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Cats found in the SE postal area

Peckham SE15
Found 20 August.2012
  • a young DSH cat with Green / Yellow eyes
  • Black with White bib / stomach, White paws and whiskers
  • Very wobbly on the back legs especially, but vet saw no problem and put it down to being weak from no food. Very good condition otherwise, maybe a little thin. Not a fan of outside at all, not very streetwise and terrified of traffic, loves human company and attention. Think she is an indoor cat.
  • Found in the vicinity of Bellenden Road

contact:07891 889801  email

London Bridge SE1
'Ginger' found October.2011
  • Ginger a DSH cat unsure of sex
  • Ginger with White bib, front paw and stripe across nose
  • Well cared for
  • Found at Southwark Cathedral

contact:020 7367 6700  email

Southwark SE8
'Peter' found 10.October.2011
  • Peter a young DSH Cat with Amber eyes (sex unknown)
  • Ginger and White.  Very friendly, small happy to wear a paper collar.
  • Very healthy
  • Turned up in garden on Trundley's Road (Surrey Quays)

contact:02072 319580  email

Blackheath SE3
'Pudsey' found 10.Aug.2011
  • Pudsey an aprox 1yr old DSH entire male with Green eyes
  • White with Tabby splodges
  • Found at Vanbrugh Fields
  • Now with Greenwich CPL

contact:07882 626751  email

Plumstead SE2
'RTA' found 26.Oct.2010
  • DSH cat Black with White markings
  • White chest and belly, White back legs (to about 2/3" high) and White front paws.
  • Found on McLeod Road, Plumstead.
    More information

contact: 07921 667768 email

Charlton SE7
'RTA' found 21.Jul.2010
  • Traffic accident - Black DSH cat.
  • Woolwich Road, Charlton.SE7.
  • Still in middle of road. Sorry, was unable to move it due to its condition and my lack of necessary equipment.

contact: 07575 705213 email

Sydenham SE26
'Moky' found 7.Jun.2010
  • Moky aprox 1yr old DSH entire male
  • Black / White: Mostly Black, White stripe to face, White paws at front, White boots at back, White chest
  • General health ok. Slight injury to front left leg - a few scabs, vet says has been bitten or got leg caught somewhere.
  • Wearing Silver collar decorated with Black Fishes and the word 'Moky' when found on Homecroft Road

contact:02079 422969 email

Blackheath SE3
'Garfield' found July 2009
  • Garfield a young adult neutered DSH male with piercing Green eyes
  • Medium sized Ginger cat with White chest and white socks. No Chip
    He is not a kitten but not so old he is showing grey in his fur. Distinctive markings on face.
  • This chap recently turned up in our back garden. Friendly but a little bit timid. We think he may have been living "rough" for quite a while now.
    Not too keen on small children. He runs away from them.
    He likes to be stroked, I have never heard him miaow. Rolls over a lot.
  • Found in the area of Charlton Road..

contact: 02083 059549 email

Dulwich SE21
'Whiskars' found 12th May.2009
  • Found in the area of Dulwich Village
  • An adult DSH female Tortie / White / Tabby tail
  • Very thin may have been missing for sometime. she is generally
    in good can not find anything specific wrong with her. of note she is deaf
    contact: 07733 177017

New Eltham SE2
  • 'Tabby' a DSH Grey Tabby cat
  • Found in the area of Stanley Close..
  • Wearing a light Blue collar..
contact: 07825 826799 email

Brockley SE4
'Molly' found 1st Sept.2008
  • Molly an aprox. 6m - 1yr old cat (sex unknown)
  • Has Black stripes.
  • In good condition
    contact: 07766 994226 email

Greenwich SE10
'Mr Muff' found 2nd Jul.2007
  • Mr Muff a Long haired Ginger and White male with Greeny eyes.
  • Found in the area of Dutton Street...
  • Well travelled, no fleas, tired. worn out seems to be
    depressed and pining. but we've given him food etc and he is content with staying with us for now.

contact: 02086 927601 email

West Norwood SE27
'Grif' found 11th Mar.2007
  • 'Grif' found in the area of Wolfington Road, SE27
  • Aprox 4yr old Silver Tabby male with Green eyes
  • In Excellent condition.
    contact: 020 8670 1327

Charlton SE7
'Elder' found Jan.2007
  • 'Elder' found in the area of Swallowfield Road...
  • Elderly DSH male This cat appears to be quite old although totally Black there are some White hairs as though he is going grey. He has a number of scars on his ears and several on his head. Greenish eyes the left eye is slightly cloudy. 
    His coat his quite sleek and appears in reasonable condition.
  • He enjoys his food!
    contact: 0208 378 0312

Lewisham SE13
Found 5th Dec.2006
  • A young DSH cat
  • Found in the area of the 'Dirty South' (pub)
  • Dark Tortoise-shell, not very distinct markings, a small amount of white on its face. it had a red sparkly collar with a silver bell. Brown eyes.
  • Condition - healthy but hungry. a little frightened
    contact: 077888 47593

Mottingham SE9
'Albert' Apr.2006
  • Found in the Albert Road area of Mottingham,
  • A young dsh entire male
  • White belly and face - gorgeous Tabby markings and stripey tail (which is very long). Has Green eyes.
  • Looks healthy and well fed but without collar.
  • Has only appeared in my garden in the last month or so and is crying for food, coming into the house and terrorising other cats in the area (mine especially!)
    Update: May 2009  - This cat is still in the area - if anyone has managed to befriend him , please get in touch with Moggy

South Norwood SE25
Oct. 2005
  • I have found a cat. It is very friendly, although extremely skinny.
  • He or she (I find it difficult to tell) is a tabby and has no white marks apart from his chin. He has long feathers off his ears and several nicks in them
  • He was found in South Norwood, very close to the country park

East Dulwich SE22
May 2005
  • Elderley Female Tabby cat
  • In the Belvoir Road vicinity, East Dulwich.
  • Quite skinny, small & very affectionate.
  • contact:   020 8299 2342

The finder is now having to look for a permanent home for this beautiful Tabby please contact him if you are interested.

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