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Cats found in the CH postal area

Rock Ferry CH42
Leo found August 2013
  • Leo an aprox 5-7yr old DSH male
  • Black with few White hairs
  • Found Near Bus Depot on New Chester Road
  • contact: 07795 356547 email

Connah's Quay CH5
Charlie found December 2013
  • Charlie a DSH female with Green eyes
  • Grey Cream Black and Ginger tortie
  • Wearing collar when found on Wepre Lane
  • contact: 01244 836975 email

South Birkenhead CH43
Smokey Joe found April 2013
  • Smokey Joe a DSH cat with Green eyes
  • Grey and White
  • Found on Park Road
  • contact: 01516 527788
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West Kirby CH48
Sleepy found February 2013
  • A DSH Classic Tabby entire male
  • Found at Concourse car park
  • contact: 07738 824550 email
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Bagilt CH6
Gill found February 2013
  • A DSH Black and White cat..
  • visiting properties on Cadnant Drive
  • contact: email
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Shotton CH5
Wozza found 30 May 2013
  • Wozza a young adult DSH cat with Green / Yellow eyes
  • Tabby and White: Top half of body tabby, bottom half maily white with a small tabby patch on front legs, back feet are white socks
  • Found at Corus Steelworks
  • Reason to believe that 'Wozza' may have travelled to this location
  • contact: 07773 322640 email
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Holywell CH6
Robbie found c June 2012
  • Robbie DSH neutered male
  • Tabby and White: White chest,nose and mouth tabby brown ears and back,thin tabby tail
  • Found on Nant Eos

contact:07852 710480   email

Ellesmere Port CH65
Flower found 24. January 2012
  • Flower a 6- 12mth old DSH Female with Yellow eyes
  • White with Black hood and cape, Black tail
  • Thin, unsure if spayed
  • Found on Princes Road

contact: 07735 991268    email    

New Brighton CH45
'Tatty' found 1.June.2011
  • Tatty a Fluffy cat with light Green eyes, unsure of age or sex
  • Predominantly white with ginger patches. Its a big cat.
    Very very long bushy tail approx 30cm long.
  • Very skinny, fleas and poor condition of coat
  • Wandering round the gardens, on Grosvenor Drive..Visits at frequent hours living in a neighbours garden.

contact: email      daily diary also on twitter.. The_Tatty_Cat

Great Sutton CH66
'Squeaker' found 16.Oct.2010
  • Squeaker a mature DSH female with Green eyes
  • Black: all over black with 1 white whisker. Small in size and thin as though missing for a while.
  • Took to vet and treated for fleas and worms. No collar or microchip.
  • Found on Bridgewood Drive

contact: 01513393180 email

Rhydtalog CH7
'Arian' found c.20.Mar.2010
  • Arian a long haired catSilver and White: Silver head and back. Front White.
  • Apart from hunger and matted coat, in good condition.

    Thank you for your e-mail about the stray cat that arrived at our house. Unfortunately, when we took it to the vet, he diagnosed a very enlarged heart and thyroid problem that had been left untreated. He also chacked for an electronic chip, but unfortunately there was none. 
    It was therefore decided that the kindest course of action was to have the cat put to sleep, which has now been done.
    Sorry to have to give you this bad news.

    contact: 01824 780222 email

Rock Ferry CH42
'RTA' found 22 Feb.2010

A DSH Marbled Tabby
Full tabby apart from chin. Has only 3 legs ?
Wearing red collar.
Found on Bedford Avenue
Now collected by Streetscene
Contact: 0151 606 2004 ref: 371667

Bromborough CH62
'Tiddles' found 3.Jan.2010
  • 'Tiddles' a young DSH cat age & sex unknown Black and White: mainly black but has white markings to face and body. Very pretty looking young catThis cat has been unfortunate enough to get his Red collar stuck around his waist/under his front legs. He does not appear to be in any pain at the moment but is very timid and wont let me near him.
  • Found in garden on Queensbury Avenue..
    update - Tiddles has now been apprehended and the collar removed.

