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Home Safe in Jul - Sep.2007
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Shoreham BN43
RIP Pickles' 22nd Jun.2007 -

Pickles a 19 mth old Neutered and Chipped male. A part Bengalese with Blue eyes.
Hi Sue
Regrettably we found Pickles yesterday.  He had been dead for some time.  He was lying in a neighbours garden.
Thank you

Cullingworth BD13
'Rufus' found Feb.2007 - 8th Jul. 2007

'Rufus' a Ginger and White long haired cat was found in Cullingworth in February.
Hi Sue,
We found a new home for Rufus this weekend.  Amazed no one claimed him he is a super cat.  The new owners have got a good 'un there!
Kind regards

Tottenham N17
'Mogla' 22nd Jun.2007 - 9th Jul.2007

Mogla a 3-4yr old Neutered DSH male with Grey eyes.
Tabby with Grey and black stripes & spots
Hi Sue,
Mogla came back!  he returned 9th July, very thin but otherwise healthy so either he lost his way or was trapped somewhere, I guess we will never know.   We went out to get him on the back of a hoax call (All other calls were full of good will I might add) and when we returned he was waiting for us starved of food and affection.
Me and my partner are thrilled.
Many thanks, his section on the website looked excellent.
Best Wishes

Weybourne GU9
RIP 'Edward' 19th May.2007 - 3rd Jul.2007

Edward a 10yr old neutered DSH male with Green/Yellow eyes
Completely Black with just a bit of White hair on underbelly.  Long whiskers
Hello, Thank you so much for supporting our efforts to find Edward after he went missing on 19th May in Weybourne, Farnham. Sadly, I received word from a house further up our avenue on 3rd July that a cat's carcass had been dragged onto their back lawn in the night. It had been dead a long time and was all but decomposed, but it was definitely a black cat of his size. The microchip was missing, of course, but as I had known Ed well, I believed that I could still identify him from what features there were remaining and we buried him at his favourite spot in the garden. One ID that was clear was an old tattoo in one ear, going back to when we first found him abandoned in December 1996, and took him in to a vet for a check-up & neutering. In life, the mark had become blurred and was ignored as unreadable on later records, but I have just found some papers going back to his origins and sure enough the tattoo matches. It was Ed. We still don't know what happened or where he had la in all that time. There were no clues from his remains. We have to satisfy ourselves knowing where he lies now. Live on in our hearts, Edward.

Bollington SK10
'Nelson' 2nd jul.2007 - c.12th July.2007

Nelson an 18mth old Neutered and Chipped male with Blue eyes.
Fawn Siamese type colouring. Dark Brown tail, ears and
"spectacles". Distinctive White feet, White muzzle and Pink nose.
Missing from the area of the Bollington Veterinary Practice on Grimshaw Lane...
dear sue,
He has come home! i can't begin to tell you how overjoyed I am, though I expect you know already. he looks a bit thin, and was very hungry, and ate 2 packs of felix straight down in one go. I can't believe how clever he is to have got over the canal, and a road, mostly in the pouring rain. i spent hours walking around calling, and my husband even came back from london, where he works, overnight on tuesday to help look for him, and my son came over from nottingham to make posters. but i knew he would never come out for anyone, not even for me, or the dogs, so i was very unhopeful.
he is so nervous, and always has been since a kitten. we walked around all possible directions in the hope it would leave a scent trail, especially the dogs, who smell terrible! i would love to know what route he found home. it was the middle of the night when he arrived back.
everyone has been so nice to me, and they are so pleased that he is back, even people who put the posters up who don't know either him or me, and people on the other end of the phone.
your website was a great source of hope, so thank you for doing it.The worst thing is not knowing what has happened to them , and fearing that you will never know. I didn't want to go on holiday, even though there would have been someone in the house if he came home. I think he is even more special to me now than he was before, having almost lost him.
thank you so much for your help and encouragement. i will keep looking at your website to see if i can help anyone else in the same situation, as i know how awful it is, and i will be sending another donation too.
thanks again,
yours, Jo.

Ash Vale GU12
'Milo' 9th Jun.2007 - 9th Jul.2007

Milo a 1yr old neutered DSH male with Green eyes
A slightly fluffy Silver Grey Tabby with White tummy paws chest and nose.
Hi Sue
Great news Milo has returned home - a little skinny but un harmed! Thanks for your help and advice

Blackpool FY4
'Susie' 17th Jul.2007 - 23rd Jul.2007

Susie an 11yr old female Tortie cat.
Great news, Susie is home - she was found in a shed further down her alleyway.

Stanwick NN9
'Bruiser' 11th Jul.2007 - 23rd Jul.2007

Bruiser an 18mth old Neutered male with Amber eyes
Black and White . He has White whiskers, White back legs, White front paws, a White bib, and unusual markings on his nose (like a Battenberg cake)
Great news Sue, he is back safe and sound at 1.30 this morning.  have just taken him to the vets for a check up, his ears are covered in flea bites, so we have had that sorted, and he has now  been microchipped.  this is what i posted on the forum, i had postered the area and also hand delivered posters through 300 doors, people have been great, when i went out looking i was always bumping into people who were or had been looking too.  this also genereated a few phone calls but, had loads yesterday about him in the country park.

after a couple previous possible sightings in the area, got a call tonight to say he had been spotted over the country park, as you can see from the map it is quite a distance, so i bolted over there with his tin to rattle.  when i got there i couldnt see him, a couple were there already looking as they had spotted him, we heard meowing (but i thought could be wishfull thinking) but still couldnt see him.  so i rang the lady that had called me and she came down with her hubbie.  Bruiser then made an appearance but wouldnt come near me, and ran away when i tried to get close.

