What Does a Siamese Cat Eat? A Detailed Guide to Feeding

Siamese cats don’t require a special type of diet. They are not very picky either. They would definitely eat dry or wet food just like any other breed. Since cats are naturally carnivores, they would appreciate meat more than anything else. If there’s something they highly favor, that would be cooked turkey or ham, and don’t forget about treats!

In the market, various cat foods are easily available for owners who don’t have time to prepare their pet’s food. Commercial cat foods are the most convenient, but at the same time, not all of them guarantee complete and balanced nutrition. To ensure that your Siamese cat gets the most out of his daily meals, every pet parent must know and apply the principles on what a Siamese needs to consume daily and how much must be put in his favorite food bowl.

The Ideal Diet of a Siamese Cat

Siamese cats thrive better when fed the right amount of dry, wet, homemade, or fresh food daily. Being meticulous regarding the nutritional value each meal gives will help support this Thai breed’s physical and mental needs.  Siamese and Russian Blue cats have similar dietary needs and can generally be fed the same type of high-quality cat food.

Sometimes, some owners tend to overindulge their pets, but this shouldn’t be the case with the Siamese cat. He has to develop the right lean muscle mass instead of collecting excessive amounts of fat, just like how the Siamese cat below looks like while being given a treat:

To achieve the ideal proportion and growth of a Siamese, make sure the following are added to his diet:


Since Siamese cats are an extremely energetic breed, providing them with carbohydrates will fuel them during their whole day of play. Carbohydrates are essential for the building blocks of other nutrients and for keeping the body warm. The whole meal must be 36% carbohydrates.


A developing Siamese kitten needs protein for his growth. This is also responsible for improving the feline’s overall immune system as well as helping the flourishing of the claws, fur, muscles, and skin. Protein can be found in different meat products like chicken, beef, fish, and turkey. Generally, a meal should consist of at least 28% meat.


Fat drives the Siamese cat’s body to produce hormones like estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone. With enough of it, the cat is granted twice the amount of energy compared to protein. Good fats also promote the absorption of vitamins A, D, E, and K. Sunflower, oil, coconut oil, and fish oil are just a few of the recommended fats for cats. Add in 21% of fat to his total meal.


Minerals are responsible for good bones and teeth. Other things minerals do are nutrient utilization, enzyme formation, pH balance, and oxygen transportation. The essential minerals needed would be calcium, phosphorus, iron, sodium, chloride, potassium, and magnesium, all of which should be 6% of your cat’s daily intake.


Provide only 3% of fiber for your Siamese cat. Its major benefit is to improve the overall digestion of the feline. This is the only carbohydrate that is not digested in the gastrointestinal tract, but rather provides bulk to keep the food moving down the rectum.


Grant your Siamese cat an unbeatable immune system by giving him vitamins that may come in the form of fruits or supplements. At least 2% is needed to help cell repair, food conversion to energy, and improve wound healing.

The Amount of Food a Siamese Cat Should Eat per Day

Since every Siamese cat undergoes different stages in life, the amount of food he needs would also vary. Now that you know what a typical Siamese consumes, here is how much would be required for his continuous growth.

Newborn Kittens (0-4 weeks)

Newborn kittens are fed by their mother, so there is no need for your intervention. In cases where he is rejected, bottle feeding would be the alternative. For every ounce of the cat’s body weight, 8ml of milk is recommended.

Kittens (4-8 weeks)

This is when you slowly wean the Siamese kitten. Start on the first week of this stage and slowly introduce 1 part of dry food which is complemented by 3 parts of the milk. Gradually increase the amount of dry food every week and lower that of the milk. This will help the cat become prepared for solid food.

Adolescent Stage (2-12 months)

Siamese kittens will start becoming hungry all the time. They are developing rapidly from adolescence to adulthood. These are the times when you have to feed them often for around 3 to 4 times. Consult your vet regarding the amount to make sure they don’t become obese or underweight.

The moment the Siamese kitten approaches his first year, start lowering the number of his meals in a day from four to just two.

Top Food Brands of Dry Cat Food for Your Siamese

Wondering what commercial food brands to go for when it comes to your Siamese cat’s meals? Note that not all that’s being advertised is good for your pet’s health. With that, we have highlighted a few top picks that are worth considering should you go grocery shopping for your little feline:

  • Purina ONE Tender Selects Blend. Purina ONE is made from real chicken, high in protein content to help support strong muscles. This is one of the brands recommended by veterinarians due to how high its quality is. It is packed with all the needed nutrients with Omega-6 fatty acids and zero filler content.
  • IAMS Proactive Health Hairball Care. This is certified nutrient-rich cat food with high contents of chicken perfect for Siamese cats that need great amounts of energy to spend the whole day playing. The perk with this food is it helps in controlling your cat’s shedding so you won’t have to find hairballs on the carpet anymore. It contains other needed fatty acids too for soft, shiny coats.

Top Food Brands of Wet Cat Food for Your Siamese

  • Sheba Perfect Portions Cuts. Your Siamese would love having a soft, delectable portion of wet cat food like this from Sheba. Guaranteed, there will be nothing left in the can! Don’t worry yourself about artificial flavors and preservatives, because Sheba is committed to producing high-quality food for all the felines out there.
  • Hartz Delectables Stew Lickable Wet Cat Treat. Although this passes off merely as a treat, you shouldn’t shy away from purchasing loads of this. Motivate your Siamese cat to be active, social, and playful through this cat food that is beyond tasty! It has nutritious and flavorful ingredients approved by many pet parents.

Can I Give My Siamese Cat a Home-Cooked Meal?

Of course, you can! You can either boil or grill turkey, ham, chicken, or cod and add in supplements and fruits to balance your cat’s diet. A raw diet is possible provided you follow a certain guideline. Talk to your vet to properly administer this and he can also assess your cat’s health status, age, energy level, metabolism rate, and more which he will put into account before ultimately recommending the right proportions of food for his daily meals.