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Cats Found in the 'BS' postal area

Keynsham BS31
Found January 2014
  • A DSH Black with White cat
  • Found off Caernarvon Road
  • contact: 01179 490053 email
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Horfield BS7
Scrappy found 5 August.2013
  • A DSH female with Yellow eyes
  • Dark Tortie with one light coloured toe on back right foot and a very small light coloured triangle shape on outer corner of each eye. Skinny and small
  • Found on Montreal Avenue
  • contact: 01179 791528 email

Bristol BS7
'Ned' found 15 November.2011
  • A DSH cat with Greeny Yellow eyes
  • White and Black with big Black markings on his back, completely Black tail and all White legs. Nose White but Black stripes down ears and across eyes.
  • In good condition
  • Found on Ashley Down Road near Sefton Park Primary School

contact:  email

Yate BS37
'Traveler' found 6 October.2011
  • An aprox 18mth old Neutered male with Green / Yellow eyes
  • All Black with Tiny bits of White fur on chest and lower tummy
  • Loving and house trained no chip
  • Found on Stover Road
  • May have arrived via Freight Lorry which had come from Wales via Pucklechurch BS16

contact:  01454 333768

Filton BS34
'Fidget' found July.2011
  • Fidget an aprox 6mth old DSH entire male
  • Ginger Classic Tabby - in excellent condition, no chip
  • Wearing collar when found on Station Road

contact: email

St George BS5
'Stevens' found 15.May.2011
  • Stevens an aprox 10-12yr old DSH neutered male with Yellow / Orange eyes
  • Ginger : stripes of Ginger shades on back
  • Skinny and malnourished
  • Found on Cossham Road now with RSPCA clinic, Bristol

contact:07977 424789 email

Stoke Bishop BS9
'Purdy' found 12.Dec.2010
  • Purdy a young DSH cat
  • Marbled Brown Tabby
  • No collar / chip, in good condition, very friendly
  • Found on Downleaze

contact:07765 058874 email

Northville BS7
'Henry' found 27.Nov.2010
  • Henry an entire DSH male
  • Ginger and White. White underside and Ginger back and shoulders (sort of)
  • Found on Eighth Avenue

contact:01173 732744 email

Clifton BS8
'Stripey' found Oct.2010
  • Grey and White cat
  • Twice recently I have seen a Grey and White cat looking lost on the currently closed Bridge Valley Road Clifton.
  • It has a collar and name tag but I couldn't get near it.,

contact: 07974 794636 email

St Philips BS2
'Victoria' found 15.Aug.2010
  • Victoria a 1-2yr old Long haired female with Green eyes
  • Tortoiseshell. Very well looked after. Has kittens
  • Found on West Street

contact:01179 9098675 email

St Werburgh BS2
'RTA' found 8.Aug.2010
  • White cat with Black patches, maybe young adult possibly not yet full grown
  • In the grass at the side of James Street in St Werburghs in Bristol, between the zebra crossing and the phone box.
  • This is a busy road so I imagine it was  a traffic accident.
    The cat does not look like any I  have seen in my neighbourhood so it may come from the other side of the main road.
  • I will call Environmental Health after work if the body is still there.

contact: 07779 327844 email

St.George BS5
'Gizmo' found 3.Apr.2010
  • Gizmo a young Fluffy cat with Yellow / Green eyes
  • unsure of sex
  • White, Black and Ginger, in good condition
  • Found Troopers Hill
    contact: 07753 418334 email

Worle BS22
'Fluffy' found 23.Aug.2009
  • Fluffy a mature adult DLH female with Yellow Green eyes
  • Ginger and White: White with Ginger ears, neck and long Ginger tail. Would had once been a beautiful cat. She looks old. above 8yrs I would say. I have taken her in as she is dreadfully thin. so thin that you can feel her ribs and spine. She is having lots of food and love.
  • Vet has said she is a female. looks like she may have health issues.
  • Wearing collar with bell (no name) when found in garden looking for food
    contact: 01934 519385 email

Fishponds BS16
'Splodgy' found 11th Aug.2009
  • 'Splodgy' a young DSH male
  • White with Black splodges on back & sides and between ears and over right eye.
  • Ernestville Road. Found in the backyard of the finder
  • Not sure about condition
    contact: 07780 823626

Kingswood BS15
'Kitty' found 29th Dec.2008
  • 'Kitty' an aprox 6mth - 1yr old DSH female
  • Tortoiseshell: White under chin and White paws rest of coat Ginger & Tabby
  • Found in the area of Laurel Street..
  • Is in healthy condition

contact: 07795 068888 email

Queen Chalton BS31
RTA found 28th Sept.2008
  • On Redlynch Lane...
  • Found in a box in a layby
  • An adult female DSH Black cat. I feel someone has put it there after knocking it over
    contact: 01179 608826

A37 BS14
RTA reported 15th Apr.2008
  • On the A37 (Wells Road) next to the Tesco Express
  • A DSH Tabby cat

Bristol BS8
Found 22nd Oct.2007
  • Found on Woodland Road, a Bristol University faculty front garden, halfway along the east side of Woodland Road
  • A DSH female cat with yellowy eyes, White with Ginger patches and wearing a collar with no ID.
  • Looked well and not thin, but seemed distressed and wanting to
    be approached. Was able to pick her up at 1st sight, to check for name/address tag. No tag, only a brand name printed on the collar, and 1 tiny bell.
    contact: 01179 735989

Keynsham BS31
Found 20th Oct.2007
  • Found in the area of St.Clements Road
  • a Long haired Black and White cat
    contact: 07900 864975 email

Bradley BS32
'Fang' found 10th Jan.2007
  • 'Fang' a 5-10yr old DSH All Black male
  • 1 "fang", the cat has one tooth that over hangs from
  • its top gum over its bottom lip on right side
  • Very hungry and friendly eats very messily because of its
    tooth - if this cat was yours i think you would know! May have got lost in move??
    contact: 07971 099412 email

Fishponds BS16
Found 23rd Oct.2006
  • A Black cat with Purple collar found in the area of Goffenton Drive...
  • Has Yellow / Green eyes, very friendly and very hungry.
  • Rather thin when found.
    contact: 07727 619600

Filton BS34
'Polly' found 20th Sept.2006
  • Found outside B&Q store at Filton
  • 'Polly' a 2yr old (aprox) DSH female with Green eyes
  • Black and White with face like Felix cat , White socks.
  • Condition :Thin- vet thinks she hadn't eaten for 2 weeks but otherwise good condition. Friendly but scared.
    contact: 0117 9568131

Bristol BS13
RTA 6.Jan.2006
  • This morning a cat was killed outside my house on Bishport Avenue, Bristol,BS13. He/she was hit by a bus at 7.30 AM by a bus and died instantly. Bristol City council came to collect the cat at around 10.20 AM to be scanned.
  • The cat was a young black adult. I could not tell the sex and I couldn't tell if the cat was wearing a collar or not.

Please Report all Found Cats
Adjoining areas
Horfield BS7
Scrappy found 5 August.2013
  • A DSH female with Yellow eyes
  • Dark Tortie with one light coloured toe on back right foot and a very small light coloured triangle shape on outer corner of each eye. Skinny and small
  • Found on Montreal Avenue
  • contact: 01179 791528 email