Why Do Cats Fear Water? A Clue Might Lie In Their Genetic Code

When it comes to water, cats are a mystery. Some say that they fear the liquid because of its sudden potential to drown them, while others claim that they don’t enjoy the sensation of wetness. 

Whatever the reason, cats seem uncomfortable around water – regardless of whether or not they need to drink it. In the end, you might be surprised to learn that a clue might be hidden in their genetic code!

Why Cats Don’t Like Water

Many people are familiar with the idea that cats fear water. But why? The answer may lie in their genetic code. 

Cats today don’t live in wet climates, so the gene that makes them resistant to water has likely disappeared over time. Cats have a gene that makes them resistant to water, which might help explain why they’re hesitant around it. 

If your cat isn’t drinking enough water and seems uncertain about water, try giving her some canned food soaked in water instead of fresh food – this may help get her interested again!

Why Cats Are  Afraid Of Water

Some believe that cats may be fearful of the surface tension of water, which is why they like to stand on top of it. Cats may also fear the water’s ability to drown them, as they may have learned this behavior from hunting and stalking prey in watery areas. 

In any case, cats are genetically predisposed to avoid water because of its dangers to their food sources. So, if you’re wondering why your feline friend is always avoiding a bath, this may be one of the reasons!

Why Cats Put Toys In Water

Cats are mysterious creatures. And one of the things that makes them so captivating is their fear of water. Why? It’s a mystery that has baffled scientists for years.

However, there may be a clue in their genetic code. Cats may put toys in water to defuse their anxiety around the fluid element. If your cat is avoiding water, try placing toys near it or adding a few drops of cold water to the bowl once a day. 

Monitor your cat’s behavior and work towards overcoming its anxieties around this essential life skill! Cats are born with an instinct to swim, but their fear of water can be overcome over time. So go ahead and plunge into that feline pool- your cat may thank you for it!

Training Cats To Like Water

Cats are naturally fearful of water due to their genetic code. But with a little training, you can overcome this aversion and get your cat to enjoy drinking from a water bowl. 

To start, reward them with food when they drink from the bowl. If your cat still doesn’t like the taste of water, try adding some flavorings or making the bowl bigger than usual. Additionally, provide plenty of access to fresh air and floor activity, so your cat has other things to occupy their time besides drinking from a water bowl! 

If all else fails, you can try training your cat using positive reinforcement – rewarding them when they drink from the water bowl.

Why Cats Hate Water

Since cats hate water, it’s no wonder they struggle to drink from a water bowl. It’s likely due to their genes – cats are born with a preference for avoiding water. 

Since cats drink mainly by licking, wetting their paws, or washing their face and ears, staying dry is essential to keeping them healthy and happy! But this instinct may have helped them survive as predators in the wild, and it continues to play an important role today. 

If you are trying to get your cat into drinking from a water bowl, start slowly filling it only halfway before letting your kitty sip at its leisure. Gradually increase the amount of water your cat drinks each day, and be patient – it may take a little while, but eventually, they’ll get the hang of it!

Water Weights A Cat Down

Cats have a gene that makes them fear water, which their parents may pass down. This gene can make the cat stop moving when they see or smell water, leading to drowning. 

If your cat is avoiding water, try to find out why by conducting some research. Once you know why your cat hates water, you can start to train them not to be afraid of it!

The Cat’s Evolutionary History

Cat owners might be surprised to learn that their feline friends have a difficult time with water – this instinctive fear of it may have helped them survive as house pets, but it’s not always beneficial for them now that they live outside. 

When cats were originally domesticated and kept inside, they had to drink from the water bowl. Their anatomy and physiology are geared towards surviving in dry climates, where lack of access to fresh water would seriously threaten their health. 

Cats also have trouble with water because they are descended from desert-dwelling felines. These animals evolved without having to deal with wet environments very often and so don’t fully understand how to swim properly!

Cats Can Smell The Chemicals in The Water

Cats can smell chemicals in the water that other animals can’t, which is why they avoid them. When they drink, the water touches their tongue first, which gives them an advantage over other animals who drink from rivers or lakes. 

The taste of tap water for cats is too strong, so they usually avoid it altogether. Cats have a special sense of smell that helps them in their hunting and scavenging activities.

Negative Experiences

You can do a few things if your cat has negative experiences with water. Behavioral therapy, food rewards, desensitizing them through repeated water exposure or gradually introducing them to it, and providing reassurance may help. 

If cats have experienced being wet and cold as kittens, this fear might resurface later on when they come across a bathtub or swimming pool for the first time. Identifying the root cause of these negative experiences is important so that corrective measures can be taken immediately.

