Siamese Cat Male vs Female: An In-Depth Comparison Guide

We know that every cat breed has a general temperament, but if you are planning to bring one home, particularly a Siamese, don’t settle with the overall descriptions. Every cat whether it be a male or female won’t be alike in terms of personality. If you are not sure which gender to go for, we’re here to help you. This article will lay out an in-depth guide on the differences between male and female Siamese cats.

Difference Between Male and Female Siamese Cats

We usually don’t bother about identifying the gender of the Siamese or any other breed of cat, but determining becomes important the moment you decide that you want a four-legged companion at home. We chose a few major areas where male and female Siamese cats highly differ to aid you in your decision-making. Check them out below:


True, it’s not easy to distinguish a male from a female Siamese cat based on appearance alone, but with thorough scrutiny, you would be able to know which is which. The best way to identify is by checking their private areas. The female Siamese has a vertical opening while the male one has it round with a wider space between the anus and the genital.

Above image shows the typical appearance of the Siamese cat breed. 


Compared to other cats, the Siamese is relatively smaller. Females though are expected to be much lower in proportions than males. Nevertheless, they still both have a strong and athletic appearance. Size-wise, male Siamese cats are heavier since they can be around 7 to 12 pounds in terms of adult weight and can be as tall as 11 to 14 inches. Meanwhile, females only go around 6 to 9 pounds and 10 to 12 inches in height at withers.

On the other hand, other Siamese cats tend to be even smaller. There are various reasons why this happens and they could either be that they have poor genetics, lack of proper nutrition, or that they have been a result of selective breeding.

Social Behavior

Male pets are more playful, affectionate, and sometimes mischievous than females. You have to know what you look for in a cat and if he or she matches your personality well. Should you go with a male Siamese, you can anticipate him being so vocal about his need for intimacy and attention. It’s a good idea to lavish him with cat toys from MeoHui since his energy level skyrockets during the day.

Got a friend coming over to your house? A male Siamese wouldn’t jump off from the couch and go about hiding. He’s extremely social and would befriend anyone. All that for the attention he craves.

On the contrary, female Siamese cats act reserved, gentle, and well-mannered. They’re great for those who are into laid-back pets. Although they don’t have much thirst for play, it doesn’t necessarily mean that males are better than them. Many owners find it easier to manage a female cat since they aren’t as rambunctious as their counterparts.

Food Consumption

Generally, male Siamese cats eat more than females. It has something to do with their size. It’s just reasonable that the amount of cat food they consume complements their body mass which, as mentioned, is far greater than that of females. Males are also more active, so they burn loads of fats and calories. Replenishing them with food in higher quantities is recommended. It all boils down to lifestyle and size, to mention a few. In contrast, females tend to eat less.

Life Expectancy

Siamese cats have an average lifespan of 12 to over 15 years. This all depends on how well you take care of them. It’s known that females live longer than males for up to 2 years, but it’s definitely not impossible for a male to outlive a female. Neutered and spayed people also tend to have longer lifespans since getting them fixed lowers the chance of cancers developing. Also, indoor Siamese cats live longer than those who live outdoors.


The playful and carefree attitude of a male Siamese cat often makes it harder for the owner to teach him tricks. He needs to be pushed and be given boundaries so he knows who has the authority between you. Female ones are more obedient, on the flip side. With positive reinforcements and consistency, she’ll be able to absorb the lessons in a jiffy.

Will Spaying and Neutering Affect a Siamese Cat’s Personality?

Yes, they would absolutely cause a change in a male and female Siamese cat’s behavior. Unneutered males are highly likely to show an aggressive personality, but once they are fixed, their aggression levels significantly decrease. They’ll be friendlier and more social with others. Discover more the advantages of neutering below:

  • Becoming less territorial
  • No marking of territory by spraying
  • Decrease in mass
  • Decreased energy levels
  • Less inclined to fight
  • Would rather stay at home than roam
  • Become more affectionate

A spayed Siamese cat would also have changes in personality, cycle, and moods. With the lower levels of estrogen, some undesirable behaviors will be minimized such as:

  • Being more predictable compared to unspayed females during the heat.
  • Less aggressive toward others.
  • Will display a more passive behavior that is consistent.
  • Will not be able to attract male cats as she wouldn’t be able to exude the powerful sex pheromone any longer.

Which Gender Is More Cuddly?

It depends on the environment and upbringing of the cat. A well-socialized Siamese who has been used to cuddles since he or she was a kitten will grow up fine with the constant snuggling session. An anti-social one, however, would be “allergic” to being held or placed in the lap.

Those that are used to being around other pets and people will most likely thrive in a busy family with other cats or pets compared to a one-person household. So, if one of your purposes in adopting a Siamese kitten is to have a cuddly buddy, ensure that he grows up in an environment that nurtures an affectionate nature.

A picture of two cuddly Siamese kittens.

Which Gender Is a Better Pet?

In all honesty, no gender is better than the other. While a male Siamese cat has a plethora of pros, you have to understand that he also has several cons. The same applies to the female ones. You really just have to determine what your tastes and preferences are. If you’re more active, outgoing, extroverted, and into highly affectionate cats, the male one suits you better. But, if your ideal companion is someone that is individualistic, easy to train, and fast to mature, the female Siamese tops the chart.

In the end, these differences are just generalizations. These are what we commonly observe from the two genders, but they must not be taken as absolute references to ultimately label a male or a female Siamese cat. In adopting a feline, spending time with your prospective pet is the best way to learn its behavior. You don’t just walk in and say you need a male or a female cat or you’ll end up with someone incompatible.