How Much Is a Siberian Cat? 7 Reasons Why They’re Expensive

Due to high demand and low numbers of available Siberian kitties outside of Russia, getting one from a reputable source is going to cost you a hefty price of $1200 to $4000. Along with that expensive price tag is the complexity to look for a breeder. 

It’s no wonder why a lot of cat lovers worldwide want to own this feline breed. He is the epitome of class, beauty, and perfection! Perhaps, the number one reason why many crazy cat people fall in love with this type is due to his fluffy appearance. His size and texture also give off a great sensation whenever he is being lifted off the ground and held on the arms. 

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If you’ve already read the article regarding the appearance, temperament, and lifestyle of the Siberian cat, it is time to dig deeper into the values and figures including the reasons behind the amount in acquiring this rare domesticated kitty. Keep reading to find out!

3 Factors That Affect the Price of a Siberian Cat

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The price value for every Siberian Forest kitty is affected by the quality you are looking for including your intention of owning one. It is extremely a huge factor where you got the feline as this will determine the course you’re going to take with your new companion. There are three deciding factors you need to be aware of:

Siberian Cat With a Provision Listing

If the Moscow cat resembles the recognized breed even without evidence of breed ancestry, is not recognized by the association but recognized by another cat congress, is in line with the experimental breeding program for a new cat breed, and possesses specific traits of the current breed standard, then he automatically falls under the provision listing.

Siberian kitties with limited registration are normally sold for only $500 to $900.

Siberian Cat With Full Registration

Cat associations are very strict when it comes to complying with the desired breed quality. Among the requirements involved are the details about the Siberian cat’s parents and great-grandparents! When the moggy Russian cat meets all of these demands, he can be easily granted full registration. He would be eligible to participate in breed competitions and other cat events. 

Depending on how excellent the pedigree is, the Siberian kitten can range from $800 to $4000.

Siberian Cat Without Registration

Any Siberian moggy that has been a result of backyard breeding can be cheap or expensive and there is no exact figure. Some breeders who are focused on gaining profits wouldn’t hesitate from adding costs on remarkably coveting features. Siberian felines who are either solid white, have tortoiseshell color points, blue or bi-colored eyes will have added value. The risk here, unfortunately, is that this is the place where you will get very sickly pets. 

Breeders who are aware of their kittens’ condition would typically sell them cheaply in quick transactions. 

7 Reasons Why Siberian Cats are Expensive

If we go for Siberian breeders who are dedicated to contributing healthy kittens in the cat market, we would understand how reasonable the price they set out for potential owners. Breeding isn’t merely about mating two cats and then waiting for the dame to give birth. Various processes need to be undergone before the breeder and the cat buyer agree on a deal.

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Also, in most transactions, you will get what you pay for. If getting this unique Siberian cat costs you less than the normal price, you should already be suspicious if you really got what you want. Most likely, the Siberian kitten wouldn’t have any of its bloodline at all!

People who breed felines in cat mills can easily invent the family tree of your targeted pet. No matter all those presented documents, they won’t equate to legitimacy. Therefore, it’s much better to pay right and get the correct cat breed you deserve. Here are the reasons why Siberian cats are expensive:

The Expense of Cat Breeding 

In breeding, before you’d have a handful of precious Russian kittens, you would first need a Siberian dame. Normally, the price of the breeding cat will vary depending on location which can be anywhere between $1000 to $2000. Getting the cats from outside the country will pose triple the price due to the expensive importing costs. 

Right after getting the potential parent, the female Siberian cat needs to mature first (at least 12 months old) before she can be pregnant with a litter of Siberian kittens. In the entire period of waiting for her full physical development, the breeder needs to feed her and purchase her all essential items in taking care of a feline. 

The Expense of Getting a Tom

Of course, your dame wouldn’t get pregnant without a magnificent stud boy- the cat who will sire the kittens. Finding the perfect companion for her will take tedious research and time! Health tests need to be undergone such as blood testing which would be around $110. The moment you find the perfect cat, you’d need enough resources such as fuel to travel the dame all the way to the waiting partner. 

Expect to pay stud fees too presuming your Siberian cat successfully mated with the stud. The maximum expense for this is $1200. If mating was unsuccessful, the process would be repeated.

The Expense for Taking Care of a Pregnant Siberian Cat

Even if the baby bump isn’t too noticeable yet, a pregnant Russian cat would need high-quality food and diet. Asking for vet recommendations is highly advised to ensure that her baby kittens would have the complete nutrition they need while being inside her tummy. Aside from the switch in diet, she will gradually increase her food intake. By the end of her term, she’ll be devouring 50% more of her usual amount of meals.

