What Kind of Siamese Cat Do I Have? All 12 Types You Should Know

Your Siamese can be labeled an applehead if it has a stockier build and a very round, apple-like head with a nose that points downward. If it exhibits a lean and athletic physique with prominent upright ears, then you’re looking at the old-style Siamese. Meanwhile, you might be owning the classic version if it’s slightly taller and longer than the old-style.

Above image shows modern wedge Siamese cats in lilac points 

Identifying what kind of Siamese cat you have is a skill among breeders and owners who have been exposed to this said breed. Aside from the types mentioned which we will go about further later, there are also color-pointed Siamese cats that would ultimately complete the cat’s identity. Let’s know what all these are!

4 Basic Siamese Cat Types

In the Siamese family, the categories are broken down into two: the traditional and the modern. Get to know more about your pet by identifying all characteristics of each category and determining which one describes your Siamese cat the most. 

1. Old-Style Siamese

Lanky and medium-sized- those are the main features of the old-style Siamese. He is muscular, a true able-bodied cat with two large ears. One indicator that you’re dealing with the old-style is his slightly longer face and a nose that points upfront.

A true old-style Siamese doesn’t have slitted eyes, but rather the oriental almond-shaped eyes in an attractive blue color. Since Siamese cats come from a hot country, they display a coat that is short and flat with a low percentage of body fat to keep them from overheating.

2. Applehead Siamese

The traditional Applehead Siamese is heavily built with a round face that perfectly complements his body type. The fur is relatively long compared to the other types which make him quite a looker for some. 

There are distinct features we can take note of when we talk about the Applehead Siamese. People refer to him as a big-boned feline with a skull that resembles the shape of an apple, hence its nickname. He has significantly smaller ears and a nose dip from a profile view.

Although appleheads have shorter tails compared to the other types, their long legs make up for it.

3. Classic Siamese

Siamese cats that are leaner, more athletic, and taller are the classic ones. Their bodies are longer and it’s paired with a lengthy tail on their rear. If you put him beside the traditional version, you’d notice that his ears are slightly bigger, the face more pointed, and the nose upturned.

One fascinating fact about the classic Siamese is his tendency to over-groom himself and show more excessive levels of energy than the others. He can also be more demanding when it comes to affection.

4. Modern Wedge Siamese

The modern wedge Siamese boomed in popularity during the 1980s. He’s the result of the selective breeding conducted by several Siamese breeders with the aim to eradicate certain faults common to the breed such as kinked tails and crossed eyes.

True to its name, the cat’s head shape is like a narrow wedge with large ears that are set low on his head. Most would say this version is the most modern and most extreme. He maintains a lean and muscular body with slender legs and a thin tail. The eyes are slanted, a distinctive trait and the nose is widely eminent.

4 Kinds of Color-Pointed Siamese Cats

Once you are ascertained as to what type of Siamese cat you have, the next thing you’d have to know about is its color-point. Knowing the full details would greatly help those who have trouble distinguishing their Siamese cat’s coat color, especially since some shades can be subtle. 

Let’s learn what all the possible coat colors are, but before that, do note that any type of Siamese can acquire any type of color point.

1. Chocolate Point

You can tell immediately that a Siamese cat has chocolate points if its cream-colored base body approaches the extremities such as the tail, legs, face, and ears with a chocolate brown hue that gets darker concerning the same color type on the tips or edges. 

At most times, it can be difficult to distinguish him from the seal-pointed Siamese, but with the help of certain variations or shades, one can correctly spot a chocolate-pointed Siamese.

2. Blue Point

Blue points exhibit a generally cooler tone as they have a bluish-white base and a bluish-gray tone on the points. This is a variant that’s been around for centuries and people give high regard to it.

Just remember that the blue point carries with him points that are mixed with slate and deep blue shades. As he grows older, his coat color will turn darker.

3. Lilac Point

Lilac is third in the Siamese coat color chart. This is a rare-coated Siamese with a white base contrasted by frosty gray points with a hint of pink to it. To exactly label a Siamese as Lilac-y, the points must not appear fawn, blue, or chocolate, but rather show a glacial white coat without shading. 

Lilac-pointed Siamese cats stay light throughout their cat years with paw pads and noses that have a pink twinge.

4. Seal Point 

This is one of the most common color points found in the Siamese breed. The variety would have extremities that are almost black or seal brown. Out of all the natural colors of the breed, seal-pointed Siamese cats have the darkest body color. Technically, a Siamese cat of this category is an all-black feline but due to a genetic mutation, only the extremities reveal the color.

4 Rare Varieties of Siamese Cats

Learning the Siamese breed doesn’t stop after going about its basic color points. There are other more varieties under which your pet may fall into. Let us get to know all varieties!

1. Balinese

Balinese cats and Siamese cats are genetically considered the same breed that has a certain genetic mutation. Balinese cats have coveted features which include silky medium-long fur with the typical color-points of the Siamese, and a tail that’s described to be feathery.

2. Flame Point

In some registries, flame-pointed Siamese cats are not recognized. Due to how rare they are, some don’t even believe they exist as the same breed. Typically the points are in light creamy orange and pink with plumed tails resembling a flame.

3. Tonkinese

Tonkinese cats are a mix of Siamese and Burmese cats. They are not particularly desirable hence why they are quite low on numbers. Their coats are medium in length with color patterns that may come in champagne, mink, and blue.

4. Foreign White

You might think that an all-white Siamese cat suffers from albinism, but in most cases, this is just caused by its lineage, therefore, he isn’t blind nor deaf. This ivory-pointed cat has mesmerizing blue eyes with literally no prominent colors or markings other than white. This breeding stock was created in the 1960s in the Scintilla Cattery. 

Fun fact, underneath the ivory coat, is the Siamese color points. The long coat conceals the prestigious mark of a true Siamese breed.