What Is a White Persian Cat Called: Everything You Need to Know About the Coat Patterns and Colors of This Feline

White Persian cats are called Chinchilla silver cats. These cats’ fur is white but tipped with black. They’re known for their elegant looks, sweet personalities, and long lives.

If you’re interested in owning one, check out reputable breeders with a wide selection of white Persian cats for sale. Ask about their health and temperament and the cat’s genetic history.

Persian Cat Coat Patterns and Colors

Many cat breeds come in different colors and coat patterns, but white Persians are perhaps the most popular. However, not all white Persians have pure white fur – some might have a light cream or even a yellow coat.

White Persians are one of the rarest colors of Persian cats. As such, they are highly sought after by cat lovers everywhere. Expect to pay around $500 – 1,800 for a white Persian kitten, and prices increase as they get older and more valuable.

Most white Persians will have solid colors except for their eyes and face, which may be some combination of white, black, chocolate brown, green, or blue-gray, depending on the litter born that particular year.

Breeders who specialize in whites use registered breeding practices (RBP) which guarantees consistent results in producing kittens with this coloration.

Solid Color Division of Persian Cats


Unlike the case of most animals, white cats aren’t albino. They have a very light-colored coats. And like all other cat breeds, they’re prone to health problems and require regular vet care.

If you’re looking for a white cat, your best bet is to adopt one from a shelter or rescue group rather than buy one privately. You will be helping out animals in need and getting a healthy kitten that won’t require as much grooming as some other cat breeds!


There are many reasons why black Persian cats are so popular among pet owners. However, the Persian breed is your best bet if you’re looking for an all-black cat. They are brilliant and playful and make great house pets – perfect for people who want a cat that isn’t too demanding regarding attention paid to them.


Blue Persians cats have a rare and beautiful blue coat that is often dominant. So if you’re thinking about getting a blue Persian kitten, it’s important to remember that these cats come in different shades – some kittens will have more blue than others.

However, no matter your cat’s shade, it will show through. Moreover, Persian breeders consider the color to be one of the main attractions of their breed – meaning there is always demand for them!


Red Persians are the most popular color for their beautiful fur and playful nature. They are called so because these cats have redder coats than other Persian breeds. They have the richest color palette with several shades of ruby, sherry, copper, gold, and bronze in their fur coat.


Cream cats are famous, and many like their long fur and warm personalities. They come in different varieties, including creamy white. Like white Persians, cream Persians also have a coat that is quite dense. So it’s essential to keep your cat groomed to keep it free from hairballs.

Silver and Golden Division

Both silver and golden cats have all the same personality traits and needs, just differing in color! So if you’re considering getting a cat, it’s important to research which division your feline friend falls under to get one compatible with your lifestyle.

Remember to consider how different colors reflect different energy levels, too- if you’re looking for an active cat, go for a gold Persian; if you prefer a calmer cat, choose a silver Persian!

Chinchilla Silver

Chinchilla silver cats are beautiful and popular pets with a long history that dates back to ancient times. They are known as white Persian cats because of their color and pattern – a mix of white, black, brown, greys, and other colors.

The Chinchilla silver is an excellent pet for people who have allergies to other cats or dogs; it doesn’t shed much fur. Instead, it is medium-sized with a long tail and triangular ears. Its coat can be either short or long, which makes it suitable for various weather conditions.

Shaded Silver

Shaded silver Persians come in various colors, including white, shaded silver, black charcoal, and chocolate brown. Some other colors you may see include lilac and ginger.

Chinchilla Golden

Chinchilla Golden is a white Persian cat with chocolate brown markings on its back, sides, and belly. They are famous for their beautiful coloration, gentle temperament, and long life span.

Tabby Division of Persian Cats


There are many exciting cat breeds, and one of them is the brown tabby. They’re friendly cats that make great house pets as they’re very active and playful. Brown tabby cats have a distinctive appearance due to their markings.


While there are other color variants of this breed (such as tortoiseshells and calicos), blue tabbies are by far the rarest. So if you’re looking for a pretty cat always getting compliments, you’ll want to get one of these beauties!


Cream tabby cats are a beautiful breed of cat that comes in different divisions, such as tuxedo, tortie, and more. They have stripes all over their body and are known for their sleekness and grace.

Blue Silver

Blue Silver Tabby cats are among the most popular cat breeds and come in various colors. They have long tails, slim bodies, big eyes, and friendly personalities – making them perfect for families who want an active cat.

These cats are known for their ability to jump high and their agility in climbing trees – making them great pets for those who love spending time outdoors. Due to their active nature, they need lots of playtime – which you will appreciate!