Can Russian Blue Cats Go Outside

You’ll be heartbroken if you lose your Russian Blue Cat because the breed is rare and expensive. Also, it is adorable and affectionate which is hard to replace. Due to these reasons, pet owners would want to keep their Russian Blue Cat inside the house. But, since you are reading this article, you might want to know if you can allow your Russian Blue Cat outside your home?

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Yes, you can allow your Russian Blue Cat outside your home but with your guidance and supervision. No matter how safe your surroundings are, there’s always a possibility that accidents or unfortunate events will happen. 

Russian Blue cats have pleasant personalities like other breeds. They may be on the gentle and quiet side but they are also sweet and loyal to their owners. Once they get to know you, they will be playful and would love to talk to you. They are vocal breeds but in a way that is soft, slow, and sweet to hear.

You may wonder how big Russian Blue Cats get. Since they can be playful and active, you can exercise this breed outside your home to gain some good benefits by playing and exploring outside. 

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Can I Allow My Russian Blue Outside Despite the Dangers?

Yes, besides there is always danger even if you keep your Russian Blue inside the house. But, the difference between the outside and the inside environment is that you’ll have more control on the inside than outside. The outside environment could impose greater risk but will give your cat more benefits. 

I will give you possible threats outside so that you’ll know how to prevent them and prepare some solutions as you allow your Russian Blue Outside.

1. Vehicles

Risk can be found in vehicles that roam around your house. You are lucky if you are not near the road because this problem won’t come into your mind. Nevertheless, every pet owner should be mindful of their Family pets because many animals are already victims of Hit and Run. Due to your Russian Blue Cat size, it would be fatal if they’re hit. Extra safety procedures should be done if you allow your Russian Blue Outside.

2. Foreign Cats

Stray Cats could also impose danger on your cat, they are not trained to behave just like the ones that are at home. They could become aggressive whenever they see your Russian Blue Cat wandering around. It would result in injury for your feline friend, trauma, and parasites that would cause itch and wounds.

3. Stray Animals

The problem is not only limited to cats but also to other animals too. There are dogs, raccoons, coyotes, and other wild animals that might happen to be in your area. Your cat would be at disadvantage especially to the size and bite of these animals. But, if your Russian Blue is active and can run fast then there’s a great chance that they’ll survive.

4. Noise 

The outside world is filled with different loud noises, it could be from vehicles, people, events, and music. Your Russian Blue might find it hard to adjust to noises and might stress them out in the process. If you have a Russian Blue Cat that is pregnant, it might be safe to keep them inside and only allow them to exercise outside if the environment is quiet and peaceful.

5. Thief

Pedigree cats like Russian Blue should not be allowed outside alone. Few people have an eye for expensive cats and they might steal them and sell them for an expensive price. If this happens, the chance of getting your cat back is low especially if they were sold in other places that are away from your home.

Can I Allow Russian Blue To Live Outside?

Russian Blue Cats are cat breeds that should be kept inside the house. The harsh weather outside won’t do them good. So, If you plan to buy a Russian blue cat and only want them outside the house, then your money won’t be worth it and would only make your cat ill.. 

A Cat owner should be mindful of their cats all the time, which means giving them a comfortable bed, cozy home, and high-quality cat food either wet or dry food. Their Plush coat might get ruined and will gather dirt once you let your feline outside. Additionally, you would also deprive your cat of a chance to interact with your family and be happy with everyone’s love and affection.

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Should I Give Russian Blue Cat Outdoor Exercise?

Ideally, you should provide outdoor exercises to your cat because it would provide health benefits. Russian Blue felines are prone to Obesity because their nature is calm and well-behaved. They rarely exercise and would only make a little difference because they are big eaters. If the cat is not on a diet, it is advisable to allow them to play outside the house.

You can make the outdoor exercise more fun by allowing them to chase a toy, climb (not too high), walk with you or go through tunnels that you have built. Make sure that they are moving so that they can explore the beauty of being outside the house.

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Solutions You Could Do To Ensure Russian Blue’s Safety Outside

You can ensure the safety of your Russian Blue by taking note of these important factors. Through this, you can lessen your worries.

  • Leash

You would think that leashes are only for dogs but with proper training, you can also use them for your cats. At first, it would be hard for them to submit to being leash but it is possible to happen. 

You can include your Cat in your daily walks nearby or you can bring them to the pet park and allow them to move freely with a leash.