i was frantically trying to get hold of other half but couldnt, he was walking the dog around the country park at the time, so  i left and bolted back home for tuna/biscuits etc.
when i got back he was there again bold as brass sitting on the fence having a wash next to the entrance, but wouldnt come when i called him and again ran away.
got hold of the CP lady who said when i got hold of other half to send him round to get a trap, but she was understandably concerned the trap would be stolen, but we told her we would replace it if it did.
so we have set the trap in a secluded area where he was baited with tuna, no one can see it, and it is in an area people dont walk
just 0.23 miles from his home to where he is, as you can see the country park, called stanwick lakes, is a massive complex.
the road you can see is the very busy A45.
you arent going to believe this he just jumped on the bed!!!!!!
i just cant get over it, my other half woke me up and said Bruisers back, and I was really confused, I said what???? he said put the light on, so I did, i thought I had dreamt it, i frequently have spider in the bed dreams where I do the same thing.
and there he was, he is fine. last thing i did before i went to bed was shout acrross the field louder than normal, i suppose that is what brought him home. there is no way the cat earlier was another cat, Bruiser is very distinctive and I got very close to him.

will still get up at 4 and go get the trap. i know i went against a lot of advice, but i did cover the trap against the weather.

thank you all so much for your support, it's been great.
his poor sister Missy must be getting a headache from all the furry headbuts she is getting. needless to say, his collar is back on now

Keynsham BS31
'Milo' 7th July.2007 - 24th Jul.2007

Milo a 5yr old Persian male with Blue eyes.
Hi Sue, 
I'm really please to tell you we finally have Milo back!!! We received a phone call yesterday from animal search uk to say a couple in Dunster Rd (5mins away) had called to say they'd seen him in their garden a few times and had fed him. The bloke had gone to the post box yesterday and saw a poster and realised it was him. He said I never use that post box so it's very lucky!!They rang us when he appeared last night and we went around there. He was so scared he didn't recognise us and legged it. We had a small domestic in there garden about whether we should try and go after him but didn't want to scare him any further away. Mark went home to get the cat trapper and I stayed, he was crying & meowing, so I edge my way forward & got close enough for him to recognise me and he finally ran over and I picked him up. He's a little skinny, smelly and very tired but seems ok apart from that. We didn't get much sleep as he was wanting our attention all night and just purring!
I think I might take him to the vets in the next few days for a check up but apart form a couple of scratches he's seems fine. Luckily he'd only recently had his inoculations.
Thanks for all your help.
Kind Regards  Stacey

Fleet GU51
'Rosie' 21st Jul 2007 - 24th Jul.2007

Rosie an 11yr old tipped Persian
A very nice person saw one of the many posters we put up and called to say they thought our Rosie might be the cat in their back garden.
Fortunately It was, and we have been reunited with our baby once again.

Great Sutton CH66
'Tina' 18th Jul.2007 - 25th Jul.2007

Tina a 12yr old DSH female with Green / Yellow eyes
All over grey, medium short-haired parts of clumpy fur
across back. Right eye slightly squinted. She has a green/purple collar with a bell.

Sue,  Great news, had a call from the RSPCA this afternoon, a lady living 1 mile away had found my cat! I left work straight away to collect her. She had been missing a week, the lady found her hanging round her garden on Friday & had been feeding her, and because she had a collar on thought it would be best to contact the RSPCA who i had registered my cat missing with.
Thanks anyway for your help, your website had kept me positive reading stories of found pets so I never gave up hope!
Vicki Haldon

Dunfermline KY11
Found 18th Jul.2007 - 23Jul.2007
  • An All Black cat found in the area of the Bank of Scotland branch on Bothwell Street in Dunfermline. KY11
  • In excellent condition. Friendly and affectionate cat.

    Hi Sue,
    We have found the owners of this cat. Someone who lived just a few streets away from where she was found saw some of the posters I put up and phoned me today. The cats’ name is Jess and she has been reunited with her family and her sister Gizmo.
    Apparently she has been missing since mid-June and has previously ended up in the car park of the bank but this time the owners search didn’t find her. They had given up on finding her and assumed she had been hit by a car on the nearby dual carriageway.
    So, happy news for Jess and her family!
    If you still want a photo to put in your ‘home safe’ section, Iet me know and I will send you one. In fact I have attached one and you can use it if you want.
    After having Jess in our home for five days we are a little sad to see her go as we had gotten quite attached to her and she was a very loving and affectionate wee cat, but we are happy to see her back home safe.
    We are hoping that there is such a thing as karma and this good deed done brings our own missing cat home.

Wilmslow SK9
'Sebastian' 24th Jul.2007 - 31st Jul.2007

'Sebastian' a 14yr old neutered DSH male with Yellow-Green eyes. Dark Grey all over, no variations really
Hi sue,
Just to let you know that Sebastian came home yesterday morning, a little thinner than when he went and with more than a few cobwebs on his eyebrows and in his hair. I think he must have got stuck in someones garage as it was exactly 7 days that he was missing!
Thanks very much for all your help once again
Corinne x

Leek ST13
'Dewey' 16th Jul.2007 - 28th Jul.2007

Dewey a 10yr old Spayed DSH female with Green eyes
All Black - a few (4 or 5) white hairs on chest.
Hi Sue
We got Dewey back this morning.  We had an early morning phone call from the new occupants of Irene's old house - only about 5 mins walk away.  She had apparently come in through the cat flap and they found her hissing under a bed late last night.
She looks fine, her coat is a bit open but she doesn't appear to have lost any weight during the 12 days.  For the first time ever she didn't grumble or struggle when we picked her up, and she hasn't stopped purring yet.
Many thanks for your advise and emails, I can bring my socks in now!

