What Is the Rarest Persian Cat Color: List of Persian Cat Colors

If you’re looking for a Persian cat different from the rest, consider looking into solid-color division Persian cats. These cats have a genetic mutation that gives them a solid color coat instead of the traditional spotted coat. Although these cats are rare, they make wonderful companions and are worth considering if you’re in the market for a Persian cat.

Solid Color Division


Red is one of the rarest Persian cat colors. It is impossible to get a red Persian by breeding two other colors together – you will always get a yellow or black Persian. Only intentional breeders who are selective about their breeding can produce red Persians. If you are lucky enough to own a red Persian, make sure you take care of it properly – it is one of the most valuable cats in the world!


The cream is a color seldom seen in Persian cats, and when it does appear, it can fetch a high price. It is thought that this color emerged when there was a cross-breeding between two other colors – black and orange tabby. As demand for cream Persians increases, so does the price tag! You’re likely to be disappointed if you are looking for an all-white cat or one with any other specific color.

Silver and Golden Division


Chinchilla silver is the perfect option if you are looking for a rare and unique cat that is also affectionate. This color is only seen in about 1 in every 10,000 Persians, making it one of the most sought-after cats on the market. Solid colors are the most popular among chinchilla silver owners – they come in any color you can imagine!

However, if you’re seeking something truly unique, be sure to check out this breed. For example, only registered chinchillas with blue eyes and a pure white coat may be called ‘silver.’

Shaded Silver

Shaded silver is a color that you can find only in Persians. It falls just shy of black and is quite rare, making it sought-after by collectors. If you are lucky enough to own a shade of this color, cherish it!

Chinchilla Golden

If you’re looking for a Persian cat that stands out from the crowd, then the golden chinchilla color might be what you are looking for. These cats are usually found in this specific color range, and if you’re lucky enough to find one, it is worth keeping! However, beware of imitations – not all Persians with solid colors are genuine chinchilla golden cats! So make sure to do your research before making a purchase.

Tabby Division

Brown Tabby

Brown tabby cats are one of the most popular colors and come in various shades. They’re also considered rarer than other colors, so it’ll be harder to find if you’re looking for one. Brown tabbies have a pleasant appearance with their tawny coloration and markings that can vary widely depending on the individual cat’s genetics.

Blue Tabby

Blue tabby Persians are one of the rarest Persian cat colors, and they are worth looking out for if you’re interested in owning a feline friend. They have beautiful blue fur, and these cats have a distinct bluish-grey tinge.

Since blue tabby Persians aren’t as ordinary as other colors, be prepared to pay quite a bit for one – significantly since their rarity increases demand even more! However, if you’re lucky enough to find one – take your chance! They make great companions and deserve all the love and care you can give them!

Cream Tabby

The cream tabby is one of the rarest cat colors and has a distinctive look. Its auburn fur with creamy spots on its body makes it extremely pretty, while its gentle nature makes it an ideal family pet. They’re also very active cats and can be fun to play with.

Lilac Tabby

If you have a Persian cat with a light color on its chest and tail, it is a lilac tabby. If your Persian cat has dark stains on its chest and bottom, it is calico tabby. And tortoiseshell tabby cats only exist if their coat colors are different from the other two types – any other color combination will be considered as common black Persian tabbies or ragdolls.

Cameo Tabby and Cream Cameo Tabby

Cameo tabby cats are a rare Persian cat breed with a beautiful black, tortoiseshell, and white coloration. These kitties have cream-colored bodies with black stripes running down their back and sides. They are active cats requiring plenty of exercise, so make sure you have enough space for them to run around!

Silver Tabby

If you’re lucky enough to find a silver tabby cat, don’t hesitate. They are one of the rarest Persian cat colors and can be quite striking when contrasted against other Persians. However, take your time as they are not easy to come by – and if you find one, expect it to cost a pretty penny! Still, if you have the money and love for an unusual cat color, go ahead and buy yourself a silver tabby!

Parti-Color Division


Tortoiseshell cats are a beautiful and rare color variation of Persian cats, usually light brown or tan, with black speckles on their back and chest. If you’re looking for a tortoiseshell Persian cat, you may need help finding one – they are less common than some other colors. However, if you do manage to find one, don’t hesitate – they make great pets and family members!


If you’re a fan of blue eyes and cream fur, you’ll love owning a Persian cat! These furry bundles of joy are particularly fond of blue colors, something that is due to a mutation in their genes. As for the litter-making process itself – it’s like every other breed out there.

However, only one litter of blue-cream Persians was born in the world, thus making them quite rare. So if you’re lucky enough to own one, make sure you cherish it and take good care of it!

Chocolate Tortoiseshell

Chocolate tortoiseshell Persians are one of the rarest cat colors and can be quite a challenge to find. If you find one, be prepared to pay a high price tag – parti-color tortoiseshells are usually relatively light in color with dark striping down their back.

