Are Devon Rex Cats Hypoallergenic? 6 Tips For Allergy Sufferers!

Technically, Devon Rex Cats are widely considered to be hypoallergenic. However, there isn’t any cat breed that is 100% hypoallergenic, so that means, in a sense, the Devon Rex is suitable for people with less serious allergies due to how low the rate of his shedding is.

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Knowing how much a cat sheds and how risky it is for someone’s health is important information for prospective yet hypersensitive owners who have an immeasurable penchant for cats. We will help you determine if the Devon Rex is your perfect match. Along the way, you will learn helpful tips for living peacefully with a fur ball.

Do Devon Rex Cats Shed a Lot?

No, not at all. The Devon Rex is not a shedding machine. He could score a good 2 out of 10 if we rate it. Thanks to his distinct coat quality, the Devon Rex does not take off a huge portion of his hair, making his shedding less annoying. The Devon Rex sports very thin, quite fragile strands to describe his fur. If ever he sheds, the hair won’t be that noticeable whether they end up on your couch or drapes. 

Why Some People Suffer From Cat Allergies

There has been a study that was recently conducted that somehow clears the pathway to understanding why some people are allergy sufferers. Scientists try to say that this might be the outcome of an ancient mechanism. 

In the United States, those aged six years and above are affected by cat allergies, and about 12.1% of them are affected. What’s responsible for all this is a protein called Fel D1 which cats produce. This is released through certain glands as well as through their saliva. Whenever they groom themselves, the allergen is simultaneously spread throughout the body.

Returning to the investigation, the loris produces a venom virtually identical to the Fel D1 protein. However, the loris uses the venom as a defense, and the same narrative might apply to cats- that the allergenic protein has evolved to protect cats from predators. 

Although this remains a hypothesis, scientists agree that this discovery can lead us further into a deeper analysis.

Can an Allergy Sufferer Live With a Devon Rex?

Absolutely! Although we also have to consider how bad his case is. Some allergy sufferers only experience mild reactions, which heightens the chance of living successfully with a Devon Rex. As long as precautions and a whole transformation are taken to the environment and lifestyle, someone’s dream of owning a cat is entirely doable. 

6 Tips For Allergy Sufferers to Reduce Cat Dander

By being prepared for the arrival of a new family companion, you could save a hypersensitive family member from experiencing cat allergy signs and symptoms that often include sneezing, coughing, nasal congestion, postnasal drip, and coughing. So, how would you do this? Below are six tips you can follow:


To control or speed up the shedding process of the Devon Rex, grooming him is an essential step. Use a high-quality Hertzko bristle brush to remove all dead and loose hairs conveniently. It is a self-cleaning tool, so collecting all the fur won’t burden you! If you have intense reactions, ask a family member to groom instead. Bathe the Devon, too, for better results.


Believe it or not, diet plays a crucial role in the coat quality of a Devon Rex. You have to bring the cat to the vet and have him assessed concerning food or ingredients he must avoid because he may have an allergy to fish, beef, or dairy. For example, suppose a Devon Rex consumes a meal that contains a prohibited ingredient as per the evaluation of a licensed vet. In that case, his skin and coat will likely react, causing him to have itchy skin, experience vomiting, or suffer from diarrhea. This will make him shed more than usual.


Allergic owners should try to practice washing their hands after touching their pets. Avoid touching the face, or the allergen might get inhaled by the nose and trigger an allergic reaction. As a piece of advice, designate a particular set of clothing you can wear when you are around cats. Remove and wash them immediately instead of letting them sit in the laundry for too long. 


To further manage the already low shedding rate of a Devon Rex cat, enforcing restrictions and space limitations surely help. Make sure your feline knows that he should not get into your room. Consider it your sanctuary, free from all cat hairs that might cause discomfort during rest. Training is highly important because you can freely put an obstacle in the doorway, but cats, can easily jump over to the other side without knowing. 

House Cleaning

Invest in equipment such as the Eureka vacuum cleaner or a Honeywell HEPA air filter. They both help in maintaining the cleanliness inside your home. After all, this is where you must feel relaxed rather than like you are in a constant battle with your Devon Rex cat’s shedding.


It’s possible that no matter how cautious you are, the allergens still find their way to your body. With that, having certain medications in your cupboard is always better. In addition, several over-the-counter products are available in drugstores, such as Allegra, Cetirizine, and Claritin. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Cats With Short Hair Better for People With Cat Allergies?

This is only partially correct. While it is true that a cat such as a Devon Rex has lower levels of allergen, the amount of Fel D1 protein produced still varies according to the genetic structure and qualities of the breed. For a better experience with cats, good house management, hygiene, and lifestyle are major factors that help.

How Can I Cure My Allergy To Cats?

Some cases are when allergy sufferers end up outgrowing or developing a tolerance to cat allergies over time. However, if you are looking for a cure, there is not one yet. You can get allergy shots as they decrease your sensitivity to allergens and provide long-lasting relief from cat allergy symptoms. You can also use a combination of medications and avoidance measures for a lower chance of experiencing a reaction after holding an irresistible Devon Rex.  

Is Cat Allergy Deadly?

For the most part, having an allergy will not necessarily mean you are in a life-and-death situation. Some people develop mild symptoms, and after taking their medication and taking a break from their pets, their lives return to normal. However, there can be severe cases when a severe reaction happens, and nothing is done for it to be treated. For example, a person can develop a fatal condition called anaphylaxis, so as much as you want to enjoy bonding with your feline, watch out for your health.

Who Is more hypoallergenic? Devon Rex Vs. Sphynx

When comparing the hypoallergenic qualities of the Devon Rex vs. the Sphynx, both breeds are often favored by individuals with allergies. However, some people may find the Devon Rex slightly more hypoallergenic than the Sphynx due to its shorter and less oily coat. However, it’s important to note that individual reactions to cat allergens can vary, so spending time with both breeds is recommended to assess personal sensitivity levels.