Top Nine Least Affectionate Cat Breeds: Characteristic & Traits.

Most people in the World believe that cats are all affectionate, clingy, and lazy. Unfortunately, that is not the case! Why? Because there are tons of different characteristics, traits, and personalities in every cat breed. Are you planning to own one? Then, allow this article to list down all the least affectionate Cat Breeds in the World.

List of Least Affectionate Cats

Here are the least affectionate Cat Breeds. You might reconsider owning these cats if you have loud children and constantly inviting strangers around the house.

1.American Wirehair

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American Wirehair is a cat breed that originated in New York, and this breed is still considered a rare cat breed.

It has a muscular, medium-sized body, strong jaws, and broad chest, making this Cat appear thick and round. You will see on the outside that it is a heavy cat, and true enough, American Wirehairs typically weigh 8-12 pounds. American Wirehair has coarse and thick hair that is wiry on the outside and even though they are short-haired, it usually grows in winter for added warmth.

The temperament of American Wirehair is defined as “laidback” because they are content to play independently given that they have toys. This Cat breed is perfect for owners with busy schedules, for this breed is not hyper and not demanding for human attention. They are pretty independent but intelligent and loving.Important thing about this breed is that they are not noisy and perfect for human owners in the apartment.


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Unique coat patterns are what make this Cat breed distinct. It was similar to cheetahs markings that are strikingly beautiful and rare to the eyes. The origin for this unique and recognizable Bengal wiggly coat pattern is the fact that this breed is a crossbreed of Asian Leopard and a domestic cat accidentally happened in California around 1963.

A Bengal cat usually weighs 15 pounds and more, sits on a medium-large size body, and has broad ears and almond-shaped eyes. Their coats are silky, short, and the only cats with a coat color of golden and pearl glitter.

This breed, due to its wild origins, is very energetic, vocal, and highly intelligent. They can be very independent as well because of their curious nature. Bengal are not lap cats and are defined as the least affectionate, however  they show their love to their owners by being active and playful.


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The sleek jet-black coat of this Cat is what makes this cat breed panther-like. The Bombay cats are a mixed breed of Sable Burmese and American Shorthair to create a “mini panther.” 

The recognizable appearance of this Cat is its black coat, copper eyes, rounded heads, and muscular bodies. The coat is short and very easy to maintain. The standard weight for Bombay cats is around 6-11 pounds.

Bombay is considered a rare cat, and it’s best to do your research when planning to own one. Its personality is quiet and relaxed. They are very sensitive to noises. Thus, they are not close to children due to their loud voices. This breed is not great for the outdoors and they are considered least affectionate for they are sensitive to noises.


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Cymric is recognizable because it is tailless. It was definitely from a North American Breed. Manx produced this long-haired Cat.

This cat breed is heavy, and its appearance is round, stocky, and bulky. Its medium-sized body has a rounded head, and Cymric has long hair that makes them look dense. 

Cymric has a dog-like personality as they love to growl and play fetch. Their moderate personality is aloof and quiet, especially to strangers, dogs, and children. Thus, this Cat is least affectionate among others.


5.Egyptian Mau

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Egyptian Mau is an Egyptian breed from Maine Coon, Korat, and American Turkish Angoras based on the feline genome data published on Pentascope. However, Jean Mill has minor contributions to the breed as well.

The Egyptian Mau is sporting a medium-sized muscular body, triangle-shaped head, and almond eyes. The Cat has a noticeable spotted coat that makes it striking. This mau (Egyptian word for Cat) weighs an average of five to eleven pounds. The feline breed has an intelligent and friendly personality to the owners; however, it is wary of strangers. 

This domestic cat breed is considered least affectionate because they are not friendly to strangers. In addition, this cat breed is intense, for they don’t like others to touch their toys and will growl at them.


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Korat is a magnificent blue-silver-haired Cat that is an ancient breed from Thailand. The pictures of this Cat were portrayed in the book called Si-Sawat. It is a book about cats in the (1350-1767) period. The Cat was still not known until a couple was gifted with two beautiful coat cats that symbolize good fortune. 

Korats has beautiful green eyes aside from its fancy fur coats. In terms of body appearance, Korat has a heart-shaped head, large ears, and a shorter single jacket. They also have innocent looks on their face. The cat breed weighs an average of six to ten pounds.

Their feline behavior is considered dominating because Korats wants to be in charge of dogs, cats, or their human family. Also, Korats can be stuck up; most probably, one of the traits that makes them least affectionate is that they prefer their own kind. Despite that cat behavior, Korats are affectionate breeds to their owners. In addition, they are sensitive to loud noises, and they are passive to children. Korats are also vocal breeds that will voice out when he does not get his way.

7. Siamese

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Siamese cat breeds have an Asian origin. This active cat breed is a mutation from Asia 500 years ago. It was in the 19th century that this breed made its way to the West and was recognized.

Siamese has  its long body, slim legs, and tiny long head. It is a friendly breed to its owners, and this cat breed is very energetic.

Unfortunately, this cat breed has aggressive tendencies, and they are very territorial. They are identified as mean and disinterested when undergoing hormonal change, or they are starving.



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These naughty and playful cats are originated in Toronto, Canada. The origin of this breed happened because a domestic cat gave birth to an almost hairless kitten. 

They are notable for their hairless coat, wrinkled skin, and large ears. Sphynx has a medium-sized, muscular body, long slim legs, triangle head, and wide eyes. The average weight for this cat breed is 8-15 pounds. 

The sphinx is a vocal breed. They are energetic and acrobatic and love to be the center of attention. This cat breed is brilliant and is perfect to be an indoor pet. They are less affectionate, but this breed is the friendliest. They were not a cuddly cat breed, but they are fun to be around the house.


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Singapura is the smallest cat breed in the world. The origin of this Cat from the name itself is in Singapore. It was imported to the states by Tommy Meadows in 1975. All Singapuras are originated from his breeding program.

This small Cat has large eyes and ears, a blunt tail, and a ticked coat. The color of this breed only comes in a sepia-toned coat with bands of dark hair. The average weight range of this Cat is ranging from 4-9 pounds. 

Even though Singapuras are small cats, they have high energy levels. They are mischievous and highly intelligent breeds. Frequently they are curious about a lot of things and will go out of their way to explore. This cat breed loves to be the center of attention to their favorite humans. Nevertheless, Singapura does not like loud noise. Loud noises are one of the reasons they are least affectionate, for they are sensitive to noises. It’s best to always consider if the Cat is wary of noise before owning one.

These are the ten least affectionate cat breeds in the World. But, before you judge these breeds, you must also consider why they are acting that way and try to be more understandable as a cat owner. You can always win your Cat’s heart by providing more treats, yummy food, creative, playful time, and cuddling them more. Remember, they are not necessarily unaffectionate to you. It’s just that these breeds are the least to become lap cat breeds in your home.