Can Cornish Rex Cats Be Left Alone?

There are naturally independent cat breeds that are why they can be left alone. Perfect for owners that are busy and just single-handedly raising the cat because the owner can just close the door and leave the cat inside. But, what if you are owning a Cornish Rex cat breed? Can you leave this cat alone if you are a busy person?

Cornish Rex, unfortunately, likes to have company which means they are not the best candidate to be left at home because they require attention and entertainment all the time. Cornish Rex is a great pet because they can get so attached to their owners creating a special bond. They will thrive on the affection and love that you will give to them thus, ideally, you give them quality time each day.

What Can I Do if I Have to Keep My Cornish Rex Alone?

Don’t worry if you need to leave your Cornish Rex at home because there are ways that you can do to give cat company. We’ve enumerated some options that you can do so that you’ll be at ease when you leave your cat at home.

1. Cat Nanny

Some agencies offer pet nannies for dogs and cats as human companions in your home. It’s the same with hiring a nanny for your baby because they will clean, feed, and keep an eye on your pets to avoid mess and havoc on your things. It’s an ideal option especially if the Cornish Rex is suffering from a sickness that requires it to be maintained with medicines.

This option for your furry feline can be expensive and the rate depends on the type of agency you will book from. The rate is mostly hourly and can be in bundles if you’ll avail of it frequently. Prepare a $20 to $50 hourly rate if you choose this option for your Cornish Rex.

2. Relative Cat Sitter

If you have a niece or a nephew that you can pay a discounted price to take care of your medium-sized cat then take this opportunity to prove your Cornish Rex Human companions. In this case, you will be more comfortable knowing that you have someone you know inside the house. Or you can also drop the cat off at your relative’s home that is willing to keep an eye on the cat. You can just get the cornish rex once your work or errand is done.

3. Buy A New Cat

You can buy a new cat so that there will be a playmate or a companion for you when you are not at home. It’s best that you also buy a Cornish Rex because they’ll have the same energy and personalities that will make both of them vibe right away. By buying a new cat, you can ensure that your cat will be entertained all the time and has a partner in crime.

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Will My Cornish Rex Feel Lonely When They Are Alone?

Yes, they will feel lonely especially if they are the type of cats that are friendly and used to social interactions. If you leave the Cornish Rex for a longer period they will feel depressed and might lead to separation anxiety if they are away from their favorite human. Cornish Rex will want to cuddle, play or have fun with its owner that’s why their presence will be missed if the cat is alone.

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How Long Can You Leave Your Cat Alone?

If the above options are not ideal for you and you have to leave your Cornish Rex alone then you have to know the ideal hours in which it is advisable to leave your cat based on its age. Yes, they shouldn’t be left alone because they might get stressed and cause chaos inside your home. But, Cornish Rex is also an intelligent breed that can take care of their own as well as an active breed that can be left with toys.

1. Below 4 months- 2 to 4 hours

2. 4 to 5 Months- 5 hours

3. 6 months- 8 hours

4. Adult Cats- 8 to 12 hours

Be sure to prepare their basic needs such as food, water, a clean litter box, and a comfy bed. In addition, you have to make sure that they have enough toys and entertainment for the duration that you are away. Music can be helpful if the Cornish Rex is used to it or you can buy a Blink Mini Pet Security Camera to monitor and talk to your cat whenever you have the chance.

What Can You Do to Keep Cornish Rex Entertained?

Here’s what you can do so that your cat will feel as if you have not gone to work or leave them alone.

1. Mental Stimulation Puzzle Feeders (Interactive Puzzle Cat Feeder, Catit Senses Digger, Cat Amazing Maze, and Puzzle Feeder)

2. Vertical and Horizontal Scratch Post (Scratcher Mat, Pet Scratching Post)

3. Cat Trees and Tower (Cat Condo Tree Tower with Hammock, Cat Condo, Multi-level Cat Tower)

4. Hiding Treats and Toys around the House.

5. Bird Feeders Outside Window for your Cats to Look at Birds.

6. Another Pet that is wonderful companions.

7. Pet Camera with Laser Light Feature (Smart Pet Camera, Petcube Play 2 Wifi Camera)

8. Toys such as Balls, Mouse, Feathers, and Boxes)

9. Human Companions (Neighbor, Friend, Siblings)

How to Keep Cornish Rex Safe Being Left Alone?

You can keep your cat away from danger when you cat-proof your house. It includes getting rid of vases or items that might break, Removing poisonous or Cactus plants, Cleaning trash cans to avoid cat food poisoning, closing toilet lids, and removing chemicals that can be accessed by cats. It’s also important that you close all windows and cabinets to avoid Cornish Rex from getting trapped, cables should be kept, appliances should be unplugged, and remove sharp objects around the house. Be sure that you’ll be leaving a healthy breed and not sick because they will have a hard time feeding themselves. A sick cat will require

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Leaving your precious Cornish Rex cat at home can be scary. But, some busy families and owners must do their job and errands, thus it’s better to train this breed of cat to be comfortable being alone for a specific length of time. To make this transition easier for your cat, buy an automatic food and water feeder, provide a 2nd litter box, and train your cat to be friendly with other cats and people. In addition, there’s a breed of cat that is less maintenance that will accompany your cat and even influence them to stay calm at home alone.

Moreover, remember to not leave cats that have health issues alone, as much as possible find someone to take care of the cat. They should also be kept happy so that the illness will not get worse. Wavy coat breeds such as Cornish Rex and Devon Rex will require so much attention but they will make your life full of love and joy thus compromising for them is so much worth it.