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" B "

Kings Norton B14
Becks found March 2014
  • Becks a DSH full Tabby cat
  • Wearing collar
  • found on Meadow Walk
  • contact: 07914 009220 email

Rowley Regis B65
Jessicat found 01 June 2013
  • Jessicat a DSH cat (unsure of sex) with Green eyes
  • Tabby and White, Tabby hat, shoulder pads, saddle and tail
  • Found on Canterbury Close
  • contact: 07828 838769 email

Kings Heath B14
Found 24 April 2012
  • Found a DSH deceased cat.. aprox 7yrs male
  • Mainly Black with White. Black ears, across the eye, White rear paws.
  • Well fleshed, reasonable condition but wet with rain and mud when found  in a garden on Alfred Street
  • was taken to CP Wythall.  left with their vets for 1 week before cremation.
    contact : 01214 441859

Kings Heath B14
'Puss' found July .2011
  • Puss an aprox 4yr old DSH neutered male with Blue eyes
  • Silver Grey Tabby : Silver and Grey with White chest
  • In situe
    Owners or good home needed.

contact: 07814 800842 email

Maypole B14
'Timmy' found August .2011
  • Timmy an aprox 6mth ? old DSH entire male with Yellowish eyes with flecks in them
  • All White, was very skinny
  • Visiting garden on Riversdale Road

contact: 07971 829734 email

Bentley B60
'Alice' found 1.July.2011
  • Alice a Fluffy female Tortie and White / Calico cat
  • Black mark under chin, very friendly.. not chipped

contact: 07894 595684 email

Olton B92
'WhiteSocks' found Nov..2010
  • White Socks an aprox 9-10yr old DSH entire male
  • Black and White : has 4 White feet and a distinctive Black spot on his White face on the right hand side of his nose and a few Grey hairs on his back
  • Found on Shalford Road

contact: 07977 931215 email

Webheath B97
'Shadow' found 23.Sept.2010
  • Shadow aprox 1yr old Fluffy female
  • Longish Black hair (Brown tinge) . Very friendly
  • Cannot take in due to Allergies

contact: 07725 630393 email

Crabs Cross B97
'Cedric' found Oct.2010
  • Cedric a young adult ? neutered male with Green eyes
  • White with Black patches
  • Found on Campden Close

contact: 01527 459085 email

Matchborough B98
'Gold' found 12.Sep.2010
  • Gold a long haired neutered male with Greenish eyes
  • Pale Ginger White chest, partial White on legs. Fur under belly slightly matted, rather thin and extremely hungry.
  • Wearing Silver / Cream flea collar
  • Found on Washford Lane
  • Now in care of local vets.

contact: 01527 503224 email

Solihull B91
RIP 'Peace' found 8.Sep.2010
  • Peace : found in front of 155 Streetsbook road, Solihull sadly deceased.
  • Near Robin Hood crematorium   in situe.
  • A small DSH Black and White cat mainly Black tail
  • No collar.

contact: email

Romsley B62
'Snowy' found May 2010
  • Snowy a Fluffy haired male with Green eyes
  • Pure White, bushy tail.
  • Know he's male because he sprays...getting very thin..we feed him
    but can not get near enough to check anything , sleeping rough in our tree line
  • Found on Fordraught Lane, Dayhouse Bank

contact: 01562 710271 email

Quinton B32
'Scruffy' found May.2010
  • Scruffy an entire long haired male with Green eyes
  • White with Black tail and Black ears and eyes
  • Bit scruffy, not neutered, no chip
  • Found on Simmons Drive

contact: 07855 565429 email

A5 Tamworth B77 ?
'RTA' found 13.Apr.2010
  • Dead cat seen in middle of the road, between two lanes of the A5 going through Tamworth: south-bound carriage-way, heading towards the M42.
  • Black and white.Short haired. Black rear end, Black and White markings on rest of body.
  • Unable to stop due to time and frequency of traffic.,
    contact: email

