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" PE "

Bourne PE10
Boo found 23 August 2013
  • Boo a DSH cat sex unknown
  • Dark Tabby with White around the mouth, very thin and hungry
  • Found on Stretham Way
  • contact: 07949 077355 email

Kirton PE20
'Tabitha' found October.2011
  • Tabitha an aprox 10mth old DSH female with pale Green eyes
  • Black with white fleck in fur
  • We're 99% sure it's a girl, but looks young so doubt she is spayed
  • Found on London Road

contact 07777699739 email

Wisbech PE14
'Sammy' found May.2010
  • Sammy a 1-2yr old DSH neutered male with Amber eyes
  • Dark Grey Tabby cat, in good condition
  • Found at St.Johns Fen End near Tilney St.Lawrence

contact:07545 697264

Longthorpe PE3
'Sam' found Nov.2009
  • 'Sam' a Siamese cat around 2-4yrs old neutered.
  • Maybe house cat
  • Found in Tintagel Court

contact: 07720 895178 email

Eye Green PE6
RTA found 20.Sept.2009
  • A DSH cat - looked small possibly still young/kitten
  • Black wearing collar.
  • On Frank Perkins Parkway about 500 yards after the Eye Road / Paston Parkway roundabout on left hand side green verge,
  • Sadly passed away.
  • Unfortunately could not stop to pick up as a dangerous road to stop on.
    Will report to relevant body Monday morning.
    contact: email

St.Ives PE27
13th Aug.2009
  • A very friendly black cat aged 9-11 months found in St Ives near Cambridge
  • No collar, it has been handed in to the vet last week
  • Is chipped but the phone number on the chip is still ringing out, it's been taken to Wood Green animal shelter and is going to be rehomed if they can't find the owner!
  • contact: Wood Green Shelter Tel: 0844 248 8181

Marholm PE6
'Tortie' found 28th Aug.2008
Tortoiseshell cat found in Marholm, Peterborough, Cambs (PE).
Begging for food at the Fitzwilliam Pub in Marholm.
Cat is beautiful and well cared for but they cannot find the owner. (looks like she hasnt been taken to the vets to be scanned)
RSPCA too full to take in and Peterborough catteries won't take her in either.
Featured in Peterborough's Evening Telegraph on 28/08/08
01733 588719 or peterboroughtoday

Chatteris PE16
'Jaffa' found 10th Aug.2008
  • 'Jaffa' found in the area of London Road
  • A young DSH female with Green eyes
  • Tortoiseshell - Ginger, Black & White. Mixed with gorgeous markings
    Very good condition, obviously well cared for.
  • Scanned but no chip.
contact: 07989501761 email

St.Ives PE27
'Tortie' found c.Jun.2008
  • A cat has been found in the area of Ramsey Road, St Ives,Cambridgeshire PE27.
  • He is tortoiseshell and white with a red collar
    01480 497178 email

Spalding PE11
'Tia' found 21st May.2008
  • Found at  St Thomas Rd in Plumb Centre & builders yard, Spalding PE11.
  • Taken to Vet Savers in same Road,
  • Tia a young DSH female with Yellow eyes
  • Dark Tortie - mostly black with tan, stripe down her nose.
  • Don't know condition when taken into the vets as I fostered
    her a week later. Condition is good though

contact : 07949 826690 email

Saddlebow PE34
Sighting 28th Jul.2007
  • A Long Haired cat - White with Black Markings
    on High Road, Saddlebow, Nr King's Lynn, near the speedway/banger track (PE34 3AG) walking towards King's Lynn.
  • This is only a sighting of a possible stray - I was unable to get close enough to the cat to see what condition it was in and I am not sure if this is someones cat who just likes to stray a bit or is infact a lost cat as there are no houses near where I saw it. I do not think it was wearing a collar.,
  • Last seen heading towards King's Lynn.

Saddlebow PE34
Sighting 28th Jul.2007

A Long Haired cat - Black with a collar
on High Road, Saddlebow, Nr King's Lynn, near the speedway/banger track (PE34 3AG) walking towards the village of saddlebow. This was a siting only of a possible stray cat - it could be someones cat who just likes to stray some distance but there are not any homes on the stretch of road where I saw this cat., Last seen heading towards the village of saddlebow on the opposite side of the road to the power station.
Was quite a small cat and was wearing a collar, I
stopped to try and see if there was any contact details on the collar but the cat was scared and kept running away from me.




Croft PE25
'Dave' found 22nd May.2007

'Dave' a large senior kittizen a DSH neutered male found in the area of Waincroft Close
White & Tabby Pink nose with scab on it.  Very pale large eyes.
Extremely friendly, fine with dogs & cats.
Tabby markings not very defined, almost tortie.  Tabby tail.  Long legs. Brown patches on the back of both hind legs.
Eye colour :Bluish Green
Condition :Very skinny & quite dirty. Scab on his nose.
Incredibly hungry, had been living on scraps people were giving him. Is not keen to go outside, therefore thought to have been an indoor cat.  Very much a lapcat and follows you around like a shadow.  Possibly has probs with his teeth as does not eat dry food very well.
contact: 01754 881555 email

23rd Oct.2006

A ginger and white cat ... Sam's markings ... didnt stop (there are roadworks). Monday 23 but gone by Tuesday.  It'll be the Soke Parkway/A47 between the r-a-b joining the A15 and A47 by the frst speed camera as you are heading to New England, Ravensthrope etc. Could live Paston or side of the road found would be Dogsthorpe.

c.11th Sept.2006

At the same place as the entry below c1271 - a Tabby cat

25th Oct.2006

I took a cat off the road about 830am Wednesday 25 October.  End of A15 near the roundabout.  R-A-B links with A1139. Basically there is also a BP garage on the corner and across the A15 is a housing area which is Dogsthorpe. Black and white cat with white socks and white nose. Blue collar (poss a plastc flea collar). No tag. RTA of course. I laid him on the lawn by the BP garage where there are new trees and a wooden fence. I called the RSPCA but they referred me to local council.  01733 747474 ask for Street Cleansing Depot. They said they are picking him/her up

  • Stray Cats reported while looking for Sam
  • Cat around the Belman Close area on the A605 towards March. PE7.; Very shy and gaunt, colour same as Sam's, dashes out of the bush for food and runs off again.
  • Stumpacre are of North bretton... friendly fluffy ginger and white with a tatty cerise collar, weepy eyes, lays on his back. looks so sweet!! This was alittle while ago but he was there the 2 times I looked here and is not known in the area
  • Ginger and white fluffy cat, more ginger down sides than Sam, older looking ... maybe 5? No collar. The green/trees between Tollgate and Drayton of South Bretton. They do not recognise him in the area.
    contact: 07813 821007

" PE "