Are Russian Blue Cats Rare? What You Need to Know About Russian Blue Cats

You might be thinking of owning a Russian Blue Cat yet you heard a lot of people say that they belong to the rare cat breeds that is why it’s giving you second thoughts because they might be expensive to acquire. Yet, you can’t deny the distinct features of these cat breeds that lead you to this article. 

Well, some cat lovers might not hear of them, while others did know and were instantly fascinated with their emerald eyes or blue-grayish coat.  They are, in fact, wonderful cats that will stand out among others. However, are they considered rare by the Cat Fanciers Association?

The answer is no, Russian Blue cats may look like a rare cat breed to acquire, but they are not one of the breeds that are called rare. Rare cats have unique coat patterns, pedigree cats, cats with minimal knowledgeable breeders, and newly developed cat breeds. 

Why Russian Blue Cats Considered Rare?

Since Russian Blue Cats don’t have anything on them that makes them rare then why do people still think that these cats are rare?

1.They Are From Russia

These Cats are from Russia, that is why people think that they are rare because of their origin. But it shouldn’t really be a factor because Russian Blue Cats are brought in the United States and American breeders bred Russian Blue Cats that are seen today.

2. The Breed Almost Vanish

The Russian Blue Cats almost vanished during World War II that is why it lost its popularity. Despite the unfortunate war, the breeders were able to save the breed up to this day.

The most fitting word for Russian Blue Cats is uncommon, they are not rare but not a common cat breed that you can see anywhere around.

3. Coat Color

Other Cat Breeds can feature loads of colors & patterns but the Russian Blue Cat can only have a blue-grayish coat. It’s either a deep grayish or light grayish blue. In addition, kittens can have stripe patterns but as they age the patterns will eventually fade.

Looks Like Russian Blue Cats But Not Rare

If you still think that Russian Blue Cats are Rare, then let’s see other Cat Breeds that have similar features that are common and popular to feline owners.

What is common among these cat breeds is the color of their coat. These are the popular Cat Breeds that have a blue-grayish coat but are not limited to this color alone.

  • Chartreux
  • Korat
  • Blue Persian
  • British Shorthair

photo from: (aru.cat2006)

Identify Russian Blue Cats With These Physical Attributes

Russian Blue Cats are sporting outstanding physical qualities that every cat lover can’t ignore. 

1. Green Eyes

Yes, you will be captivated by their emerald eyes that are bright and distinct but very beautiful.

photo from: (motherofcats_1212)

2. Bluish-gray Coat

The cat was named due to the color of the hair. It has a silver tip making it grayish and more striking to the eyes. The blue coat gives them an elegant feature. 

3. Plush Coat

The plush coat of Russian Blues is a beautiful double coat with an undercoat that is soft and has an equal length to that guard hair. Guard’s hair of Russian Blues features a blue color with silver tips.

The Coat is suitable for the winter season, and it makes Russian blues dense, silky, smooth, and soft to touch.

In addition, Russian Blue doesn’t shed much, which is a good factor for a pet. They are perfect for cat parents with allergies because Russian blues produce small glycoprotein Fel D1, which is a known allergen from cats.

4. Lean & Muscular

The Russian Blue may look like they are Big because of their rich coat but actually, under this dense coat is a fine-boned, lean and muscular body fit for their playtime activities.

5. Triangular Shaped Head

Similar to Siamese Cats, Russian Blues have a Triangle-shaped Head that is proportionate to their bodies. They also have broad foreheads and straight noses.

6. Large Ears

The Russian Blues have Large ears similar to other cats, but the color is even blue-gray from the ears to the tail.

7. Smile

Everyone knows who Mona Lisa is and that everyone tries to imitate this wonderful piece of art. Well, Russian blues has a similar natural smile. So wait until you see one of them in person.

What Personality Does Russian Blue Cats Have

Russian Blues has distinct features and beautiful coats; they are also beautiful breeds with a bright personality that makes them a perfect pet in your household. 

photo from: (the_russianblue_trio)

1. Sweet 

Russian Blue is one of those cats that are clingy and sweet. These breeds will melt your heart out by sitting beside you and rubbing their heads on you just to say that they love and adore you. They are affectionate cats that can quickly cure your stress due to their cuteness.

2. Sociable

Russian Blues are friendly cats that would love to be with their owners and other people. It’s easy for them to shy away, but they will be calm and sweet to you once they get to know you.

3.  Attention-seekers

Russian Blue is a great attention seeker, and often they will follow you around the house just to be with you. They will also try their best to get your attention as much as possible.

4. Introverted

On the other hand, Russian Blue are introverted cats. Yes, they are sociable, but they love some quiet time and alone time for themselves too. Furthermore, they will find a place to sit and take a nap away from people and distractions.

photo from: (gram_russian_blue)

5. Independent

Russian Blue is highly independent as well. They love to be with people but when it’s time for you to go to work they can be left alone in the house. Unlike other cats, they wouldn’t do much destruction to your home. Thus, if you are always from work but need a sweet, loving companion, you have Russian Blue as an option.

6. Playful

The Russian Blue Cat breeds are active animals and playful too. They have a muscular body that is suitable for active playtime, and their legs allow them to move swiftly for better running and chasing time. 