Fittleworth RH20
'Barney' 4th Jun.2007 - Aug.2007

Barney a DSH tabby with White chest and paws.
Hi Sue just to let you know we have re-homed the cat we found who we named Barney. Its been a few months and no reply to any posters or adverts. He is still with the orignal person who took him home 

Bispham FY2
'Cleo' 22nd Jul.2007 - 3rd Aug.2007

'Cleo' a young DSH female with Green eyes
Pure Black, small White patch on belly
Large pretty eyes. Small cat looks to be around 12mths but could be younger. Slight build.
Hi there,
Owner turned up today for her, bless.  Both very happy.  Love your website just wish I had known about it when my cat went missing.  I am letting all my cat owner pals know about it.  Thankyou very much 
Claire x

Wharton CW7
'George' Dec.2006 - 30th June 2007

George  a neutered male aproximately 2/3yr old a DSH Black and White cat with Green eyes. 
Hi Sue.
I sent out to all ones I'd put George in to notify I've now rehomed him.
He's still in the area so I can watch him grow,
It seems he was homed in Winsford .but "so called " owners moved on Thanks for all your help.

St.Budeaux PL5
'Gremlin' 3rd Aug.2007 - 7th Aug.2007

Gremlin a 4yr old DSH neutered and chipped male with Green eyes.
Hi Sue
Fantastic news - we've found him!!! I got a phone call from my other half at 5pm last night to say that he had turned up in our garden and was hiding under our shed! This was about half an hour after I registered on My Moggy! H is fine, a bit skinny and fragile but we're taking him to the vets tonight to get him checked over. He slept on the bed with us all last night and its great to be all re-united.
Thanks again, looking on your site really gave me hope yesterday.

St.Helens WA10
RIP 'Sam' 8th Jul.2007 - 10th Aug.2007

Sam a Neutered and Chipped DLH male with Yellow/Green eyes.  All White, no other markings.
Hello Sue,
Sadly we found Sam's body a few hours ago. My neighbour who lives just a few doors away cut back some of her trees & bushes today and this revealed Sam's body in a 12" gap between her back fence and the tall wall behind this. He seemed like he'd been there for a while - possibly since he went missing just over 4 weeks ago - so it's possible he crawled into this gap to hide due to being injured. We had to remove my neighbours fence panels to get Sam out of there. It's doubly painful because my husband was saying weeks ago that we needed to get access to that gap as Sam would regularly be seen running through this - a long very narrow passageway that runs behind several gardens. Not wanting to disturb my neighbours too much though I'd told my hubby "we can't do that" and so this small gap remained unexplored until today. I can't dwell too much on what may have happened to my poor baby - it's just so painful - I'm trying to take comfort instead in the fact that he's now at peace and back home in his garden with us where he belongs.Tomorrow I'll be looking for a white flowering plant that's as sweet and beautiful as my darling boy was and plant it in his memory. 

If you put this update on your website PLEASE tell others looking for their cats to explore every single nook & cranny no matter how odd it may seem. If it means annoying your neighbours and having them think you are completely mad just do it anyway! I spent weeks going on wild goose chases, walking miles & miles, when all along my baby was lying less than 50 feet away from me. 
Many thanks for your great website and the good advice you gave,
Saffron Walden CB11
'Nips' 22nd Jul.2007 - 8th Aug.2007

An aprox. 5yr old DLH neutered male with Green eyes
Long Black / Sable coat.
Hi Sue,
Just to let you know that Nips (aka Garfield) has now been reunited with his delighted keepers. In this case a local poster campaign did the trick, but many thanks for putting his details on your site. He's much older than I thought and had just lost his way.
Thanks again.

Seacroft LS14
'Brandy' c.June.2007 - 10th Aug.2007

'Brandy' around 8 - 12mths and Black and White DSH female.
Dear Sue - just to let you know that Brandy has now been adopted and sounds to have a lovely home.
Regards Ann

Claygate KT10
'Eight' missing since 2nd Aug.2007

Eight an 9yr old DFH All Black male.
Hello Sue
My cat has been found...quite some ditance away. How he got there will always be a mystery, but I thank God he is save and well - just a bit thinner!
Thanks for your assistance.
Best regards
Angela Day

Twickenham TW2
'Polly' 1st Aug.2007 - 11th Aug.2007

Polly a 15yr old DSH neutered and chipped Male with Yellowy-Black and White - Black body, white legs. A white streak of fur around his neck that looks like 'half a collar'.
Hi Sue
He came home!!!!!  At 6am on Saturday so he was away for 11 days.  He stank to high heaven and his white bits were yellow and he had lost his collar but other than that he was shiny and bright, healthy and happy!  I gave him a bath and he has not stopped eating, purring and sleeping since!  Beautiful boy.  Anyway, please put his success story up if you like!  I would love to know where he has been!
Abigail Findlay

Larkfield ME20
'Billy' 13th Aug.2007 - 17th Aug.2007

Billy a 17yr old DSH neutered male with Orange eyes
All black ...

Hi Sue
Thanks for your email.  I'm extremely delighted to tell you that Billy has been found safe and well in someone's front garden not too far from here (although he crossed a busy road to get there).  Because we have only just moved here and he doesn't know the area I really thought he was lost forever but thanks to the kind lady, herself a two cat owner, for taking him to the local vets, and also valuable advice given to me to contact them as well as the local RSPCA to say he was missing, we have been reunited.
Billy is now living the life of Riley, eating like a king and sleeping wherever he chooses, despite previous prohibitions.  I am so, so thrilled to have him back, as is the rest of the family, and it has shown us all just how precious he really is.  Needless to say, we've blocked up the gap he crawled through, he has also now been chipped and I've bought him a collar which surprisingly enough he doesn't mind wearing.  At least if he ever goes wandering again people will see that he belongs to someone.
Although I didn't manage to put Billy onto MyMoggy thankfully, your website is a fabulous idea and I'm sure really helps people to find their precious pets, though of course some of the messages when they do are really sad.
Best regards,
Lin Banks

Lower Wortley LS12
'Spike' 7th May.2007 - Aug.2007

'Spike'  around 1yr old visiting a house there
He has been in the house a few times. Dishevelled and obviously living rough a while.