Halesowen B63
'CAT' found 4.Mar.2010
  • Cat a DSH female with Green / Yellow eyes
  • Black and White : Black tail and back. White nose, belly and paws
  • In good condition
  • Found on Albrighton Road

contact:07983 705905 email

Bromsgrove B61
'Blackcat' found 2.Mar.2010
  • Blackcat DSH not sure of age or sex
  • Appears all Black
  • can't get close enough to sex or check out condition. Does not seem overly thin though.
  • Found on Hillside Drive
    contact: 079732 68154 email

Aston Fields B60
'Bubbles' found 27.Oct.2009
  • Bubbles a DLH cat with Green eyes
  • White Ginger and Black: Black near ears Ginger under eyes on face
  • Not sure of condition, just came to our door and we fed it.
  • Around and about Stoke Road, Aston Fields, comes to anyone in our road.
    contact: 07564 802523 email

Moseley B13
found 25.Oct.2009
  • A young kitten unsure of sex
  • Classic Tabby, White flash down chest front, dark coat with very clear striped lighter markings some Ginger.white paws
    contact: 07792 289122

Hall Green B28
'Princess' found 17 Aug.2009
  • 'Princes' found in the Hall Green area
  • young DSH cat - unsure of sex
  • Tabby and White
    contact: 07527 833 731 email

Catshil B61
'Honey' found 30th jul.2009
  • 'Honey' a DSH adult cat with Yellow / Green eyes
  • Age and sex unsure..
  • White: Mostly white with blobs of tortoise/tabby colouring &
    patterns all over.
  • Very malnourished, skin and bones, Full of fleas & Mites.
    Seemed to be weak but very friendly and loving. Has had a collar as he has a mark around the neck
  • Found on Woodrow Lane.. at present with local vets.
    contact: 07887 954826 email

Halesowen B63
'Queenie' found 12th Jul.2009
  • 'Queenie' a DSH female aprox. 1-2yrs old with Yellow eyes
  • Black : Pure Black shiny coat.
  • RTA. Broken Pelvis but cat seems to have been well cared for.Very
  • Found at Netherton, Dudley. B,
    contact: 01384 350266 email

Acocks Green B27
'Glitter' found 29th Sept.2008
  • 'Glitter' a DSH female with Green eyes
  • White / Ginger / Black
  • In very good condition, well built, not chipped, wears glittery
    pink flea collar
  • Found in the area of Stockfield Road..
    contact: 07894 043576 email

Ladywood B16
'Kitten' found 7th Dec.2008
  • A young aprox 8wk old kitten with Green eyes
  • Brown and White - Tabby with White face and Belly.
    contact: 07916 202621 email

Redditch B98
'White Cat' found c. 19th Sept.2008
  • A White DSH cat at Batterns Drive.. at the same place and is usually there all day just sitting on cars.
  • Has a small cut to its ear looks as if it
    has been in a fight.
    contact: 07854306477 email

Bromsgrove B61
'Straypuss' found early Jun.2008
  • Found in the area of Mallow Drive..
  • A 1-3yr old DSH male with Green eyes
  • White with Black markings on head and back, Black tail
  • In good condition, neutured, not microchipped.
  • update Dec'08
    Hi Straypuss – now named Charliecat is still with us, he’s on a list to be rehomed & has been since August.
contact: 07905 825629 email

Erdington B23

Found 1st Jun.2007

  • A Long Haired Black and White cat entered my garden whilst my dog was out and sadly was caught and killed.
  • Died quickly despite my frantic intervention.
  • No collar, no idea who owns it, and was hot day so gave it a decent burial.
    So so sorry, but there was nothing I could do.
    Contact: MyMoggy

Solihull B91
'Ogen' found  5th Jan.2007
  • White/Tabby Girl About 1 year old
  • Very affectionate No collar
  • Solihull, West Midlands - near Tudor Grange / Alderbrook / St Peters schools
contact: 07970 217188  email

" B "