Are Siamese Cats Rare? 5 Qualities That Make Them Special!

The Cat Fanciers’ Association has already said: “All pedigreed cats can highly be considered as rare”. One of those recognized cat breeds that got acknowledged around 1906 is the Siamese cat who is known to be the original breed of all pedigreed cats! So, to answer the inquiry based on that sense, yes, the Siamese cat is found to be special.

It can be quite contradictory, however, to label this cat as rare when this is one of the most recognizable breeds in the world. You can easily own a Siamese cat since there are numerous breeders you can reach out to or adoption homes that have this cat. But, to make it make sense, Siamese cats are out of the ordinary simply because you cannot find another cat breed that looks closely similar to him.

Let’s find out why and learn more about this unique cat breed!

What Is a Siamese Cat?

A Siamese cat is one of the Asian cats known by almost everyone from all around the place. He is typically included in the list of options set out by owners who are thinking of getting a cat as a pet. He has many attractive characteristics which effortlessly draw anyone to him. Of course, there are two variations which are the traditional and the modern Siamese.

More often than not, the image we have about this feline is that he is slender, sly and mischievous in appearance, and extremely playful. In the movie “Lady and the Tramp”, two Siamese cats were featured in it and they both exhibited the cliché description that is often used on the mentioned breed.


You can instantly tell what a Siamese cat is by his behavior because apparently, he acts differently than most breeds. The Siamese is a velcro cat who will follow you around the house and try to help anyone in any way that he can. He loves to discover new things, investigate unfamiliar areas, and entertain everyone including himself.


You also know him by his several physical features that make him distinct from many others. Depending on his variation, the Siamese cat can either have an apple-shaped head and a slightly chunky body or a slimmer figure with a wedge-shaped head. The body’s length is a bit longer than the height and anyone would normally describe the breed as regal in every way.

5 Things That Make Siamese Cats Special

Of course, there is much more to the Siamese cat’s uniqueness than his general illustrations. There are 5 more things about this breed that hail him as part of the one-of-a-kind felines out there!


Siam, which we now call Thailand, is the proud place of origin of the Siamese cat who also goes by the term “Oriental cat”. The reason why the Siamese cat’s history is worth noting is due to his association with the royal family. But, beyond that are legends that make him even more interesting. 

First is that several elegant felines of this breed are believed to have once defended their home country from Barbarians, who blatantly tried to steal their holy jewels and valuables. When the Siamese cats were successful with their mission, the monks gloriously praised them to the extent of mentioning their heroic story in their prayers. The gods who heard it rewarded the brave cats with jewels that will never be stolen- their radiant blue eyes.

Another one would be his inclusion in an all-time Bible story, Noah’s ark. People believed that once upon a time when it rained relentlessly, a monkey who was extremely bored decided to explore the ark. During his quest for entertainment, he stumbled across a lioness which he madly fell in love with. Eventually, these two animals bore the Siamese who possesses the brave heart of the lioness and the wittiness of the monkey.

Vocal Nature 

Now, another thing that anyone will find unusual is the chatty behavior of the Siamese cat. He is naturally a social feline who loves to be around his favorite humans a lot. Due to how much time he spends with his family and his sociable nature, this triggers him to be more vocal than other cats. He wants to be heard and is clearly very opinionated on several issues inside the house.

If you forgot to give him his meal at the right time, you can certainly hear him meowing or chattering as if he is reminding you of your duties. Not all cat breeds are this talkative. This is why, if you ask anyone for a chatty breed, they will most likely always suggest getting a Siamese. 

Ability to Track Down Running Water

Another reason that makes Siamese cats a rare breed is their ability to locate running water sources. Instead of using their sense of sight, these felines mainly depend on their sense of hearing. Just try it out with your Siamese and see if this common belief is true!

Unique Coat Markings

Another attractive feature that is mainly found in the Siamese breed is his coat. The way it looks is just different compared to those of others! He has darker areas in certain regions such as the ears, face, feet, and tail. These markings are undeniably the trademark of the princely Siamese. Moreover, the cat is partially albino. At birth, the kitten exhibits an all-white coat which gradually shows his markings by the time he reaches 1 or 2 weeks old. They only show in body parts that are colder.

Blue Eyes

True, it isn’t just the Siamese that has blue eyes but add up all his other breed features plus his blue pearls, the image would be outstanding! Additionally, have you noticed that some of them have crossed eyes? Siamese cats do that to straighten up their vision. This is not a defect, but rather a natural trait they have!

What Place Has the Most Siamese Cats?

Siamese cats are now one of the breeds common to several households all over the world, but Thailand probably has the most number given that this is where they come from. You can find lots of Siamese cats who have crossed eyes as opposed to the other nations that encourage breeders to mate normal-visioned ones only. Thailand is also home to countless traditional-looking Siamese cats. Additionally, they are well-known and are a popular choice as pets in Northern America and various places in Europe and Asia.  

10 More Cat Breeds That Are Rare

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