Hi Sue,
Some good news!  I have had a message to say that Spike has been re-homed.  I don't have any more details, but I thought I should let you know as soon as possible.

Cullingworth BD13
'Zola' 30th Jun.2007 - 19th Aug.2007

Zola a 15mnth old Neutered and Chipped DSH male with Green eyes
All Black and wearing his Green collar...
Zola walked back through the catflap last night after 52 days away. A little thinner, very hungry but otherwise looks A1. As if nothing had happened! We'll keep him in a few days, build up his strength and have the Vet check him over, but we're both very happy and also completely at a loss to know what happened -probably will never know. His pads are not worn and he smelt slightly musty, but that's all!
Thankyou so much for your time and support, he's curled up on the sofa with twin brother right now!

Harrogate HG2
'Fluff' 13th Aug.2007 - 14th Aug.2007

'Fluff' found in the area of St.Andrews
An aprox. 14wk old DFH male with Green eyes.
White with Light Grey back and ears.
He was very quick to I suspect he had sneaked out of the house following the other cats then got lost. My cat (Fluff, very fluffy ginger tom) wasn't very impressed with the kitten so it's best his owners contacted me, although it's surprising how fast you get used to having them around. Well lol he had travelled to the end of his road when I found him looking scared and hiding in a hedge. He was only 14 weeks old according to the vet...

Rhuallt LL17
'Grey' June.2007 - Aug.2007

An all Grey cat had been living in a barn for a couple of weeks. 
Hi Sue, just to let you know, the cat above has now been rehomed.........such a shame if anyone does own her as she's absolutely gorgeous!!
Thanks, Dawn

Blackpool FY3

'Holly' a little Black and White cat recently ready for rehoming, has decided that she'd prefer to stay with those who found her.

Little Sutton CH66
RIP 'Blackie' 3rd Aug.2007 - 23rd Aug.2007
Blackie a 13yr old DSH neutered male with Yellow eyes
Solid Black except for a few 'Grey' hairs
Hi Sue, Just to let you know that we had a call about Blackie this morning, he was in a neighbours garden, he had been dead for a long time, by the looks of him. Very very sad, we will miss him so much.
We have brought him home, we have buried him under a rose bush, my eldest daughter is absolutely devastated (she is 10) But at least we have found him. I couldn't bear the thought of never knowing what had happened to him.
Many Thanks for all of your help.Take care
Pakefield NR33
'Misty' found spring 2007 - Aug.2007

'Misty'  found in the area of Grand Avenue.
A 'tuxedo' cat, Black and White with Green eyes
White socks and nose, classic 'dinner jacket' white front, black chin.
Just to let you know, 'Misty' as featured on your website, has been REUNITED with his owner this month. He was actually found a new home when after several months the owner couldn't be traced, but this lady had a holiday booked and so it was agreed that rather than uproot him twice, we'd wait until the end of September to re-home him.
In the meantime, he was reunited with his rather emotional owner, and the lady who was going to have him (and who had called him Roger) agreed it was better for the original owner to have him back, even though she was upset at the thought that he could have been hers - and he so reminded her of an elderly cat she'd had to have put to sleep a year ago.
So Harry (for that's his real name) is home, safe and sound, and we have a happy ending!
Thanks for the great job you do - we did have contact from a lady in Norfolk who was hoping he was her cat - and I notice 'Bootsie' is still missing. Let's hope his story too has a happy ending.
With all good wishes
Nicola Wiltshire

Ledbury HR8
'Spengler' 11th Aug.2007

Spengler a 5yr old neutered and chipped Oriental male with Green eyes
Hi Sue,
Just to let you know Spengler has been found safe. He was found by a rambler who had spotted his photo on a poster, in a field of bullocks!
He went missing just before we were due to go on holiday which is why it's taken me a week to reply, thankfully when he showed up we could reschedule, so all ended well.
Thanks for your help,
Liz Marshall

Cleveleys FY5
'Ernie' 11th Aug.2007 - 24th Aug.2007

Ernie a 12yr old neutered DSH male with Green eyes
Mostly White...
Hi, I added Ernie to your database but just wanted to let you know that he is home safe today 24/8/07. Just wanted to make sure that he would no longer be listed as missing.
Thanks for everything, Angela Paisey

Aldershot GU11
'Coley Cole' 7th Aug.2007 - 27th Aug.2007

Coley a 4 yr old entire chipped DSH male with Green eyes.
Black with White paws, White tummy, White Whiskers with one black Whisker on his right side.
Coley returned within an hour or so of speaking with his human - who says 'Moggy Magic' doesn't work...
Coley may have returned home in order to act as man of the house while his human of the male variety does his turn in Afghanistan - would all Moggy people please send their 'vibes' along with him and the rest of our lads out there - to make sure they all come home safely.