contact: 0151 334 8693   email

Great Sutton CH66
'Scooter' found Oct.2009
  • Scooter a DSH male believed to be neutered with Yellow eyesGinger / White: Ginger on head and back striped tail , White chest and underside some Ginger markings on legs.
  • Arrived in garden on Medip Close, feeding on hedgehog food, possibly sleeping rough - has now moved in but cannot stay permanently.

contact: 07724 354734 email

'b' found c.28.Oct.2009
  • Sadly I saw a cat hit by a car on the M56 motorway last week, Wed I think.  It was Tabby on top, White underneath, adult, but not very old and had a dark collar with a Silver circle disk. 
  • It ran from right to left across the motorway, a mile or so before the M56 becomes the A55 nr Hoylake and the driver in front of me could do nothing to avoid hitting it.  I don’t believe the cat could have survived.

Sorry for the sad news, but when my cat went missing a couple of years ago, I know I would have wanted to know rather than the pain of searching and wondering every day.
contact: email

Great Sutton CH66
'Tiggsy' found 16.Sept.2009
  • 'Tiggsy' an adult DSH neutered male with Green eyes Ginger with Ginger stripes, especially on the tail. 4 White paws and White on chest. Good condition, neutered male,very lovable and affectionate.
  • Found on Little Green...

contact: 07949 067311 email

Great Sutton CH66
'Ringo' found 12 Aug.2009
  • 'Ringo' aprox 6yrs old DSH male with Green eyesBlack and White: Black/Dark Brown top and sides with White underside and
    legs with distinctive White ring midway down tail
    Has been taken to a vet who confirmed neutered male no
    microchip. The cat is well groomed and clean.
  • Found wandering around top end of Shepton Road

contact: 01513 397128 email

Bromborough CH62
'Ginger' found 3rd May.2009
  • Young adult DSH Ginger and White Tabby cat with Green eyes
  • Missing hair on back and top of tail.

contact: 01513277035 email

A5032 Backford CH2
'Black DSH' found 21st Mar.2009
  • An RTA  adult DSH male All black, Yellow eyes, not neutered, no collar, no chip, but appeared too well looked after to be a feral cat. He was reported to me by someone thinking he was mine. Found on the A5032 Whitby Lane, between the bridge over the M56 & Gordon Lane, Backford CH2 map available Taken to Chestergates animal referral hospital
    Unit F, Telford Court, Chestergates, Chester, CH1 6LT
    Tel: 01244 853823
  • The vets will keep his body for a short while in case the owner gets in touch.
    contact (finder) 07870 157165 email

Bebington CH42
'RTA' 24th Jan.2009
  • RTA found on Bebington Road, Bebington, Wirral CH42. About 200 yards up from the Tesco store heading towards Birkenhead A DSH Black and White : Mainly black with white underneath and white paws. Green eyes
  • This cat was had been run over and was lying in the road. It
    had no collar. It was rather large, although I didn't check it looked like a male due to size and build. It seemed it had been there a while but had not been hit by anything else. I moved it to the side of the road to avoid it being run over by other vehicles.
    contact: email

Blacon CH2
'Oscar' found October 2008
  • Big long haired black cat found in CH2 Blacon area. Extremely friendly, must have been someones pet at some point. I haven't taken him to the vet yet so I am not sure, but I think he is a neutered tom. He has only a quarter of a tail, which may have happened before or after he was lost. He is a little matted and thin, but other than that is in good health.
  • We are feeding him and keeping him in over the particularly cold nights, but are moving in a few months and so can't leave him! If you have any inkling at all that this is your cat, or you know a friend who has losty a similar one, please get in touch., The cat stays sometimes with us, but is around all the time.
    contact: 07745 700766 email

Eastham CH62
'LC' found c. Dec.2007
  • 'LC' found in the Eastham area of the Wirral Black and White with Yellow eyes unsure of sex..
  • Regularly seen in the area.


