chances that your cat might be in a state of stress or physical illness and discussing it with a doctor is essential to plan possible solutions.

Furthermore, your cat may be in distress because of health conditions that cannot be sensed through the pet owner’s observations. A veterinarian should figure it out so that early medication will be given and adequate care is provided.

6 Tips to Make you Russian Blue Cat Less Vocal

We will provide tips on how you can minimize the constant loud noises of your cat. After you identify the reasons for such cries and yowling, then apply our tips to make this hypoallergenic breed less vocal.

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1. What to Do on Russian Blue That Needs Attention?

Discipline your cat not to use their loud meows to get your attention. If they start to talk to you and the meows get louder and louder while you are doing something, do not budge and offer any kind of response to them. By responding to their cries, it’s like you’re allowing them to use it so that they can get what they need. Instead, wait for your feline pet to be quiet, run to them immediately and give them the attention that they need. As time goes by, you’ll learn to catch up and understand that you won’t give them affection if they are loud and noisy.

2. What to Do When Your Cat Cries Out of Loneliness?

If you find that your cat has been crying at home because of loneliness, then the best thing to aid this is to hire a cat sitter so that your cat has company while you are away. Also, you can ask some relatives to watch your Russian Blue cat so that it is budget-friendly. If you are low on finances, you can buy your cat some puzzle toys that will entertain so that they won’t feel that you are gone for the day.

3. What to Do When Your Cat Is Meowing for Food?

You can’t let your cat demand food out of the scheduled meal times. You have to stick to the schedule so that your cat won’t be tolerated and their activities will be out of routine. Through scheduled mealtimes, you can plan it at your convenience, for instance, you’ll feed them after work or when you are done doing your chores. Be sure to make their meals enough so that they won’t ask for more food.

Another solution is buying an automatic feeder, it will keep your cat well-fed at a specific time. It will minimize the risk of you forgetting to feed your cat or not being able to because you are running errands or working.

4. What to Do When Your Cat Is Vocal Because of Reduced Food?

Russian Blue Cats that are overweight need to undergo a diet and they might be constantly hungry out of this transition. You need to consult a pet dietician or a veterinarian to give you high-fiber foods that will make them feel like their stomach is full even though they are not eating much. In addition, you must increase their water intake to fill the void of the need to eat more food. As time goes by, your cat will be accustomed to the diet and will stop its yowling and cries because of food.

5. What to Do When Your Cat Is Loud Because It Wanted to Go Outside?

You can install a cat door so that your Russian Blue Cat is free to go outside. Connect this cat door to the outer playpen so that you won’t be worried every time your cat goes outside. By building a playpen, you can ensure that your cat is still safe while you continue to do your work or chores.

6. What to Do to Minimize the Meowing of Cats That Are in Heat?

If you don’t plan to breed your cat to other cats then the best way to minimize their loud meowing when they are in heat is to spay them. If you do not do this you will find your cat always in need of a mate to breed them and it can be noisy at your house. An alternative solution would be to buy a female or male Russian Blue Cat so that they won’t have to find a mate outside your home.

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Cat Breeds That Are Known to Be Vocal

Pet lovers have their preferences and they can choose between vocal breeds and the non-vocal ones. If you happen to be curious what these breeds are, then we list down the most vocal and non-vocal feline breeds you can find.

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Russian Blue Cats are beautiful rare breeds that showcase their amazing blue coat. Yes, they can be vocal with their needs but their character as gentle and quiet would prevail. If they are well-fed and have a good quality of life then they’ll be satisfied and won’t demand more. What you need to do if you have a vocal Russian Blue Cat is to have enough patience when they are annoying. Train and discipline them to follow your orders and not on their whims or cries.