How Much Is a Devon Rex Cat

If you are looking for a medium-size cat breed other than the popular Siamese cat, you can buy a Devon Rex which has almost the same features. The breed has a noticeable wavy coat, small face, big ears, and a short coat which makes them easy to maintain. Also, they have a playful and great personality that makes them great pets for first-time owners.

Now, if you wonder how much you can get this loving breed into your home. Then keep on reading.

Fully vaccinated Devon Rex kittens will cost you $500 while the ones that are not vaccinated will cost you around $350. However, buying unvaccinated kittens should be discouraged because they are prone to diseases at this age.

From the breeder, they should already receive the vaccine and deworming so that they’ll be protected the entire weaning process. Not just that, buy a Devon Rex from a breeder that is providing them vitamins and enough attention.

How Much Is a Pedigree Devon Rex?

Pedigree Devon Rex or the ones that have more tricks and high-quality genes will be more expensive. For a pedigree kitten, you will need to pay $1000 which is good if you want to enter a cat show or use these cats for breeding. However, if you only want a curly coat medium-size cat as a pet then a $500 that you can find will be the practical and better choice.

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What Can I Do to Get Devon Rex More Cheaply?

There are a lot of ways to acquire a Devon Rex without paying a full $500. Here we will list down all the options you can have. As long as you are not demanding then you can have an available Devon Rex Cat waiting to be rehomed.

1. Animal Shelter

Before you buy, you must always check your local animal shelter and see if you can acquire a cat breed that you’ve always wanted to have. Although it’s rare to pick a pure breed at an animal shelter, you can have a beautiful and loving cat instead. If you try you might get adult cats that are beautiful and trained properly by their past owners. There’s a fee if you get a cat from an animal shelter as a payment for spaying the cat and also to buy food for other cats. Always donate whenever you have the chance because these animals deserve the love and they should be well-provided.

2. Adoption

Pet owners that aren’t able to care for their Devon Rex Cats will most likely post an ad that they needed to rehome them. When this happens, grab the opportunity to take home the pet because it will be lesser in price and you can save them from living in the animal shelter wherein they will be deprived of resources.

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3. Unregistered Breeders

Although this shouldn’t be tolerated it’s still safe and advisable to buy on registered breeders because of their standards and protocols. However, if you take the risk then you can acquire a cheap price for a pure devon rex cat. 

4. Buying Mixed Breed

If the purpose of you purchasing a Devon Rex is so that you can have a pet then buy a mixed one for a lesser price. You can still acquire a cat that has the same features such as curly hair, slender body, hind legs, and triangle-shaped face.

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Why Should You Buy Devon Rex Cats

Before you buy, you must get to know the breed first. You have to determine your wants and expectations for a cat to avoid the sudden rehoming of cats. In buying a Devon Rex Cat you can expect the following traits and features that you’ll surely love.

1. Playful

Pet owners may choose whether they want their cats to be couch potatoes or become active. If you prefer active cats, then Devon Rex is a perfect breed for you since they love to play and move around the house. You will enjoy buying toys and setting up playful activities because this breed will never run out of energy.

2. Affectionate

Cats are not all affectionate, some breeds prefer to be alone and hate to be cuddled. But with Devon Rex, you can be sure that you’ll receive hugs and constant demand for attention. They’ll curl up beside you, lick you, and oftentimes talk to you.

3. Intelligent

It would be nicer if the cat is easier to train and could learn tricks. Devon Rex is one of the few cats that will be worth your money since they are intelligent and can play hide and seek with the treats.

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4. Compatible With Other Animals

If you are a pet owner that has more than one cat or has a dog in the house then you need for them to be at peace with each other. With Devon Rex, you can be sure that they’ll be friends with your other cats as well as with dogs in the house.

5. Compatible With Children

Some cats won’t have fun playing around with kids, they don’t have the patience and the will to interact with them. But with Devon Rex, they are suited and playful around kids. You’ll be at ease when you are leaving your children at home because you know that your children won’t be scratched or get bitten by your cat.

6. Less Maintenance

Devon Rex doesn’t have to be groomed always because of their short hair. You will only need light brushing and maintain its ears weakly. Aside from that, you don’t have to vacuum cat hairs often because Devon Rex sheds less than other cats.

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Devon Rex is an amazing breed that goes by the name of cat poodle or cat sheep because of their curly coats. Besides their appearance, the cat can bring so much joy and love to the family when you decide to get one. Remember that a price for the breed is just the beginning because after that you will need to buy more stuff and regular cat food to make the breed healthy and happy. Be a responsible owner when you decide to get one and do not neglect to give them attention and the right nutrients to live a long life.