Do Siamese Cats Like Water? 4 Reasons Why They Do!

Cats are often thought to have a strong dislike of water as if they are allergic to it. Give them a quick spray and we then anticipate them running off from your presence. However, this is not always the case. Some cats don’t overreact when they get wet with a few drops. In the case of the Siamese cat breed, they show higher levels of tolerance toward the water, but do they enjoy it at all?

If it means getting too wet, the Siamese cat isn’t up for it, rather, he prefers simply playing with it. He likes water in a general sense, but not in a way that it will soak his coat. This may seem like odd behavior, but it’s perceived to be a common trait in the said breed. Below will further explain the cat’s relationship with water.

4 Reasons Why Siamese Cats Love Water

Sure, it does sound a bit unusual to hear about a cat who is into the water, but getting to know the Siamese cat, this shouldn’t be that surprising. Each breed is different and the feline of Thailand excels in being unique and interesting. Let’s find out what the 4 reasons are why the Siamese cat loves water!

It’s in His Instinct

Do you know how powerful the instinct of the cats is? It is a commonly known fact that even if you bring your feline miles away from home, he can still find his way back. This is not just the instinct the Siamese cat possesses. He can track down moving water by just using his sense of hearing. If the source of water is stagnant though, the cat wouldn’t be able to spot where it is. 

With this highly developed knack for locating water, it is no problem for the cat at all if he’s not constantly served with fresh water in his bowl. He can track down the different sources and quench his thirst.

Playful Nature

It is said that the Siamese feline is one of the most playful breeds! The energy levels in his tiny body are so high that you’ll find him doing almost anything to entertain himself. That includes going to your sink and getting regaled by pawing through the droplets of water that fall from the faucet. 

Photo from: thais.thecat (IG)

Run the water even more and you’ll find his eyes dilate with interest, more so if it is noisy.

Highly Curious

It is a no-brainer that cats are very curious creatures. Anything they find to be mesmerizing, they sure will investigate what it is further. Siamese cats are no different. This can explain why every time you take a shower, you can see your cat peeping through the shower curtain or if you are enjoying a relaxing bath, he sprints inside the bathroom and observes you as you play with water. 

There Could Be Fishes

Unsurprisingly, cats love to fish! And more often than not, they would associate running water with fresh fish swimming in it. If you frequently bring your Siamese cat with you to fish in the river, he’ll gradually process that water will always have fish in it. Back home, try to run the water in a tub and he’ll act like he’s still in the river. 

4 Signs That Tell Your Siamese Cat Enjoys the Water

It will not be that hard to tell if your Siamese cat is fond of playing in the water. Just observe him in a reasonable amount of time and you can already start concluding. Below is the list of signs that will indicate how much your feline adores splashing around:

He Loves to Hang Out in the Toilet or Bathtub

Cats love cool places in the house too. That means you can catch him hanging out inside your bathroom such as sitting in the toilet seat or inside the bathtub. It could be that he knows that this is the part of the house where water is abundant and is waiting for the faucets to start running down water. If he meows and is vocal, it could be his way of asking you to let him have fun in the water!

He’s Mesmerized With Water Faucets

Cats can be easily amused by anything, especially if they are something uncommon. Try to follow him where he goes and one of the several places he might end up in is the kitchen sink. If he gets easily mesmerized by the slow drops of water coming out, then it is guaranteed that he’s far from afraid when it comes to being close to the water. 

He Plays in the Sink

Whenever you bathe cats, the process may start out difficult. However, once your feline gets accustomed to the routine, he will most likely discover the joy of splattering in the water on the bathroom sink. He’ll love the feeling he gets from his paw pads thanks to the smooth and slippery surface he senses.

He Plays With His Water Bowl

Catching your Siamese cat playing with his water bowl instead of drinking is one of the silliest but worth-remembering memories you can get as an owner. Most of the time, cats try to avoid getting wet, but if he intentionally dips one of his paws in his bowl, then he might like the feeling of water!

Ways That Tell Your Siamese Cat Dislikes Water

Of course, each cat is unique and that means you shouldn’t expect that all Siamese felines will love being in the water let alone play in a shallow tub. You have to be observant of what certain things scare your cat to avoid giving him experiences that can traumatize him. Also, you wouldn’t want to carry him up in your arms and end up getting painful scratches after he spots water nearby and attempts to let go of your hold.

Here are his ways of telling you he doesn’t like water:

  • He dashes indoors when it starts raining
  • He doesn’t go near the pool
  • You seldom see him inside the bathroom
  • He only waits for you outside the bathroom
  • You can rarely catch him taking a sip
  • He’s careful not to be around any source of water
  • He freaks out with the sight of water
  • He expresses his dislike through a series of meows

Help the Siamese Cat Maximize His Experience With Water

Meanwhile, if it is fairly obvious that the Siamese feline truly enjoys the sight of water and getting to play in it, why not let him indulge in his odd pleasure? There are various things you can do to keep this energetic and smart cat happy and entertained. If you need to have a me-time, your Siamese can leave you on your own for a short while as he turns his attention to things that involve his love for the water.

Here are some ideas for you: