What Do Bengal Cats Like to Play With: 6 Toys Bengal Cats Love

Bengal cats are very active and playful, and they enjoy playing with various toys, including balls, laser pointers, feather wands, and interactive toys that challenge their hunting instincts. They also like to play with small toys that they can carry around in their mouths, such as stuffed animals. 

When choosing toys for your feline friend, ensure they’re durable and interactive. Also, give your cat plenty of opportunities to play and engage with different toys. For example, if your cat is a chewer, provide them with durable chew toys that stimulate them. Additionally, Bengal cats may enjoy playing with water so they may enjoy a small fountain or water feature.

Toys Bengal Cats Like

1. Cat Wands

Cat wands are a great way to keep your cat entertained and engaged. These cat toys feature a wand of different lengths, tails, eyes, and nose shapes that your cat can play with. They are made from soft fabric, so your cat won’t get hurt while playing. 

Wands have a loop at the top so you can easily attach it to your cat’s collar. This makes playing with cat wands safe and convenient for cats of all ages and sizes. It also prevents cats from getting lost in the toy or accidentally swallowing it. 

The movement of the feathers and string can mimic the movement of prey, stimulating a Bengal cat’s natural hunting instincts. This type of play can be especially beneficial for Bengal cats because it allows them to engage in natural, healthy behavior and expend energy in a safe and controlled environment. 

2. Puzzle Games and Feeders

Bengal cats have high intelligence and playful natures, which makes them great candidates for playing puzzle games and feeders. These toys allow cats to exercise their mental capabilities as they try to solve a challenging puzzle or dispense fresh cat food.

Interactive feeders treat dispensers, and puzzle toys come in various designs, from simple ball-and-track games to more complex mazes. These toys can be filled with treats or kibble, and the cat must figure out how to manipulate the toy to get the food out.

These toys can be especially beneficial for Bengal cats because they are curious and enjoy problem-solving. Therefore, it is essential to choose the appropriate level of difficulty for your Bengal cat and supervise them when they are using puzzle feeders and games to stay calm and focused.

By playing with these interactive toys, cats can stay mentally stimulated and entertained while helping to keep them healthy and happy. Additionally, puzzle feeders can be a great way to slow down a cat’s eating and can be helpful for cats that tend to eat too quickly or are overweight.

3. Balls

Bengal cats enjoy playing with balls of all shapes and sizes, often playing by batting the ball around or chasing it. Bengal cats typically enjoy playing outdoors but will also play indoors if given a ball.

These small, lightweight toys can be quickly chased and pounced on, encouraging exercise and play. Some popular options for balls include:

  • Ping-pong balls are lightweight and easy to chase and bat around.

  • Jingle balls: These balls have a small bell inside that makes noise when moved, which can incentivize your Bengal cat to chase and play with them.

  • Foam balls are soft and lightweight, making them safe for cats to play with and chase around.

  • Fur balls: These balls are made of natural or fake fur, which can be especially appealing to cats who enjoy hunting and stalking prey.

It is crucial to keep an eye on your Bengal cat when playing with balls, especially if they are small, to ensure that they don’t accidentally ingest them. Additionally, picking up the balls once the playtime is over is advisable to avoid them from getting lost.

4. Ball Feeders

Ball feeders are toys typically consisting of a plastic or rubber ball with a small opening or holes, which you can fill with treats or kibble. The cat must then roll or chase the ball to get the food out.

This toy can be especially beneficial for Bengal cats because it allows them to engage in natural, healthy behavior and expend energy in a safe and controlled environment while also providing a reward for their efforts.

Ball feeders come in various designs and sizes, including roll-a-treat ball feeder that dispenses treats as it’s being rolled around, treat dispensing balls that have small openings or holes that dispense treats as the ball is played with, and food-dispensing balls that are designed to hold a specific amount of dry food and dispense it as the ball is played with.

5. Toy Mice

Toy mice resemble small mice or rats and are made of various materials such as felt, plastic, or rubber. They can have realistic features like a tail, ears, and whiskers or be more abstract, but they all mimic the look of a small rodent. You can customize these toys with different colors and shapes to give cats plenty of variety in their play.

This toy can provide hours of fun for cats. Bengal cats typically chase the toy mouse around and pounce on it. This is a great way to play and exercise cats while providing mental stimulation.

Supervising your Bengal cat when playing with toy mice, tiny ones, is essential to ensure that they don’t accidentally ingest them. Additionally, it’s vital to replace the toy when the ears, tail, or other parts become worn or detached to avoid any accidental ingestion.

6. Springs

Spring toys typically include a spring attached to a small toy, such as a feather or a ball. The spring allows the toy to bounce and move unpredictably, which can appeal to cats and encourage them to chase and play.

Spring toys come in a variety of designs, such as feather wands, which are springs attached to a feather or a small toy like a bell or a mouse, and bouncy balls, which are small balls attached to a spring that can be bounced around, great for encouraging your cat to chase and play.