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" TS "

Linthorpe TS5
Flower found July 2013
  • Flower a DSH Tortie female cat
  • Found on Eastgate Road
  • contact: 07900 021525
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Stokesley TS9
'Taxi' found 22 February 2012
  • Taxi a Fluffy neutered male
  • Black and White
  • Found in Stokesley

contact:01642 280637 email

Embleton TS22
'Felix' found 6.Nov.2010
  • Felix a DSH cat
  • Black and White 'Felix' type face, White tip to the tail
  • Domesticated.. didn't run and knew the sound of food in a bowl
  • Looked fit and healthy despite the really cold weather.

contact: 07789 941197

Guisborough TS14
'Bernard' found 17.May.2010
  • Bernard a young Fluffy male
  • White with Black: Mainly White with a very fluffy tail . Very small
  • Attention seeking and cuddly
  • Found near The Branch Walkway, Guisborough

contact: 01287 638533 email

Sedgefield TS21
'Dave' found Nov/Dec 2009
  • 'Dave' a senior 10+ ? DSH male with Green / Yellow eyes
  • Black and White, mainly Black has Black nose and chin, White chest, tummy and feet.
  • Quite friendly maybe quite old ?
  • Found near Sedgefield

contact: 07547 450183 email

Sedgefield TS21
'Claude' found Aug.2009
  • 'Claude' a young adult DSH male with Brown / Yellow eyes
  • Ginger and White male cat. Ginger back and tail, Ginger markings below nose, Ginger across eyes and ears - Very timid
  • Unsure if neutered.
  • Arrived with no collar.Started visiting the garden in the summer, throughout the cold weather has been visiting the house.
  • Found near Sedgefield

contact: 07547 450183 email

Nunthorpe TS7
'Tom & Jerry' found 6th Jan.2008
  • Jerry an aprox 6mth old male with Green eyes
  • Black and White
  • Tom an aprox. 6mth old male with Green eyes
  • Ginger
  • Both Found in Nunthorpe..
    Contact: 01642 313933 email

Hardwick TS19
'Pepper' found July.2007
  • 'Pepper' aprox. 2-3yrs old DSH female with Amber eyes.
  • A Dark Tortoiseshell, Black and Ginger. Black with ginger streaks on back and a ginger bib.
  • Good condition and health, she has been vet checked and is being kept safe and well at a family members house until her owner can be found.
    contact: 07875 395585 email

A179 - TS27
RTA found 19th Feb.2007
  • On A179 between Clavering roundabout and Hart roundabout
  • Large DSH  Black cat found deceased on above stretch of road.
  • Cat placed on grass verge. No other information.

" TS "