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Cats Found in the 'SP' postal area

Bulford Camp SP4
'Daisy' found 20 January 2012
  • Daisy a Fluffy cat with Blue eyes
  • Grey in good condition
  • Found on Mons Avenue

contact: 07972 232821 email

Downton SP5
'Pringle' found 31.Oct.2010
  • Pringle a neutered DSH male with Green eyes
  • White and Black. has a Pink nose and a Rusty coloured marking above this. Also has a distinctive Red marking below his lower left pupil.
  • He was in very bad condition when found and was howling for food at our back door very skinny. Has yellow stained feet due to what we do not know, also had ticks on his feet.
  • Found on Avon Meadow

contact: 01725 511683 email

Wilton SP2
'Little Miss' found 11th May.2009
  • Found in the area of Wilton House
  • A DSH female with Green eyes
  • Tabby and White with Ginger hint.
  • In very good condition, very friendly and loves nothing more than
    sitting on a lap.
    contact: 07976 880550 email

Roman Road SP2
'Roman Road Moggy' found 6th Jan.2009 2200hr.
  • Sadly the victim of a hit and run driver
  • Roman Road West side of Salisbury SP2 9BH
  • An adult long haired male with Yellow eyes
    Pure Black : no markings
    In lovely condition.
  • Being a cat lover myself I would just like to be able to asure the owner that he did not stand a chance with the speed the car was going, but that at least he did not suffer!!
    contact: email

    Would any maybe owner or anyone knowing about this cat please contact the finder asap  - This cat was chipped and registered missing in March.

East Dean SP5
'Tonto' found Feb.2008
  • 'Tonto' a DSH Black and White cat.
  • Random black and white markings, mainly white face with
    diagonal black marking.
  • Found on Hants/Wilts border in the barns next door to Barn Owls
    Frenchmoor Lane,
  • Cat is living rough in barn at above address, we are leaving food out for it which it is eating but we cannot get near it.
    contact: 01794 342134 email

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