Tattenhall CH3
'Fizzy' found 10th May.2008
  • Fizzy found in the area of Gorsefield..
  • Greyish tabby black markings spotty stripes and Greeny / Yellow eyes

contact: email

Little Sutton CH66
'Cracker' found c.3rd Nov.2007
  • Found outside the Tesco Express, Little Sutton. A DSH male approx. 1-2yrs old. Black with White bib and belly and long White back legs and White front feet
  • Really good condition, very very friendly

contact: 07849 590251 email

found c. Sept.2007
  • Tabby and White male found in the Greenfield area of Holywell
  • He's semi long haired, very friendly but a little nervous

Mold CH7
'Fresia' found 10th Aug.2007
  • 'Fresia' a DSH adult cat with Yellow eyes Black markings on White coat. Black tail. Black cap on top of head. Black mark on nose. Black lower chin. Hair thin on ears showing pink skin through hair. White whiskers. Would describe markings as looking like a 'fresian' pattern. In good condition, obvious lost pet, collar removed as furrow in
    coat where collar should be.
    Very friendly animal, seeking human company.
  • Found in vicinity of Llys y Coed all day, trying to get into houses.

contact: 07730 200428 email

Neston CH64
Found 2nd Jun.2007
  • Found in the area of Hampton Crescent A DSH Black & White cat with Green eyes Black shiny coat with White paws, White crest on chest
    and belly and distinctive White spot on mouth
  • Very friendly and obviously well fed prefers dry food to moist, meows loudly and is in good condition
    contact 01513 530867 email

Bagillt CH6
RTA 15th Mar.2007
A cat was brought into the vets IH Sergeant, Greenfield Rd, Holywell this morning, he was Grey / White tom, quite large, age unknown but wasn't old.  He'd been involved in an RTA and sadly had to be pts.
 He was found on a building site by 2 workmen in Bagillt, Flintshire, North Wales

M53 Jnct 4
RTA 12th Mar.2007

A fatal RTA. M53 motorway junction 4 - end of Brimstage Road.
Black body with lots of white markings - White on his chin, top of the head, legs and sides. . Very big and fluffy , Green eyes. Taken out of the road and put on grass, hoping owner will find him. Didn't really know what else to do, as I'd rather find my cat, even if it was hit so I knew what happened to it.
contact: 07736 844101 email

M53 Jnct 9
'RTA' 10th Mar.2007

A fatal RTA. I saw it at appx 6:10 am this morning (10 March 2007) on the Chester bound carriageway of the M53 motorway, just after the junction 9 turnoff for Ellesmere Port by the Boat Museum. In the brief moment I saw it I noticed it was white with black and ginger patches.

Whitby CH65
'RTA' 17th Jan.2007

A fatal RTA. Fern Road, Whitby involving a Ginger cat.
No further details.
contact: MyMoggy

Little Sutton CH66
'Clayton found 2006

'Clayton' aged 3+ DSH cat with Yellow eyes
Black and White.
Well cared for, maybe not a genuine stray.
Would the owners contact us if a local cat.
'Found' in the area of Berwick Road...

contact: 0151-356 4301 email

Newton CH2
'Chester' c.8th Jun.2006

Frequents garden in the Ullswater Crescent area of Newton a
6-9 months old DSH male White with Dark Grey tabby patches mostly on back & Yellowish eyes, possibly
His condition is Good, looks well looked after, very freindly, hoarse voice.
Not neutered or chipped.

tel: 01244 342645 email

Prenton CH43
May 2006

Found in the area of Woodbank Park, an All White Long Haired cat, looking fairly healthy but the coat is beginning to matt. Been in the finder's garden for a week or more.
contact: 0151-652-4455 email

Deeside , Flintshire
Sept. 2005

White with Ginger Male - He was found on Deeside Industrial Park and has been hanging round Umbro for the last two weeks.  A little bit skinny but looks to have had a collar on fairly recently.
Still looking for a home ...

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