Do Russian Blue Cats Shed? How To Groom a Russian Blue Cat?

Russian Blue cats have a sense of elegance in them. They are considered to be one of the cats that have rare qualities. Their blue coat, emerald eyes, and slender body make them stand out among other cat breeds. And because of that, a huge number of cat owners wanted to own Russian Blue Cats. Aside from the common question of how much this breed costs, the first-time pet owner would also want to know if the breed sheds a lot. Oftentimes, people prefer cats that only need minimal grooming. But, because the cat has a double coat, a misconception of excess hair found in all parts of the house is common among the Russian Blue cat breed. So, do Russian Blue Cat sheds?

The answer would be yes, all cats shed their cat hair but the difference is how often and how much coat every breed can shed. For Russian Blue Cats, they tend to shed less than the usual cats. Their shedding period is around fall and they change coats during spring. Russian Blue Cats have short hairs but have denser coats since they have double coats. The guard hair which is the outer coat has a silver-grayish color and it has the same length as the undercoat. It is softer and downier than the undercoat but both produce a color of blue-gray-silver to black coat. They are not exactly blue cats but showcase a bluish coat around natural light. 

Photo from: russianblue.silvester

How To Groom a Russian Blue Cat?

Our feline pets need regular grooming even to those cats that shed less. You can do the following things to your cat to ensure that they are always clean and properly taken care of.

1. Brush Their Coat

Make it a habit to comb or brush the hair of your cat once or twice a week. It would be a bonding time for both of you since you’ll just allow your cat to lie down while you brush their coat. The brushing should be in the direction of where the hair grows. Consistently brush in the same direction for all body parts of the cat. This is a good habit to untangle hairs and to give your cat a sleek look whenever you have time to spare. 

Brushing will give your cat the following benefits:

*Blood Circulation

*Remove the Skins Dandruff and flakes

*Minimize shedding to all areas of the house.

*Vanishes dirt and parasites

*Remove dead hairs.

2. Trim Their Nails

Like trimming a dog’s nail, you also need to be careful in doing it on your cat. You have to avoid the quick because it will cause bleeding. Only cut the sharp part of the Russian Blue’s nails and check it for another week if it got longer. For the trimming to be easier to do, allow the cat to sit on your lap comfortably. Get your cat’s paws and see their reactions, if the response is negative, incorporate the activity with treats and praises so that the cat will allow you to hold their paws and cut their nails. It is an important grooming and care activity to avoid scratches, dirt and to prevent hurting other people.

3. Brush Their Teeth

Dental hygiene is a must for cats to maintain healthy and odorless oral health for cats. By brushing the Cat’s teeth regularly, you can avoid plaques, cavities, tartar, and bad breath. In addition, you can also ensure that the cat’s gums are protected and healthy through brushing. Ask your veterinarian for a recommended toothbrush or toothpaste because the cat’s mouth and teeth are sensitive. Soft bristles, toothbrushes and natural organic toothpaste should be used to prevent hurting your cat. 

4. Clean Litter Boxes                                                                       

Russian Blue Cats are very particular with cleanliness that’s why you must always clean their litter boxes. They wanted to come back to that litter box without poop and any smell from their pee. Unless you want them to find cleaner spots around the house to poop, then you won’t need to regularly check the litter box. But if you train and establish a spot for your cat then always clean your Russian Blue Cat’s litter box.

5. Give Them Baths

Even though you don’t need to bathe Russian Blue Cats because they are always clean. You can still have a once-in-a-month bath session for them. Bathing helps remove excess hair so that there’s only a bit of hair left during the shedding period. Also if your cat likes to play outside then it’s best that you give them baths but only using a shampoo specifically made for cats. 

Photo from: kuusamoinen

Can You Consider Russian Blue Cats To Be Low Maintenance?

Yes, Russian Blue Cats are considered to be low-maintenance cats. This breed of cat only needs minimal grooming and is perfect for owners that do not like to see hairs lying around the house. The breed doesn’t need frequent brushing and can clean themselves properly. 

If you are curious about other cats that are considered to be less maintenance. Here is the list:

  1. Sphynx
  2. British Shorthair
  3. Scottish Fold
  4. Maine Coon
  5. Siamese

Are Russian Blue Cats Hypoallergenic?

The answer could be a Yes or No. If you are a cat lover but having second thoughts about getting a new cat because of your allergic reactions. Then worry no more, because you can get a Russian Blue Cat that will produce less FelD1 protein which can cause sneezing and allergies to humans. This protein can be found in skin saliva and on secretions on a cat’s skin, if a cat produces more FelD1 protein then most likely they can trigger the allergies for humans but if a cat is like Russian Blue Cat that produces less FelD1 protein then it’s fine. However, these breeds might produce dander or skin flakes if they are not groomed well. Dander will cause allergies that’s why you must keep on brushing the cat’s coat and giving them baths regularly.

Photo from: 2009kana

Russian Blue Cats are good pets to be brought into your home because they are low-maintenance, have great appearance and well-behaved personality. If you are allergic but want to own one Russian Blue Cat, then you can find a breeder and spend some time with the cat to see if you will have allergic reactions. Since they produce low Fel D1, there are chances that you won’t have allergic reactions. Also, you won’t have a problem with the shedding because Russian Blue Cats can keep a home with very little hairs. It’s easy to clean and wouldn’t require constant vacuuming around the house.