Make sure you ask your breeder if they have any chocolate tortoiseshell Persians available for sale, as these cats are viral, and breeders often struggle to keep them in stock.


Lilac-cream Persians are one of the rarest cat colors, and they’re worth searching for if you’re lucky enough to own one. Although these cats can be found in a few countries, finding one is still quite challenging – so don’t give up hope! If you happen to stumble upon a lilac-cream Persian cat, make sure you cherish your new friend and take good care of them.

Calico and Bicolor Division

Persian cats come in various colors, but the rarest color is calico. These cats are also viral among pet owners, so be prepared to find one for sale soon. If you’re looking for a cat different from the rest, go for a bicolor Persian. These include tabbies and macaws. Be sure to research your chosen cat before buying it – there may be fewer of them available than you think. Persians are a loving breed and make great pets, so don’t miss out on this rare breed!

Dilute Calico

Dilute calico Persians are some of the most unique-looking cats around. They are born with a patchwork of different colors all over their body, and as they grow, their color will gradually lighten up until it becomes one color – usually white or tabbies. Since these cats are pretty rare, owning one can be expensive!

Aside from being visually stunning, diluted calico Persians also have many other characteristics that make them unique. For example, they’re gentle by nature and great for families with children. So if you’re looking for a different cat but still cuddly and fun-loving, dilute calico is the breed for you!

Chocolate Calico and Lilac Calico

Chocolate calico and Lilac calico Persians are the rarest cat colors out there. They come in both sexes, and each color has its distinct personality. Although they share some common traits, chocolate calico and lilac calico Persians are still unique cats whose quirks set them apart from other Persian cats.


Bicolor is a mutation of the calico gene that produces two distinct colors instead of one. They can be tabbies or tortoises, and their color pattern is unique from other Persians. Bicolor usually has patches on different body parts containing tabbies or tortoises, making them multi-colored.

Smoke and White

Persian cats are among the most popular cat breeds in the world and for a good reason. They come in various colors and variations, making them perfect for anyone looking for a truly unique pet. Among calico Persians (the second-rarest cat color) and bicolor Persians (the most common), smoke Persians stand out as being particularly interesting.

These cats have patches of solid colors, making them different from other Persians in appearance and personality. So if you’re interested in owning a Persian cat but need to decide which breed to choose, then consider Smoke Persian variants, as they offer an excellent mix of rarity, distinctness, and popularity!

Smoke and Shaded Division

Shell Cameo Persian Cat

There is a color of Persian cat that is very rare and quite different from the tortoiseshell pattern. It most commonly appears on white cats with patches of tawny coloring around their eyes and muzzle, giving them a smokey overlay similar to tortoiseshell markings.

Although it’s not often seen in Persians, those who do have it are highly coveted by breeders due to its rarity. But, as fakes frequently surface pretending to be shell cameo cats, be cautious when looking for one – don’t let your heart get too caught up!

Shaded Cameo Persian Cat

If you’re ever in the market for a cat with a unique color, make sure to take advantage of shaded cameo Persian cats! These lovely felines are as rare as they come and worth looking for. Here’s all you need to know about this color: The smoke gene is responsible for its distinctive coloring, which is extremely rare.

Shaded Cream Persian Cat

Shaded cream Persians are among the most beautiful Persian cat colors; unfortunately, they’re among the rarest. This color is only available through specific breeders who specialize in this color. So if you’re looking for a shaded cream Persian cat, your best bet would be to contact these breeders instead of searching for one.

Tortoiseshell Smoke Persian Cat

If you’re looking for a cat with an exciting color combination, the tortoiseshell smoke Persian is worth considering. These cats boast black and tortoiseshell colors, making them one of the more popular breed choices.

However, make sure only to get one if you are set on this color – not every cat advertised as tortoiseshell smoke represents this specific coat pattern. Furthermore, be very careful when selecting a tortoiseshell-smoke Persian kitten – don’t let anyone push you into getting a cat that isn’t healthy or well-groomed!

Chocolate Smoke Persian Cat

Chocolate Smoke Persians are one of the rarest colors out there, and it is getting harder to find them. If you find a Chocolate Smoke Persian, ensure you get them as soon as possible! These cats come in all different shades and patterns – some are smokey, while others are more lightly shaded. Don’t forget that Chocolate Smoke Persians need much love and care, so choose your partner wisely!

Lilac Smoke Persian Cat

Lilac smoke Persians are worth looking out for. So if you’re lucky enough to find one, don’t let it go! Beware that lilac smokes may be a little more aggressive than other Persian cats, so get someone to help protect you if you decide to take him home. And last but not least, watch out for these beauties, as they might soon be gone forever!

Chocolate Tortoiseshell Smoke Persian Cat

If you’re looking for a genuinely unique Persian cat, chocolate tortoiseshell is the color for you! This stunning color is a mix of black, chocolate, and light brown – giving it that beautiful tortoiseshell appearance. Scarce color and comes in both parents with a smoke gene variant- so you can be sure to get your hands on one if you’re lucky enough!