Stevenage SG1
'BeBe' 6th Aug.2007 - 31st Aug.2007

BeBe a 10yr old spayed Persian female with Orange eyes
Her fluffy coat is Sandy/Grey  ie Blue and cream intermingled.
A short nose and a flat face.
Hello, Bebe has been found safe but very hungry.  She was found in a garage about a mile and a quarter away. 
Thank you for your efforts.
Regards Lee

Bewsey WA5
'Silver' 12th May.2007 - Aug.2007

'Silver' a Long haired female with gorgeous Blue eyes
Possibly Siamese / Burmese Dark brown face, beige body, darker brown back end and tail.
I never had any luck finding silvers real owner so I have had her rehomed myself

Marley Hill NE16
RIP 'Arthur' 11th Aug.2007 - 13th Aug.2007

Arthur an 8yr old DSH male neuter with Amber eyes
Solid White No markings at all.
I have had a phone call from my vets yesterday - she saw my poster and apparently someone reported a white cat by the roadside outside of my estate (not the direction that I had looked obviously) on Monday 13th August and as whites are not common and it fits in with the timing of when my boy went missing I am afraid I have had to come to the inevitable conclusion that it was him.
Thanks for your help anyway.
Barbara Gates

St.Annes FY8
'Tabitha' 27th Aug.2007 - 31st Aug.2007

Tabitha a 9yr old spayed DSH female with Green eyes
Tabby with very unique Black tabby markings.
We found her on Friday night after she had been missing for five days.. We'd had loads of posters up and spoke to neighbours but in the end we found her by walking the streets late at night and heard her meowing.. She seemed to have been stuck somewhere... when she heard our voices after a bit she managed to escape onto a roof.. so my dad climbed up and got her. 

Seale GU10
'Timmy' 27th Aug.2007 - 31st Aug.2007

Timmy a 6mth old neutered and chipped DSH male with Green eyes
White with Black tail and Black mark on right ear.
I registered my cat with you last night and he's come home this morning hungry but very pleased with himself, thank you.

Orpington BR5
RIP 'Beryl' 23rd Aug.2007- 3rd Sept.2007

Beryl a 13yr old DSH female with Brownish eyes
Tortie-brown-gold, Very distinctive with No Tail.
Sadly found dead, Sue.  Many thanks for your email.  Regards.  Debbie

Broomhill G11
'Elmo' 19th Aug.2007- 6th Sept.2007

Elmo a 9yr old neutered male Persian with Amber eyes
Solid blue (grey) colour. Very fluffy. Has no teeth and his tongue tends to stick out as a result.
Hi Sue,            ELMO IS HOME!!!!!!!!!!!
I got a call from one of the vets practices this morning, a lady who was in with her dog saw my poster, and thought that Elmo might be the cat who had been visiting her garden over the past few days.  She feeds stray cats and foxes, and was surprised to see a Persian cat arriving at feeding time a few days ago.  She could see that he had a collar and tag on, however every time she tried to get close to him he would run off.   So she told me to come to her house tonight at feeding time, to see if the cat would appear.  Anyway I received a call from her a couple of hours ago to say that the cat was in her garden now – so I dropped everything at work and dashed up to her house.  By the time I got there the cat was gone, but had eaten some of the food which she had put out.  There were trees and undergrowth behind her house, so I just pushed my way through and started calling on Elmo.  I got no response for a minute or so, but then I went further back and called again, and heard a little ‘mew’ in response.  I called again, got a louder ‘mew’ and then he came running out of the bushes towards me!  

He is a bit thin, matted and his underbelly was absolutely covered in dry leaves and twigs, but apart from that he is absolutely fine!  He went straight to his scratching post and scratched the life out of it, before running downstairs for a feed.  He wouldn’t stop talking to me and rubbing against me, purring like crazy!  I have left him on the rug in the living room where he is stretched flat out on his back with his paws in the air! 

 I simply cannot believe that my boy is home, I still feel as though I’m in a dream - it just goes to show, you can never lose hope – I had imagined all sorts, that he had been caught by foxes or stolen.  I was beginning to think I was never going to see him again.  He was missing for 2 weeks, a fluffy home-loving Persian with no teeth or inclination to hunt, and he survived!  I hope that this gives some hope to all of the others out there who are still hunting for their missing kitties, I truly did not believe that he could have survived for so long on his own.

 Thanks so much for all your help and advice, we did everything you suggested and it just shows that perseverance does work.
Thanks again and well done on such a fantastic and worthwhile website
Big purrs

Lorraine and Elmo xx

Berkeley Beverborne WR4
'Tawny' 12th Aug.2007 - 5th Sept.2007

Tawny a 4yr old spayed female DSH Tortoiseshell with Green eyes. Tawny has tortoiseshell markings which are Ginger and
Brown intermingled

Just to let you know Tawny has now been found, 3 and a half weeks after she went missing.  Although she has lost a lot of weight she is now happily reunited with her owner. 
A very kind person on Warndon Villages spotted a poster in the Local Post Office and linked the picture of Tawny with a cat that had been in her garden and she didn't recognise.  Once she managed to catch Tawny she found the contact details in the canister on her collar and was able to contact my sister who went and picked her up last night.  Tawny was very pleased to see her owner and of course, to get a proper meal!  We will probably never know how Tawny managed to stray so far and what happened to her, but we are just glad she is safely back where she belongs.
Needless to say she is now getting a lot of attention and cuddles!
Many thanks,

Todmorden OL14
'Pepper' missing since 3nd Aug.2007 - 5th Sept.2007

Pepper a 16yr old spayed DSH female with Yellow / Green eyes
Brown and Tortoise shell coat
Home safe and alive after four weeks away is our little cat Pepper who disappeared on August 3. She was found alive and well (but decidedly thinner) on September 5.
Pepper who is 16 years old had managed to cross a railway line and a busy trunk road in her travels before turning up over four weeks later by walking through the cat flap of a house about a mile away. It was a remarkable coincidence that the house happened to be the home of a family of a cat lovers who are also involved in the Cats Protection League. The lady of the house Rowena works at a local vets.
Via the Cats Protection League we were contacted on Friday September 7 th by e-mail from Haworth Cat Rescue which we had visited in our search for Pepper.
That evening we went to Rowena’s home and reunited with Pepper and brought her home.
Pepper seemed to have switched herself into some kind of survival mode and must have been living rough in the month before she turned up at Rowena’s home. She took a little time adjusting to us and to her old home, but remarkably within 48 hours she had settled back in and had become her usual affectionate and chatty self. She had lost a lot of weight, worryingly so, but is now eating well and regularly so we expect her to be back to her previous weight in a few weeks.
In our hunt for Pepper we had leafleted our community, and contacted local vets. We would like to thank all the wonderful people who we know kept an eye out for Pepper on their daily walks and travels to work, and our neighbours who helped with the search. Our thanks also go to the Cats Protection League and Haworth Cat Rescue. We will now be having her identity chipped!
Thanks again

You might like to add a bit to Pepper's story - finding her owners has been a remarkable set of coincidences.