Lack Of Control

Cats may dislike water because they don’t have the control that cats need over it. When wet, it feels like they are losing control, which could be why cats hate being wet! 

When cats are immersed in water, they lose their balance and can’t move around as freely as usual. This makes drinking difficult for them – which could be why cats hate getting wet so much!

List Of Cats That Like Water

There’s a reason why cats hate water – it has a lot of importance to their life cycle. Some cats are born with a natural aversion to water, while others may develop this fear during their lifetime. 

If you find that your cat is fearful of water, there’s not much you can do to change their mind. You might even find it harder to get them wet than usual. Instead of forcing your cat into getting wet, try another outlet for their energy, such as playing with them or chasing toys. 

And if you’re wondering why some cats like water while others don’t, a look at their genetic code might just provide the answer!


For a good reason, Bengals are among the most popular cat breeds in the world. They have a mutation in the gene for a fear response which makes them less afraid of water and allows them to enjoy it more. 

If your cat likes water, you can give them some treats or toys to keep them entertained while taking care of their needs.

Savannah Cat

If you have a Savannah Cat, you must keep it hydrated. This cat breed is known for its long fur, which traps moisture and can’t sweat like other cats. 

So, chances are your Savannah Cat will need to be kept constantly wet! Another reason a Savannah Cat might require lots of water is their hunting instincts and their love for staying cool and wet. 

As mentioned earlier, water is one of the main things that put them at ease, so make sure to provide plenty of refreshment around the house!

Turkish Angora

Water is essential for cats, and whether they drink from a bowl or not, they must have access to plenty of it. Even if your cat doesn’t drink from a bowl, giving them water whenever needed will help them feel comfortable around the water faucet. 

It might take some time for them to get used to the new behavior, but with patience and consistency, eventually, your cat will learn how to enjoy drinking water from a faucet! And if you happen to own one of these cats – congratulations! 

You’re in luck because this breed of cat happens to love water just like normal cats do! 

Maine Coon Cats

If you own a Maine Coon cat, you know that they love water! This is due to their genetics – scientists believe they have a gene that makes them love it. 

Whether your cat enjoys water or not, this might help you understand why some cats hate it and others enjoy playing in it. After all, the felines are the exception to the rule!

Japanese Bobtail

If you want to get your cat to enjoy the water, exposing them gradually over some time might be the best way to go. Japanese Bobtails are the exception and don’t seem to mind being wet! 

Cats that like water have a gene that makes them less afraid of liquid, so it is likely that this is why they love playing in fountains and other bodies of water so much. It might be due to their ancestors living in areas with plenty of body sources of water – making cats familiar with different environments from an early age.


Abyssinians are a breed of cats that are loved and appreciated for their exceptional abilities to swim. There are many theories on why this is the case, but no one knows. 

If your cat loves water, it could be a sign of feeling insecure or stressed – give them some TLC to help them feel at ease! Scientists believe it might have something to do with their genetic code, but we’ll never know. 

We know that these beautiful creatures make great family pets and enjoy being around people and other animals alike.

American Bobtail

If you’re looking for a feline friend who enjoys playing in the water, the American Bobtail might be the perfect breed. Their genetic code may explain why they enjoy wet activities such as playing in the water and cleaning their fur – it’s just something they are genetically programmed to do! 

Other cats that like water might not have this same gene and thus not enjoy playing in or around water as much. American Bobtails typically hail from North America, so if you’re living anywhere else in the world and seeking a cat who loves getting wet, your search is over!

Turkish Vans

Turkish Vans is a company that makes specialty vans for transporting large pets like cats. They have an interesting story behind them – one that revolves around water and cats! 

Some years ago, a cat owned by the founders of Turkish Vans developed a taste for water. As a result, the van was specifically designed to transport cats comfortably and safely. 

Not only did this solve the issue of where to take their feline friend when they needed to go out, but it also made life easier for everyone involved – especially the cat! As it turns out, this isn’t an isolated incident – according to scientists at Smithsonian’s National Zoo in Washington D.C., felines are genetically programmed to enjoy drinking water from any source (including toilet bowls!). 

This might be why cats behave playfully in or near bodies of water – they’re just trying to get their fill of that pesky thirst gene!


Cats’ fear of water may have something to their genetic code. A study published in the journal Animal Cognition found that cats from different breeds are afraid of water in different ways. In addition, cats from certain cat breeds put toys in water more often than others. However, you cannot train a cat to like water – this instinct is hardwired into their genes. If you’re curious about why your cat isn’t keen on water, read on to find out more!