What Cat Breeds Are Talkative? 10 of the Most Vocal One

Talkative cat breeds exist, and these cats are considered to be chatty, loud, and demanding. Felines have reasons why they meow so much, and as a responsible owner, you have to listen to their voices. Whatever it may be the reason, you still have to tend to them and not pick another cat because the existing one has a talkative behavior.

However, if you are planning to own a specific cat and you want to find out if they belong to the chatty breeds, then you have to read the listed felines that can either annoy you or make you smile.

The feline breeds listed here are the ones considered talkative. So let’s start with the most talkative one.

Photo from: (siamese_dream_shadow)

Siamese Cat breeds are the ones that have lighter bodies but have their face, paws, ears, and tail colored darker. These cats have muscular, long bodies, leaned legs, large almond-shaped eyes, oval feet, and lash-like tails. Their lifespan is around 15-20 years old. 

What’s exciting about Siamese Cats is that they are highly intelligent breeds. They are friendly to other people and very talkative and engaging. You will notice a deep, loud voice coming from them while they talk or, shall we say, constantly meow to you.

They are great companions when you live alone because they have a dog-like personality that loves to play. You can give them lots of toys, and they can play fetch with you too. Nevertheless, Siamese cats shouldn’t be left alone for too long because they can bring havoc to your place. 

Because they are talkative breeds, they will use it to become the center of attention and for you to play and make time.

Photo from: (faetoncattery)

This cat breed belongs to talkative breeds, probably because of its oriental heritage. Oriental shorthairs are felines that are closely related to Siamese cats, thus acquiring a chatty behavior.

These cats have short coats, glossy hair, triangle-shaped face, svelte, muscular body, pointy ears, and almond-shaped eyes like Siamese cats. Both Siamese and oriental shorthair are closely similar; they are both intelligent, curious, and talkative. 

Oriental shorthair loves to talk to its owner, and they produce cat sounds that are loud and deep. Unfortunately, these breeds can’t be left alone, for they will create damage to your place. They are affectionate breeds that will ask to play with you by being talkative and loud.

Photo from: (bengal_catsworld)

The exotic Bengal loves to talk aside from being a smooth furry cat with spotted and marbled coat patterns. They have darker coat patterns than the jaguar, and they have a lighter color on the tummies, which is similar to their wild cat origins.

Bengal cats are thought to be dangerous and wild; however, it is not correct, for Bengal cats are obedient and loving cats. In fact, because of their wild cat origins, they can be very active, loud, and vocal to their owners.

Furthermore, Bengal cats always demand attention, and they do it through loud cat sounds to their owner. They can be very talkative, especially if the Bengal finds you friendly and comfortable with you.

Photo from: (kapitan.mainecoon)

Mainecoons are the largest domestic cat breed in North America. And yes, they are very vocal cat breeds. However, they are sweetest due to their soft meows. They are not only the most enormous cat breed but also huge in their loving personality.

They are the talkative breed that has fluffy hairs and coat patterns. In addition, Mainecoons are very obedient to their owners, and because of their conversational behavior, they love to socialize with strangers. Mainecoons are obedient when called too. On top of that, you will find them spending time with the family and other pets. 

Photo from: (tanabocchan)

Oriental breeds like Japanese Bobtail have a playful nature and symbolize good luck and fortune in Japan. They are notable because of their Bobtail that looks more like a rabbit’s tail than a cat’s tail. Despite being a bobtail, these felines are affectionate and loving. 

Japanese Bobtails have triangle heads, large upright ears, a lean medium size body, and oval paws. In addition, they have silky coats and medium-length hair. Moreover, Japanese Bobtails are an Intelligent breed. They love water and have a playful nature. 

They belong to the vocal cat breeds, but the good thing is that they communicate through soft chirping meows that are never a yowl. In addition, they love children and be with their human family because of their talkative nature. Loyalty and a great companion are what you will find while living with a Japanese Bobtail.

Photo from: (burma_elcorazon_cattery)

Burmese Cats have round paws, a stocky body, upright pointed ears, and almond-shaped eyes. These breeds also feature silky, glossy coats that are short-length. And the color of their eyes could be green or gold.

They are very cuddly and affectionate to their owners. They have this dog-like personality which means they have a high energy level, love to play all the time, and love to mingle and chat with people. You can even play fetch and tag with them. 

Burmese are vocal felines, but their voices are sweet and soft in which you will love, for it will not be annoying. And because they are people-oriented, they want to be someone all the time, and it is not ideal to leave these cats alone for a more prolonged period.

Photo from: (ramuchi_eri)

The Tonkinese breeds are a mix of Burmese and Siamese cats, and because both are pretty talkative and vocal cats, they passed on to the Tonkinese breed. 