We had an unwanted tortoise shell cat passed to us by our vets.  The cat was found and handed in Huddersfield but because we use the Hebden Bridge branch of our vets she was transported there and we took her from there.  Shortly afterwards, one of our volunteers was chatting to someone at her keep-fit class and mentioned that her sister had found a stray cat, to which the person who she was chatting wondered if the cat found was her sister's lost cat from Todmorden, which is near Hebden Bridge.  Our volunteer's sister's found cat was ruled out (due to age and colour) but our vol remembered the cat we'd taken from the vets at HB and assumed it was a stray and from the local area, so told her friend about this cat, and she in turn told her sister (Pepper's owner) who came to visit the cat.  Needless to say it wasn't Pepper.  Earlier this week, however, Rowena, who is a volunteer both for us and for the local CP, and coincidentally works at our vets, emailed to ask us to put a found cat on our L&F register.  Remembering Pepper we managed to get her email address from the above-mentioned sister and suggested that she contact Rowena.  The rest, as they say, is history.

Quite amazing really, but I am pleased they are going to get her chipped.  The coincidences wouldn't have been quite so necessary if she had been!

One down, several million to go!

Sara (Haworth Cat Rescue)

Woolwich SE18
'Mack' 3rd Jul.2007 - 9th Aug.2007

Mack an 8yr old neutered DLH male with Green eyes
Tabby - Grey, Greeny colour Black Tabby stripes
Did have bald patch on neck and 2 front legs due to being in hospital recently
hi sue i have happy concierge was told by a woman about a cat living in the drains in the walls of our flats so he checked it out and it was Mack!!! he is very skinny but after 8 weeks and surviving after being so ill he's amazing.
At the time he went missing he was on steroids and 2 other antibiotics twice a day for his damaged liver and was due to be weened off
I took him to the pdsa and they just said he seems ok just malnourished you'd think he'd be over his fussy eating habits
Im so happy and emotional thank you for caring so much
Nicky and family xxx

Cambridge CB4
'Kerad' c.22nd June.2007 - 26th Jul.2007

'Kerad', an all Black cat found in the area of Canterbury Street...
Unfortunately we haven’t found the owner. As we couldn’t keep the cat we found him the new owner – very nice lady.

Camberley GU15
'Blackie' 25th Aug.2007 - 4th Sept.2007

'Blackie' a large DFH cat. Black with White speck on back
Found in the area of Berkshire Road...
Good news found the owner.
Thanks for the advise
Best regards
Jacqueline Rackley

Higham ME3
'Tigger' 29th Jun.2007 - 10th Sept.2007
R.I.P. 20th Sept.2008

Tigger a 10mth old Spayed and Chipped DSH female with Green eyes
Black White and Grey Black mark on side of nose and a
a Black bum and one White back leg when looking at her from behind
Dear Sue just to let you know Tigger is home safe
She was found in Betsham miles from home, someone looked after her for 3 weeks putting up posters then took her to battersea dogs home where we went and picked her up.
How do I put it on my moggy as I read all the home safe  and it cheered me up and helped me I wish all the missing cats could have a happy ending
cheers Kyle

Dear Sue
Tigger passed away on the 20/9/08 she was found under a hedge we are broken hearted to lose her twice. She is at rainbow bridge running around i do hope she is, when she went missing she grew up quick she might of lost some of her lives while she was on the run i thought i would let you no as you kept her on your page because she had a lovely face as she got older people said she had grown in to a pretty cat
Thank you from the bottom of my heart your site is a great help to people who have lost a cat
all my love Kyle

St.Annes FY8
'Boo' 30th Aug.2007 - 7th Sept.2007

Boo a 14 mth old neutered DFH male with Green eyes
Ginger Tabby very stripey and a big fluffy stripey tail
Hi, Boo came home on friday night, a little muddy but fine

Blackpool FY1
RIP Dude 31st.Jul.06 - July.2007

'For over a week now we have been regularly visited by an unneutered male black kitten/cat, possibly about six months old who has no collar and is very skinny. He is very long-limbed, like a model - and looks like he will grow into a big cat eventually. He is very good-natured. We've named him Skinny Dude...'
We didn't have the pleasure of his company for long, but we'll always be glad that he chose to come and stay with us. Who knows what life he had led before, but in his last year he found good food, a warm place to sleep and lots of love at numbers 40 and 42.
He died peacefully at the vets on July 24th 2007 after a short illness which he endured without complaint.
We'll always remember Dude.
Claire and Family

Walter's Ash HP14
'Jack' 22nd Aug.2007 - 12th Sept.2007

Jack a 16mth old neutered DSH male with Green eyes
Black with White. Jack looks very much like the Felix cat, with all Black tail, White paws, White bib and strip down his tummy.
Hi Sue, Jack was found three miles from home in a country park. He smelled very strongly of curry. A kind man had seen him around his house and took him to Temple End vets in High Wycombe. They scanned him and hey presto we were reunited. Thank goodness he was chipped. I'd never have found him otherwise I'm sure. He's now safely settled up north with my other half where he is always very contented. And we've also updated his chip record of course!
thanks for your website, I'm sure it reassures many people who are worrying about their pets.