With that, the cat litter supply needs to be refilled more often. 

The Expense for a Laboring Siberian Cat

This is where great risks are lurking. A lot is at stake once the female cat gives birth. Some breeders have shared their sorrow over kittens who didn’t survive or a mother cat who wasn’t able to endure the labor. Luckily, the rate of successful cat birth is greater! In some cases, however, a cesarean procedure might be required. If this happens, you would be obliged to pay anywhere between $400 to $1600.

The Expense of Raising Kittens

When the moment you’ve been waiting for arrives, that would mean extra effort in taking care of not only one but 6 more Siberian Kittens! In the first few weeks after giving birth, your dame will continue having the same diet in larger portions. Sometimes, one or two kittens will not be able to feed well from the mother cat which means, you have to wean them yourself using a kitten formula milk. This will be another additional cost that would typically last for a few weeks. 

Once the kittens are capable of roaming around, adding extra litter trays and litter soil should be considered.

The Expense for Vaccination, Registration, Etc.

The moment the kittens reached a certain age, registration and vaccinations would be a prerequisite. The cost of each shot would vary from location and other treatments would be included such as deworming. Take note that this is done for every cat. If there are six in the litter, the cost is multiplied by six as well.

Registering the kittens to an organization such as The International Cat Association (TICA) or the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF) would mean paying fees too. 

The Expense for Homing Kittens

Most legitimate breeders resort to creating their websites to advertise their available Siberian kittens. Websites would need fees unless the breeder opts for a site that lets breeders post their cats for free. Anyhow, considering the high demand for Siberian cats, breeders won’t have much of a hard time looking for potential owners.

Precautions Before Purchasing a Siberian Kitten

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Now that you’ve understood the driving factors that contribute to the ‘expensiveness’ of a Siberian cat, purchasing one shouldn’t be done in a haste. As much as there are reputable breeders, suspicious ones blend among them as well. To prevent yourself from having a bad experience in the cat trade, here are a few things you must take note of:

  1. The price. Anything that is unreasonably too high or too low of a price should be subject to concern. Ads are meant to get your attention and surely, a cheaper price for a Russian Siberian cat can make your eyes sparkle. However, this can either be a great deal or a potentially bad trade experience.
  1. Check out their Facebook/Instagram page. Trusted breeders love showing off their available Siberian cats online. By doing this, it lets more interested buyers have the assurance that the business is real. If the page has a lot of likes, follows, and reviews, these can be good signs.
  1. Contact the breeder. Email or message the breeder once you are determined to buy a Siberian kitty. Those who are legit are more than happy to address your questions. Ask anything that concerns you and they would be able to provide answers in detail. Also, they are most likely not going to push you to seal the deal too early.
  1. Research or google the breeder. In case the breeder doesn’t have any social media accounts for you to check, googling him would allow you to check his cattery’s reputation. Check for reviews or for what people have to say about his business. 

Usually, a breeder’s website would be full of photos of the available Siberian cat or the breeder would provide more if you ask for them specifically- don’t settle for just one image (it’s a red flag).

  1. Be careful about sending your payment. Legitimate breeders will not ask for the full payment right away. Instead, you would be asked to send a deposit after signing a contract and simply send the remaining amount once the kitten arrives on your end. Unreputable breeders, on the other hand, would do the opposite with you and give you no contracts to sign on that would protect both you and the kitten from certain events or mishaps.

Make sure that your payment can be tracked too in case the breeder ends up becoming a con.

Is It Worth Getting a Siberian Cat?

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Absolutely! A Siberian cat is always worth the price. He is a perfect family companion due to his mellow yet playful personality. He can easily get along with young kids, elderly people, and even your friends. Having him around will add a lot of sparkle to your life.

His simple yet sophisticated looks would also draw attention wherever you go. You wouldn’t be able to stop people from getting their hands off of this beautiful Russian feline. Wherever you go, parks, mountains, or malls, the Siberian cat can surely cope with the adventure.

Places to Buy a Siberian Cat

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To make things easier for you, I have gathered some of the most trusted places and shelters to get your first ever long-haired Russian cat. Check them out below:

I truly understand if you have heavily fallen in love with this cat breed, because who wouldn’t? He scores high in disposition, excels well in intelligence, and obviously tops the beauty criteria. If you think the Siberian cat can adjust to your lifestyle and that his needs can be met sufficiently, remove all doubts and get yourself this highly-coveted kitty!