It is one of the solutions that you could do especially if pet parents do not have a fence or they are not closed enough for cats to wander freely. 

  • Fences

You will need a close area and one way to do that is through building a fence to ensure that your cat will not roam around and be in danger. Take note, that the fence should be high enough because Russian Blue Cats can climb.

  • Playpens

Another wonderful solution is that you can build your furry friend a playpen big enough for them to run and chase toys.

For instance, you can create a ladder-like path to encourage your cat to climb up and down. Cover the ladder with mesh so that your cat won’t be able to go outside. Make sure that the spaces are big enough so that your cat will not be entangled with the meshes. 

You can put a toy on the first step and another toy for the rest of the step so that they’ll be encouraged to move up and down. Another motivation for them is treats and cat food or their favorite meat like a chicken. However, you must keep the food low because you are trying to make them lose weight and not gain more.

  • Stroller

If the purpose of going outside is just to give your Russian Blue some fresh air and new experiences. Then, you can put them on a stroller to have a view outside. You can bring them to the park or lake that has peaceful surroundings. Be sure that your cat won’t jump because that is dangerous and you might lose your cat.

  • Cat Collars

You can use a Cat Collar so that your Cat will be returned to you if they happen to be lost. It can help because through the collar you can put a tag about the pet owner’s information. On tags, state the owner’s number, address, and the reward that you will give if ever your cat is lost. It will encourage the founder to return your Russian Blue because there’s a reward awaiting them. Just make sure that the tag is not heavy and won’t hurt your cat in the process.

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Should I Bathe my Russian Blue After Playing Outside?

You don’t need to Bathe your Russian Blue whenever they play outside. If they are clean and there’s no visible dirt on their coat then you can skip bathing and just wipe them. Unless, if there’s dirt and they are in contact with mud and have a foul odor, then you can bathe your cat to ensure that they are clean and not carrying bacterias. 

Additionally, you have to also ensure that the paws are clean and no dirt inside their nails. It is a habit to be practiced because your cat might get diseases from worms and parasites that could exist in your yard. 

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Should I Just Keep My Russian Blue Cat Inside?

You can keep your Russian Blue Cat inside the house and there’s no wrong with that decision. Russian Blue Cats are in fact cats that prefer to be in calm surroundings and outdoors could stress them out. However, there’s a chance that your cat will keep on sleeping inside the house and won’t do any exercise. Buy toys and build a playpen inside the house that could allow movements on your Russian Blue Cat. Furthermore, if your cat is depressed in the inside environment, you can let them experience a new environment outside. There’s a chance that it will cure their depression and will act lively in the outdoors once again.

If the reason that you are not allowing your cat outside is that you can’t supervise them. You can hire a pet nanny to take your cat outside, most agencies have qualified and trained nannies that could take care of your cat and will keep your cat safe in the process.

How To Prepare Russian Blue Cat Outside

Before you allow your cat to play outside, here are the important factors that you must do to ensure a successful outdoor playtime for your cat.

1. Only Allow Adult Cats

Do not let any Blue Kitten outside because they are not responsible yet. There’s a chance that they might not detect any harm that could happen to them outside the house.

2. Neutering 

To stop unwanted pregnancy for your cat, you can let them be neutered before you allow them outside the house. This procedure could also help to lessen the chance of cancer for Russian Blue Cats.

3. Vaccination

Through vaccination, certain diseases outside can be prevented such as Rabies from cats and dogs, Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV), and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV). It’s important to see your Vet doctor immediately for the vaccination of your Russian Blue.

4. Cat Microchip

Other than Cat collars and tags, you can let your cat have an electronic microchip that will allow you to track them once they are lost. The procedure is not painful and would only take a few minutes.

5. Training

There are only a few words that a Cat can understand, you can train them to follow the commands such as “stop” and “come here” so that you can control your cat from going outside. 

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Pet parents must research before they make such huge decisions on the lives of their pets. That includes going outside for playtime and exercise. Always observe the Russian Blue reactions if it affects their overall mood and well-being. If you see that they are not aloof outside then you can let your feline cat do this routine every time you are free from work or chores. 

One benefit you can provide to your cat is the enrichment of their health and overall well-being. You’ll find your cat livelier, healthier and happier once you let them play outside. You can do the safety measures above and see for yourself if it is working on you and your cat. Remember not to force the process on them, instead help them embrace it by incorporating toys and treats so that they’ll move around.

While you are outside, you can use the time to relax or be active on your own by playing popular outdoor games with your family.