Barnton CW8
'Spartacus' Sept.2007 - 12th Sept.2007

'Spartacus' was found in the Barnton area of Northwich Cheshire.
This little one has now been reunited with his owner
Teresa (Paws Inn)

St.Annes FY8
'Tribble' 10th Aug.2007 - c.2nd Sept.2007

Tribble a 10yr old spayed and chipped DSH female with Yellow eyes.  Ginger and Black Tortoiseshell
Hi Sue,
Great news !!!!
A kind family found Tribble in the vicinity of St Annes Cricket Club.  They took her in and fed her.  She had obviously become quite thin over the last three weeks. 
The family then took her to the Cats Paws centre who immediately scanned for the microchip and got our details.  The family then brought Tribble to our house where she was reunited with our family.  I had just left to attend a week long course in London so have only just seen Tribble since her ordeal and hence the update being a week old.

My family and I would like to thank you for your help and advice over the last month and to also extend our gratitude to Cats Paws and particular thanks to the kind family who brought her back to us. 
In the emotion of being reunited we did not get their name and address.
( If these people are looking, please get in touch with Moggy)
Bridge of Don AB22
'Spencer aka Woodles' 25th Aug.2007 - 8th Sept.2007
Spencer a 2yr old chipped and spayed DSH female with Green eyes
Grey - Light grey in colour, not dissimilar to a British Blue.
Light patch of white under chin / chest
Hi Sue
I got a call last weekend from a woman who had seen a poster I put up in one of the local shops and had managed to catch hold of a little grey distressed cat who was crying for help from under a car.  I took her home and she’s fine a little startled and very hungry but on the whole in pretty good shape.
Thanks for your help and support
Lower Earley RG6
'Freddie' 6th Sept.2007 - 11th Sept.2007

Freddie a 2yr old neutered DSH male with Green eyes
Silver Classic Tabby , Blue/grey, lighter on his underside
Hi there
registered my cat, Freddie, as missing on your site last night. I am pleased to say that he came home safe and sound (but a little thinner) literally four hours later at 3am. we suspect that he got stuck in somewhere where the house/garage/shed owners went away for a long weekend.
With thanks

Hatfield AL10
'Senor Vivo' 3rd Sept.2007 - 15th Sept.2007

Senor Vivo an 18mth old neutered and chipped DSH male with Yellow/Gold eyes.
Black - Some hair thinning on base of tail and belly. Slight
brown sheen in areas. Very slight build.
Hi Sue,
I just wanted to let you know that after 11 days missing, Senor Vivo came home last night!!!
We heard miaowing just after midnight and went downstairs to find him sitting in the dining room. It was a wonderful sight! He is very thin and has an injured leg, so we're wondering if he was hit by a car then got trapped somewhere afterwards. He has been eating non-stop since getting home and slept next to us all night. His brother, Elvis is very pleased to see him as well!
Your website has given me hope throughout these past 2 weeks, and I read over Home Safe stories every day to keep me positive. I hope this is another story you can add to the list so that someone else reading it doesn't give up.
Thanks again,

Hi Sue,
He came back. early hours of Sunday morning. on the 11th day he was missing. Dragging his back left leg and very thin but purring and as happy to see me as i was him. He's with the vet today under local,having a proper x-ray. Thank you  very much for putting his details on the site and thanks on behalf of all cat mentalists for running such a worth while website. you're a very good person
David and Senor Vivo x

Southchurch SS13
3 legged 'Benson' 26th Aug.2007 - 15th Sept.2007

Benson, a 4yr old entire DSH male with Green eyes
Mostly Black with a White chest, because he has a back
leg missing you can see a patch of White on his lower abdomen, he has very long White whiskers and eyebrows
Hi Sue
Please to say BENSON has been found safe a long way away, a young lad rang me on Saturday I just thought it would be another upset of not finding him, but I went along to the area I was told and there he was, he had been there for some time sleeping on a chair that had been thrown out, people got use to him being there, he had got to southend seafront, a place I would not have thought of looking. A person who lives there had gone along to a friend that lived in the area Benson had gone missing, seen the posters that I had put up, and then seen him, I can't believe i've got him back, his meow for some reason is different and he on the thin side, but so pleased to be back. Just a couple of questions seeing as he went missing at my daughter's, i've brought him back home now in Romford how long should I keep him in,? and should I leave him to get back into being home before I take him to be castrated? he has never been in a cattery, but will be going from now on, how will he adjust to it? thank you very much for your support.

Epping CM16
'Natasha' 8th Sept.2007 - 20th Sept.2007

Natasha Ragdoll Cat. Creamywhite, with distictive brown patch on left side, brown face, ears and legs with white feet.
Hi Sue,
Sorry for delay in replying, but...great news, Natasha was found yesterday! She'd apparently walked 4.5 miles through woodland and was found by a cat lover!! He'd been looking after her for a few days and his mother worked at one of the shops were Natasha's poster had been displayed!
My friend (Natashas owner) is overjoyed!