Since they are playful cat breeds, incorporate a daily exercise for them too so that Russian Blue will drain off all the energy they have.

7. Intelligent

Highly Independent but also extremely intelligent, that is some of the personality of a Russian Blue Cat Breed if you decide them to be your pet. Most likely, they will enjoy the hide & seek game. In addition, Russian blue also has excellent memory that will allow them to identify where you hide their toys or food.

8. Trainable

Because Russian Blues are intelligent, they are also easy to train with tricks and commands necessary for dogs and you to live harmoniously. In addition, they have a great memory that will make it easy to catch up on any orders and tricks.

9. Hunters

The Russian Blue is also hunter by nature; they are loyal breeds and love to chase and get a prize for their constant running and chasing. It’s best that you would also allow them to be free in the backyard to some chasing or introduce another cat friend. Allow them to climb, jump and kill a rat, bird, or rodents.

photo from: (russcat_)

Are there Health Issues Common to Russian Blue Cats?

Lucky for Russian Blue Cat owners because they are healthy breeds with no genetic illnesses and don’t easily infect any diseases. However, there are still common issues a Russian Blue Cat may experience but can be cured with Medical Care.


It is a Health Issue common to older Cats that will result in weight loss. They will still have an increased appetite, but their metabolism will be affected, thus losing weight. It can be easily cured if you bring them to the vet or search for proper medicines for Hyperthyroidism.

Renal Failure

Kidney problems are common in cats, and your Russian Blue will not be exempted from that. It could be life-threatening because kidneys are essential in every human or animal system. Therefore, you should provide healthy food that is nutritious and can help the kidney function better. Renal Failure can easily be cured too, as long as you seek proper consultation.


Another common health issue around cats is obesity. It is considered a silent killer because when a cat is suffering from obesity, it will lead to many severe health problems. 

It’s best to provide your cat with regular exercise and a diet to avoid obesity from happening. The control is in pet owners’ hands, thus providing the proper nutrition for your feline pets.


Check for any bumps or lumps on your Russian Blues Bodies; you might not be aware that they are already suffering. Some tumors are benign, but others are not and can be a severe problem. Therefore, it is important to always visit the vet’s clinic regularly for your felines’ health check-up and to prevent other illnesses along the way.


If you find your cat always in thirst and constant urination, then they might be experiencing Diabetes. In addition, diabetes can also cause weight loss in your cat. What you can do if your Russian Blue is to provide a constant medication approved by the vet and watch for carbs on your feline’s diet.

photo from: (ragtiar)

How to Groom a Russian Blue Cat?

In general, Russian Blue Cats will not shed; thus, minimal grooming is required from them. Though, you ought to have the basic hygiene for cats to be clean and healthy.


You should brush your cat’s hair once or twice a week so that you will remove the excess hair and distribute the natural oils properly


Use a vet-recommended toothpaste for your Russian Blue Cat and invest in a toothbrush that is soft and will not hurt your cat’s gums and teeth.


Trim your cat’s nails regularly to avoid accidental scratches on your end. It will also minimize scratching on furniture and any wood items you have in your home. Although your cat cleans themselves, it is still lovely to groom them to be sure they will bring dirt and bacterias to your home.

Clean Litterbox

Always clean the Litterbox of your Russian Blues because they are very particular on cleanliness aside from being fantastic blue breeds. So it’s best that you regularly clean the litter box for them to use. Because otherwise, they will find another place to poop.

How Much Money a Russian Blue Cats Will Cost You?

Russian Blue Cats will cost you around 800$-2500$. Russian Blue Cats may not be a rare cat breed but it will cost more. Many breeders will persuade you to pay the price because it is rare but be diligent enough to look for other breeders that would offer a fair price.

One Factor that can affect the cat breed’s price is it’s pedigree, the higher the pedigree the higher the price for a Russian Blue Cat. 

Another option would be to adopt these breeds from the shelter. You can provide a safe home for these cats plus it will not cost you much money.

photo from: (yuusuk_russianbluebrother)

Fun Facts about Russian Blue Cat

  1. Familiar with the Hit childhood cartoon Tom & Jerry? Well, many speculate that because of Tom’s bright green eyes and blue-colored skin was the fact that Tom is a Russian Blue Cat.
  2. Another movie from Warner & Bro’s entitled Cats and Dog’s features a Russian Blue Cat in the role of an Assassin.
  3. Did you know that the responsible gene of the Russian blue-colored coat is a Black Hair Gene? The gene is responsible for blue-grayish color.
  4. The Nyan Cat, half-cat & half-tart meme is based on a Russian Blue Cat of the illustrator named Marty.

 7 Rarest Breed of Cat

Here are the rarest Cat Breeds you can find and if you want your cat to be rare then these cats may be the right one for you.

1. Burmilla

2. Korat

3. Ragamuffin

4. Turkish Van

5. LaPerm

6. Sokoke

7. Minskin

8. Harvana Brown

9. Turkish Angora

10. American Wirehair

Cats are lovely breeds, especially if they have distinct features that make you a proud owner. Despite that, every cat is the same. Whether they are blue or white or created with different colors they are all loving cats. In addition, it is also everyone’s responsibility to take care of their breeds so that the line will continue for the next generation. Therefore, protect every Russian Blue Cat as well as all the other rare cats in the world.