What Kind of Cat Has White Paws? 10 Remarkable Cats With White Socks.

If you are unsure of how many breeds of cats there are globally, then we’ve got 100 and more with different characteristics and appearances. In fact, there are these groups of black and white cats that are known because they are strikingly bicolor. They were particularly called Tuxedo Cat because the shades of white coat are in view on the chest, bellies, and paws, similar to a formal outfit tuxedo.

Generally, tuxedo cats have white paws. Others call it socks or boots and are particularly popular with Cat owners worldwide. The most notable bi-color coat of cats is listed in this article.

1. Mainecoon

This breed of Cat is from Maine, and they are in general mousers and farm cats in the 19th Century. In addition, these breeds are one of the biggest and longest cats. They could grow about four feet long and weigh 9-17 pounds. 

The Mainecoon also soared high due to its wonderful coat. It has a two-layered coat and has longer guard rails. They appear to be very fluffy and muscular on the outside. It’s easy to think that they are the heaviest when picked up. Furthermore, they have 84 colors and patterns in total. 

Because it has different Color Variations, this breed also produced a Tuxedo Cat. The Bi-color Mainecoon is quite popular. Have you remembered Mrs. Norris in Harry Potter? Yes, it is a tuxedo Mainecoon called Pebbles.

Photo from (nicolette_erkelens)

2. Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex has this curly coat that makes them different from other breeds. The origin of this Cat is in Cornwall, England, and the first Cornish is born from the litter of kittens owned by Mrs. Ennismore. 

The Cornish Rex has its known cat coat and color too. It was similar to lamb wool which is curly and soft. They don’t have an outer coat, and the hair is shorter and with curls. At the same time, the Coat patterns of Cornish Rex are either tabby patterns, color point, and bi-color. 

The Tuxedo Cornish Rex looks good in appearance because of their slender body and their long legs. In addition, the black and white color suits this cat breed as well as its white paws.

Photo from (lu.and.co)

3. Manx Cat

This is a tailless breed and has a dog-like personality. Manx came from the Isle of Man and because of Mutation. It resulted in their tail-less appearance, they may have a tiny tail, but they generally look without a tail. 

Manx has muscular bodies, and they are heavily boned. In addition, their coat is shorter, but it is a double coat making this cat look denser and chunky.

Another thing is that Manx cats come in all coat colors and patterns. Though, the white specimen is rare for this breed. And their version of tuxedo cats also looks clean-cut alongside its white paws.

Photo from (sebbys_gonna_get_ya)

4. Munchkin

Cat owners should note that this breed has short-legged than other cats because of genetic mutations as the years passed. In fact, they are an original breed of dwarf cats that makes them look cuter breeds. The origin of this cat was from the cat kept by Sarah Hochenedel that she adopted, and it resulted in short-legged kittens.

The munchkin cats come in all coat colors. They can have either long hair, shorter hair, or can be hairless at times. Further, the shorter-haired munchkin has medium-density coats, while longer hairs have silky coats. In addition, the most popular coat patterns for this cat are tabby, solid black, and tuxedo.

Because they are low on the ground, the white socks look good and cute for this breed. 

Photo from (nina.bo.bina_)

5. Oriental Shorthair

The Oriental Shorthair has a svelte body that is closely related to Siamese cats. However, they only have similarities on heads and Legs. This breed represents many breeds, but the very foundation of this breed is the Siamese Cats.

Furthermore, Oriental Shorthair has wide variations of the coat. There are a total of 300 color combinations for this breed. And it does produce what we called Fel D1 protein that actually triggers cat allergies. 

Because this type of breed can produce many color combinations and there’s no limit to its coat variations, then a tuxedo also appears on this breed. 

Photo from (hercules_small_but_mighty)

6. Scottish Fold 

What is unique about this cat breed is that it has a folded ear. In fact, this owl-like appearance was caused by the natural-gene mutation that causes them to have problems with the cartilage. Thus, it leads to their ears being folded down on their face. 

The Scottish Fold has a dense coat, and they can also produce Bi-color coats. This breed is short or long-haired, which makes them so fluffy and loved by many because of their owl-like appearance.

These breeds are the cutest because of the combined appearance of a folded-ear and a snow-like shoe called the white paws.

Photo from (kobe_stormi)

7. Persian

Persian are popular breeds, especially the white ones. Cat owners mostly prefer them. However, a tuxedo cat can also appear in this breed. Due to this breed’s appearance, it was favored by Queen Victoria in the 19th century. Also, Persian cats were brought to Europe around the year 1626. 

Obviously, Persian breeds are long-haired cats, and they have a round face. They have a  charming feature on the outside and a very quiet and affectionate personality on the inside. 

The Solid White Colour of Persians is quite highly prized because it is not easy to achieve this color on their part. Like other cat breeds, Persian cats also have a wide variety of coat colors. It can be solid blue, red, black, blue, and cream. Plus silver tabby, classic Tabby, Calico, Tuxedo, and a lot more. 

Photo from (peppertuxie)

8. Siberian Cat

Siberian Cats have semi-long haired coats in which they need for winter days to survive from the cold. Siberian Cats originated from Russia and became popular in the US in the year 1990.

Siberian cats are powerful cats built to jump and be active. They have large muscular bodies, round paws, and they are triple-coated cat breeds.

Brown Tabby was considered the most popular pattern of this breed. Although, they also come from different patterns. Siberian cats also have white patches on their chest and bellies, making them tuxedo cats with white paws.

Photo from (possiblygenuine)

9. Turkish Angora

Turkish Angora is a natural breed of cats that originated in Turkey and the Angara region. In fact, Persian cats are mutations from Turkish Angora Cat breeds and happened because of the British and American Fanciers.

The Turkish Angora was just white before; however, they now have bi-color patterns due to mutations. Furthermore, Turkish Angora has long and silky coats. They can also be Tabby, Tabby-white, White with chocolate brown colors. This Turkish Angora is medium-sized and has a slender body.

Photo from (oreo_couplecats)

10. Moggies

Moggies are a mix of domestic Cat breeds. These breeds are commonly found in shelters, and this cat is a perfect breed to adopt. They may not have a formal pedigree for Cats, but they can be very loving and affectionate cats.

This cat comes in various coat colors because they are mixed with everything, and what’s good about it is that they have minimal health issues. 

Moggies is a word from the British which is called “House Cat” or Alley Cats.

Photo from (moggiescatrescue)

Cats proved to be one of the gorgeous pets to have, and they have proven how wonderful they can produce a beautiful coat color that makes them cute and lovable. Like dogs, cat owners love to explore coat colors, and some love certain bi-color features. The breeds listed above can produce bi-color coats and white paws in which you can ask your local pet store if they have a tuxedo cat for you.