Thank you for your support please let others in the same position know this happy ending, its worth also letting them know that where Natasha ended up there were loads of cat owners and someone had previously said to me that if cats poick up the sent of lots of cats in one area and they are scared they will go there re safety in numbers, it seems that this may have been the case with Natasha, the main thing is she's home now and seems well dispite her long walk!
Thanks again

Halifax HX2
'Dwight' 2007 - Sept.2007



'Dwight' (he's dirty & white !) a DSH male
All white male cat, no markings.
Quite thin, very dirty, has a gash near the top of his front
leg-has a bit of a limp.
Hi Sue,
Thought I would give you a little update on Dwight. 
After posting his details on your website, we also registered him with the RSPCA & put a collar on him asking any owner to contact us.  Unfortunately no-one got in touch so it appeared our Dwight was well & truly all alone !  Anyway, we kept feeding him, treated him for fleas, worms etc, put a shelter up for him & just kept any eye on him.  It turned out that his gash under his arm looked pretty bad & decided that it was time to get him to the vet.  Things were looking pretty bleak for him, the vet suspected he had FIV & she told us his gash could take multiple surgeries & cost thousands to be fixed.  As things turned out, he tested negative for the FIV & we decided to have a stab at getting the leg fixed.  After keeping him in a cage for a couple of weeks (to make sure he could do absolutely nothing to give the leg the best chance of getting fixed).  Turns out, the leg fixed up first time !!  He’s now been neutered, vaccinated & chipped & is a permanent member of the household !  He’s loving his new life so I think his details can be removed from the website....he’s not lost now !  I’ve attached a more recent picture – I’m sure you’ll agree he’s looking much happier !!

Thanks for your help & also for putting me in touch with Haworth Cat Rescue who have offered me no end of useful advice.
Claire (& Dwight)

Yes it’s been a happy ending alright...I couldn’t have wished for a more lovely cat, though I did wonder what on earth I’d done at first especially when our existing cat took one look at him & threw up !  They seem to be getting there now though.

I’m glad we gave the leg a chance now, the vet said the other option could be to cut it off, so lucky for Dwight he healed so well.  The vet was really good though & made sure it all didn’t cost too much.  The vet thinks the injury was caused by him getting his leg trapped in his old collar – I’m amazed a collar could do so much damage.

Yes, put him on the home safe pages & spread the happiness !!

Oh I’ll give Dwight a hug alright, he gets plenty of those nowadays – he’s the worlds biggest lap cat!!

Thanks again....

Horfield BS10
'Blackie' 28th Aug.2007 - Sept.2007

Blackie a DSH cat.
Black cat - it may have some white marks
Eye colour :Yellow maybe
Condition :I'm not sure of the condition. It is hiding behind old
furniture outside my flat, and it's very scared.
Hi there
Blackie has been found - he belonged to people who live close to me, but wandered into the wrong building and got lost.

Clayton HD8
'Libby' 15th Sept.2007 - 18th Sept.2007

Libby an 8yr old spayed DLH female
Grey with white paws and white bib, scruffy looking.
Hi thank you for following up with Libby.
She came home on Thursday night as though she'd never been away.
Thank you, I think your website is an excellent idea and I will spread the word of it.
Thanks once again. From my family and Libby.

Winyates East B98
'Bobbles' Jan.2007 - 27th Sept.2007

Bobbles a 2 to 3 yr old DSH male with Green eyes
All black - tall and sleek with distinctive long front
Sue - I am pleased to say that Bobbles who went on your site a couple of months ago from Winyates East Redditch has now been re-homed via the Blue Cross at Bromsgrove.   I finally got him in there after waiting over 2 months and they took him in on the 13th Sep and he was reserved almost straight away and I was told he was going to his new home last weekend!     I was so relieved because I got quite upset leaving him at the re-homing centre.   But all ended happily (I hope!).



Litherland L21
'Mia' missing since 15th Sept.2007

Mia a 12yr old spayed DFH female with Orange/Brown eyes
A Black Tortie: Dark coat with ginger flecks, face like an owl, semi long coat
Hi Sue
Firstly she was actually my next door neighbours cat, but it was easier to put my details in as Sally her owner is an call nurse Well we targeted the area with leaflets and got a phone call yesterday to say and elderly lady had taken Mia in, she's home safe and sound now :-)  thanks for all your tips though, I wouldn't have thought of the vacuum cleaner although we had put out her bedding and a couple of pieces of clothes. And your right about the access, our houses have high  back yard walls and Mia is now unable to climb them, hence she couldn't get back in. Sally has fixed this and put a cat flap in the yard gate this morning Sorry should have let you know sooner but I've only just got back from visiting friends, huge thanks for your help and your wonderful site, it was the first place I headed as soon as I knew she was missing 

Heaton NE6
'Spock' 24th Sept.2007 - 29th Sept.2007

Spock an 8yr old spayed and chipped DSH female with Amber eyes.
Tortoiseshell Mainly black with ginger patches
I listed my cat, Spock, as missing on your website yesterday. I am delighted to report that she was found safe and well this morning. She was found hiding in a cupboard at a neighbour's house. Having been missing for 5 days she is a little thin but otherwise seems safe and well.
Thanks  Sarah

Chelmsford CM2
'Felix' missing since 16th Sept.2007 - 25th Sept.2007

Felix 1½yr old entire but chipped DSH male with Yellow / Green eyes
Black & White Felix type cat, most of body is Black and tummy is White
Thank you for mailing us. He came back to us on tuesday after 10days.
He was so happy and so we were. i just opened the door and he was there on tuesday morning.
The day before i went and put posters all around the area. Don't know if someone had him but he was not fed well. he seem to have lost so much weight. very strange only he knows where he has been and what through. he seems reluctant to go out again. We are happy he is back.
Kind Regards,  Natasa

Birkrigg Park LA12
RIP 'Wellington aka Wuggie' 13th Sept.2007 - 30th Sept.2007

Wellington a 4yr old neutered and chipped DSH male with Yellow eyes
Grey with a tiny white flash to the front of his neck/ upper chest
I registered my cat Wellington with you today.  Unfortunately he has died.  He was found in a neighbour’s garden this afternoon.  It looks like he just went to sleep and never woke up.  Thanks anyway.
Sue McLean

We at Moggy do our best to be here for all those 'Moggy' People who need support - we take no credit for finding the cats on our homesafe pages - that is due to the humans who go through untold traumas, distress and heartache to get their loved ones back and we salute you.
Thanks also to the Rescuers who work tirelessly to find owners or provide forever homes for their charges - Well done.