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Cats found in the 'SW' postal area

Balham SW12
Kitty found 22 October.2013
  • Kitty a DSH cat with Green eyes
  • Black with White paws, White stripe down snout White neck ans asymmetric White mouth, White belly.. Good condition
  • Wearing collar when found on Lochinvar street
  • contact: 07572 536667  email

Streatham Hill SW5
Jackie Chan found 8 July.2013
  • Jackie Chan a DSH mature male with Green eyes
  • All Black.- trauma to right eye
  • Found on Wavertree Road
  • contact 07923 842101 email
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London SW5
McLeod found 21 June.2012
  • McLeod, an aprox.3mth old DSH male
  • Black and White Very friendly
  • Found on Old Brompton Road
  • contact: 07770 914673 email
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Brixton SW2
Found June.2012
  • A DSH entire male
  • Black with a little White patch on his neck.
  • Tiny and slim. Very friendly & playful.
  • Found on Rattray Road

contact: email  077732 40226

Brixton SW2
'Miss Mogs' found April.2011
  • A young DLH female with Green eyes
  • Tabby with White face, Green eyes, Tabby markings on top of head
    and lower half of back. White legs and feet
  • Visiting residence on Arodene Road.. refused to leave, Very very hungry indeed.

contact: email  07961 116108

Steatham SW16
'Kiwi' found April.2011
  • An adult DSH Black cat
  • Visiting garden on Fernwood Avenue

contact: email 02086 778226

South Wimbledon SW19
'RTA' found 22.Feb.2011
  • A DSH Tortie cat - Black / Ginger / White
  • Found decd in a shed in South Wimbledon
  • The shed had a cat sized hole in it so she could have got out if she had wanted to so not sure what happened.
  • Now removed by council.

Streatham SW16
'Itchy' found 25.Nov.2010
  • Itchy a young ? DSH female with Pale Yellow eyes
  • Black and White: Black back and head, with White belly / chest and most of legs. Also has band of White around neck like a necklace. Right front paw has some Black spots on the toes. Also has White cheeks and whiskers
  • Found on the Sackville Estate

contact: 07917 134063 email

Putney Vale SW15 (A30)
'Pussy' found 21.Jul.1020
  • Pussy an aprox 4/5 yr old DSH male
  • Silver / Bronze Tabby, sadly deceased, victim of RTA
  • Found on the A3 southbound very near the speed camera at the Putney Vale Cemetary
  • Given to Ashtead Vets ( no chip) for disposal

contact: 07575 669557 email

Streatham Hill SW2
'Friday' found 29.Jan.2010
  • 'Friday' a DSH female with Yellow eyes
  • All Black, Very distinctive 'meow' almost like a Siamese
  • In poor condition, dehydrated and very hungry. Heavily pregnant.
  • Found in Amesbury Avenue..
    07710 291005 email

Tooting Broadway SW17
'Tabby' found 28.November 2009
  • Tabby aprox. 1-2yrs old DSH entire male with Yellow eyes - no chip..
  • Tabby : Stripey tail, hardly any White on him and mainly Black feet.
  • He appears well but was extremely hungry. he seems to be a well loved pet who has strayed - has been living rough with two wild kittens
  • Found at Halal Butchers, Mitcham Road..

contact: 07792 674435 email

Colliers Wood SW19
'Milly' found Nov.2009
  • ''Milly' a DSH cat : age and sex unknown : Green eyes
  • All Black
  • update: unfortunately Milly has now gone missing again, she has stopped visiting our flat for food/shelter and we are hoping that she has been taken in by someone else as we are worried about her in this cold weather. If anyone has information that may help please contact..
    contact: email

Wandsworth SW12
'Blackie' found late Jun.2009
  • 'Blackie' a long haired (Fluffy) male with Yellow eyes
  • This cat has a black coat, fairly long, I haven't been able to get close enough to see if there is any white anywhere.
  • He seems to be healthy. I've been feeding him. I believe he is an un neutered male as he was spraying in my house.
  • Found on Malwood Road.

contact: 02086 730130 email

Putney SW15
'Mrs Felix' found 24th Apr.2009
  • 'Mrs Felix' aprox. 2yr old DSH female
  • Black and White - She is mainly black with a white band round the neck, a white belly and four white legs. She has a pink nose with an off center black mark.
  • I believe she is about two years old and she has no collar
  • Small affectionate In good condition
  • Found in the area of Evenwood Close..
    contact: 07837 743963 email

Tooting SW17
'Tom' found 24th Jan.2008
  • Tom a 2-3yr old DLH neutered male with Green eyes.
  • Black and White :Mostly black on top, with white underbelly. Patchy face.
  • In good condition, needs a wash!
  • Found in the area of Pevensey Road...
contact: 07855 082639 email

Wimbledon SW19
'Lunar' Found Sept/Oct.2006
  • Around 10-14 yr old male DSH found in the area of Victory Road.
  • Black & White, mostly white with black patches on top of head back and black tail & Yellow eyes.
  • Very thin and balding (due to fleas) when found. May have been living in my garden for a while before we realised he was a stray and not just visiting.

contact: 020 8543 5992

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