Tonkinese breed has a medium-sized, slender body, slim tail and legs, their paws are oval, and they have wedge-shaped heads. Their short coat is soft and silky, which makes them so lovely to cuddle. Tonkinese cats are attention-seekers, and they demand attention, and they will not stop until they get it. They are intelligent, playful, active, and curious about anything that gets their attention.

Furthermore, Tonkinese Cats are similar to Burmese in that they have softer and sweeter voices than Siamese cats. The meows are gentler, which makes you want to talk to them as well. 

Photo from: (kinakomochimonakai)

Siberian are an ancient breed that is believed to be the ancestors of long-haired cats. They have long-haired furs, three layers that make them look dense and immense—ideal coats for winter and colder days.

Siberian cats have big muscular bodies, which makes them heavy to carry too. However, they are quite affectionate and will follow their owner around for some cuddle. Siberian felines love to be with people and are not shy with strangers. They love to talk and connect with people.

Moreover, these felines have giant voices and get louder and louder as they communicate and demand attention. 

Photo from: (2turkishcats)

Turkish Angoras are domestic cat breeds that came from Turkey. They are big, and they have pointed ears. Also, their eyes are almond-shaped, and they have silky long-haired coats.

These felines have their favorites and will stick with that human as their constant companion. They are intelligent breeds, energetic, and love to climb. In addition, these cats breed fancy to swim and be active. 

You will find this breed interacting with you and vocal in communicating with you for many reasons.

Photo from: (mofumofu_singa)

Singapura may have small bodies, but their voice is bold and loud. They are the cats considered to be one of the tiniest cats yet full of personality.

They are affectionate and constantly seeking human attention. Singapuras are playful, active, and loyal breeds. They are also intelligent and love to climb to high places. 

Singapura cats seek attention and would demand it through loud meowing. They can interfere with your work by boldly talking to you.

What Is a Talkative Cat?

Talkative Cats are cats that are very vocal and expressive to their needs or feelings. This meowing could come from many reasons. For instance, they like to communicate or say hello after you have gone to work. This vocalization from cats comes from any form; they yowl, hiss, or growl, depending on what they feel during that time.

Their talkative nature can be charming to other specific breeds. It will come to you as sweet and loving as well as cute. However, some breeds will talk loudly and annoy you. 

Although, you can train this behavior. Having vocal cat breeds could sometimes take a toll on you, and while they use this as an advantage to their owners. However, you could incorporate training to discourage this behavior. 

In general, ignore them when they are constantly meowing. While you could give your cat lots of attention, love, affection, and time when they behave and quietly approach you. Also, you can give them treats and toys they like when they are not talkative. In this way, they can identify if they want to be talkative or behaved.

Why Are Some Cats Very Talkative?

Understanding your talkative cat can be very hard. Felines usually just talk with their owners and not with other cats. Listed here are the probable reasons why they tend to be so talkative to you.

  • They are Hurt.

They may feel some pain in their bodies; that is why they are talking to you constantly. In this way, they will catch your attention so that you can provide the care they need. Also, they could be suffering from neurological distress; that is why they are talking to you. It’s best if you check them and schedule a visit to the vet so that you can ensure your pet’s well-being.

  • They are in Heat.

When you find your cat constantly yowling, these yowls are loud, and it feels like they will not stop. Maybe, your female cat is in heat, and through yowling, she can look for a mate. It will occur to your female cat every six months. You can allow spaying to your cat if you don’t intend to have kittens around your home.

  • They are Attention-seekers.

Cats will constantly talk to you because they want your attention. They will do this if they feel that they can get you by continually doing it. Therefore, cats that love to be the center of attention and very friendly could be the chatty ones.

  • They are Bored.

Cat’s constantly at home and can’t go outside will demand your attention by being talkative to you. One of the things they love for you to do is to play with them, cuddle them or give them toys that will keep them entertained and busy. You can have another cat and choose the breed that is quieter one.

  • They are Hungry.

In this case, they will be chatty and demanding to you because they want their food to be given to them. Train them to behave so that they will get their food.

  • They are getting older.

As the cats get older, they will be more vocal because as they get older, the cognitive system of cats tends to decline. As a result, they will be confused and disoriented. Meowing could be a result of illness, deafness, and anxiety.

  • They are Talkative in Nature.

Naturally, talkative breeds will not have any reason to talk to you. They want to talk because it’s in their personality.

  • They want to say Hello.

They will talk because they want to greet you after your long day and you haven’t seen each other for how many hours. So meowing to the stranger could be a sign that they are happy to know that person and excited.

It does not matter what breed your cat is because they were given a voice to talk. Most importantly, they engage you and make your day less dull or tired by giving you attention. But because they are our pets and responsibility, we should take time to listen, especially to the more talkative breeds and more expressive than others.