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" TN "

High Brooms TN4
Mec found 27 December 2013
  • Mec an aprox 5mth old DSH entire male with Green eyes
  • All Black good conditon maybe a little thin
  • Found at the Spa Industrial Park
  • contact: 07715 435372

Uckfield TN22
Tesco found 25 November 2013
  • Tesco a DSH Black with small amount of White on chest and 2 White patches on two toes of back leg
  • Collar mark
  • Found at Tesco supermarket
    Now with local vet
  • contact:07902162838 email

Tonbridge TN10
Ginger found July.2011
  • Ginger an aprox 4yr old DSH neutered male with Green eyes
  • Ginger and White.. White paws, White cheeks, Ginger face with white line down to his nose.
  • looks like he has had an operation on his left leg
    at the top or a lump removed as skin behind his leg has been trimmed.
  • Wearing a collar when found on Whitelake Road

contact:07915 999354 email

Laddingford TN12
'Tomboy' found Feb.2010
  • Tomboy a young adult entire male
  • Black and White. Black with White nose and four White paws.
  • Good condition, glossy coat, slim muscular and friendly
  • Found Claygate Road / Collier Street
  • Living in our barn knows how to use a cat flap!

contact: 01892 730723 email

by Flimwell A21 TN5
'Snowdrop' found 14.Feb.2010
  • Snowdrop a DSH Female with Pale Green eyes
  • Pure White
  • Found at the Lamberhurst Little Chef, A21 by Flimwell
    contact: 01424 431474 email

Hawkhurst TN18
'Fluffy' found October 2009
  • 'Fluffy' a mature DLH female with Green eyes
  • Tabby: Brown Black White: Tiger looking, Black stripe down from head to tail, side colours, tiger stripes in lighter Brown, White mouth.
  • Needs a good brush and a bath, it is in a dirty condition, but it wont let me near it, to look after it, I do what I can, to keep it warm in this weather, it lives on my front door step
  • Found on Red Oak

contact : 01580 754006 email

Hastings TN34
'Tabatha' found 7.Jan.2010
  • 'Tabatha' a DSH female +/- 8yrs (vet estimate) with Green eyes
  • Tortie / Tabby: Pretty Tortie/tabby with White bib and socks, V shape nick out of right ear
  • Fit and well but freezing cold and disorientated when found
  • Found on Beaneys Lane..

contact: 01424 754847 email

Crowborough TN6
'Gear' found c.Jul.2009
  • 'Gear' a DSH cat not sure of age or sex
  • Tabby and White: Tabby on top of head and back and tail, White underneath
  • In good condition, I have been feeding him for months but unable to capture. CPL and local charity full up so an looking after him as best I can.
    Found in Pellings Farm Close..
    contact: 01892 6110666 email

Willesborough TN24
'Blacky long hair' found 27th Apr.2009
  • First seen on the night of the 27th in the area of Osbourne Road.
  • A long haired Black cat,small to medium build , condition unknown I think the hind quarters of the coat have faded a bit to red - can't say for sure s/he seems really timid
  • S/he is out and about, if I leave the back door open s/he bolts off so I leave food and water outside
    contact: 07768581920 email

Kingsnorth TN23
'Wilf' found 27th Oct.2008
  • Found in the area of Haywain Close..
  • An aprox. 8mth old entire male with Green eyes
  • Grey Tabby: Tabby face markings, White bib, Marbled Tabby coat, darker Grey tail. No White on face.
    Wilf left his finders after about a month - the children believe they have seen him at the other side of the estate, looking well and happy. If anyone can confirm this we would appreciate it.

contact: text to 07974 671689 email

Piltdown TN22
A Tortie cat found 26th Dec.2007
  • Short haired Tortie cat. She is grey as opposed to brown. Age about 2 according to local vet. Not microchipped.
  • Very affectionate but can be temperamental - typical tortie!
  • She was in very good condition when we picked her up and we feel that she has not been missing for long.
  • We feel sure that she is a very loved cat and her owner is desperate to find her.
contact: CP- Uckfield & Crowborough Branch 01892 723321

Southborough TN4
'Cat' found 29th Jun.2006
  • Found in the Charles Street area of Southborough, Tunbridge Wells.
  • All Grey with tip of left ear missing. Green Eyes
  • Seems well enough although very thin and hungry when found

contact: 01892 534 360

Ticehurst TN5
Found 6.May.2006
  • RTA. All black cat with slightly fluffy tail . Found on the High Street opposite Ticehurst Institute and the recreation ground.
  • The finder has removed the body and will take to local vet for scanning and cremation on Monday...
    contact tel: 07767 830168

" TN "