Do Devon Rex Cat Sheds?

It is obvious that when you see a Devon Rex Cat you’ll think of owning one because they have short coats which mean less maintenance on your part. In addition, they have unique features such as their sheep-like curly coats that would grab everyone’s attention due to their uniqueness. Aside from the recommendations of your friends or other cat lovers, you want to know your research and ask yourself if Devon Rex cat sheds despite them having short coats.

Yes, Devon Rex still sheds however it is much lesser than other cats. Others assume that cats with short hair do not shed anymore but they do. It is less which means less hassle for pet owners in terms of cleaning, brushing, and grooming.

What Causes Devon Rex Cat to Shed More?

Devon Rex will shed more due to central heating as well as during the spring and autumn season. However, shedding for Devon Rex varies in their environments. Too much shedding is an alarming thing for Devon Rex because the loose hair will leave them bald or patches on its curly coat.

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What Causes Devon Rex Cat to Shed More?

If this happens, there’s a chance that your cat is having Alopecia in which the common symptom is baldness on your cat or having a thinner coat than usual. There are several reasons why alopecia happens and we’ve enumerated it for you to help pet owners understand and aid this skin disease.

1. Devon Rex Inability to Self Groom Properly

Cats are very hygienic and they groom themselves most of the time but there are tendencies that they’ll groom themselves in a way that would lose their hair. Even short-haired cats need assistance in cleaning themselves. Thus, as responsible owners, you have to check your cat all the time and see if they have dirt that you can clean to help your cat from the burden.

2. Devon Rex Has Poor Nutrition

Devon Rex will shed more that would cause baldness because Devon Rex might have poor nutrition. You have to ensure that your cat is getting a balanced diet from the cat food that it’s eating to avoid more shedding or hair loss. Aside from that, poor nutrition will lead to various diseases. You should monitor and read the cat food ingredients.

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3. Devon Rex Has Parasites

 Fleas and ticks are itchy and can cause hair loss to your cat. They will find ways to relieve the itch and pain-causing hairs to fall off or cat allergies as the skin gets infected because of the scratching. Make sure that you provide the right medicine and shampoo for the parasites and if things get worse, contact your vet doctor for more expert and appropriate advice.

4. Devon Rex Is Under Stress

Devon Rex or cats, in general, will lose more hair when they are under stress. It could be a new person in the house, a new cat, or a new baby that could trigger stress in them. Change in the environment could greatly cause stress that will lead them to shed more or out of nowhere pull out hair from their skin. Better monitor your cat’s signs of stress so that baldness and more shedding can be avoided. Give your cat the best medicine for their coats so that it will grow strong and shiny.

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How Can You Reduce Shedding on Cats?

Even though Devon Rex cats only shed less than other cats, you can still incorporate these habits so that you can avoid the remaining hairs and prevent having a hairball inside your cat’s tummy.

1. Regular Brushing

Brushing is an easy task to do so it should be done frequently. Consider this as bonding with your cat after a long day of work or after finishing some chores in the house. It would be pet owners if they are scheduling this activity thrice a week to remove dead hairs. Out of habit, you’ll be able to brush your cat’s hair and play with them afterward.

2. Monthly Professional Grooming

Professionals can make wonders on your cat’s coat. It is a wholesome service that will maintain your cat and keep them clean. Aside from coats getting rid of hair mats, your cat will have a bath, trimming, nail cleaning, and ear cleaning. However, if you are a grooming expert then you can do this at home. Prepare the equipment and tools and you can save a whole lot more if you do this at home.

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How to Keep the House Free of Devon Rex Cat’s Fur?

Vacuum is your daily partner concerning cat fur in the house. Better invest in a reliable and quality-made vacuum cause you will be using it to get rid of excess hair on furniture, floor, and rugs. Devon Rex is a breed of cat that has a distinctive coat, they have a wavy coat but are shorter and easier to maintain. Cleaning is not hard with Devon Rex so they are a perfect choice for busy owners.

How Can I Get Rid of Cat Hair on My Clothes?

It’s normal that you give attention and play with your feline friend, so you must have a lint roller to get rid of the hairs that are sticking on your clothes. It will be visible when you are wearing black so always put lint rollers near the front door so you can have a final check with your clothes and remove hair as you go.

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The Woolly Sheep cat will be a great addition to your family because they have amazing personalities. Don’t worry about the shedding because as you grow to love these breeds of cats, the fur will not matter anymore. Just be a responsible parent and provide the necessary care for your Devon Rex in terms of food, grooming, health, exercise, and love. Buy tools that will help you clean the house as well as odor removal for the cat’s pee or poop. It will make you prepared when there are sudden visitors in the house and you have your home fresh and clean.