What Are Moggy Cats? Guide Into Owning One.

Are you a cat lover always looking for the next purebred pedigree felines to own? Because there are non-pedigree cats that are just as sweet, playful, and intelligent. They are Moggy cats or “Moggie” from the British slang of house cats and alley cats. Moggies are domestic cats that came from mixed breeds. They have no particular ancestor, unlike pedigree cats that are bred for their appearance and behavior.

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Moggies are the most common domestic cat in the entire world. Not only that, moggies have a variety of colors, patterns, personalities, and sizes. For example, they could be talkative, shy, quiet, aggressive, friendly, or annoying. Also, moggies will have short hair and different shades of colors. In addition, they are not limited to specific sizes, for they can be big or small. So, where did this moggy cat come from?

Origin of Moggy Cat

The origin of moggies is not known. However, there are few explanations why the breed started, but it wasn’t proven to be true. One of them is that it came from African wildcats, domesticated by humans thousands of years ago. And then, humans figured out how to cross-breed cats as the science of the world advances.

There are breeding programs that use moggy cats to create specific traits and increase the breed’s genetic pool. They are also used to develop new breeds, and these are Munchkin, Laperm, and American Curl to name a few.

Moggy Cat Lifespan

Moggy Cat will live an average lifespan of fifteen to twenty years, depending on its diet, environment, and owner’s care. One thing for sure about these cats is that they live longer than other cat breeds because of their vast gene pool. 

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Moggy Cat Personality

Common personality found on moggy cats is them being friendly and loving cats. Of course, they may come with different characters. But one thing is for sure; they are affectionate, adorable, and trainable. You can always train them to behave and to be responsible for peeing and in doing their business.

Moggy Cat Health

Moggies are healthier and stronger than other cat breeds. So when you decide to own one, you are lucky enough because you save yourself some constant visits to the vet. 

Moggies are ideal pets for families because this cat will give you less of a worry. They don’t have genetic illnesses that purebreds usually have because of their gene variations. However, this does not mean that you will not take care of these cats. Yes, they are more robust and less susceptible to diseases, but they also need a proper diet and a healthy lifestyle.

It’s easy to provide them excellent & healthy food, yummy treats, and toys, but it’s hard to provide time. Although, this is not an excuse to give moggy cats playtime and exercise because it is a contributing factor to your moggies’ health and happiness.

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Moggy Cat Health Issues

Moggy cats will inherit the healthiest genes from their parents; however, these genes can’t stop them from obesity. As a result, obesity is the most common health issue occurring in moggy cats. And without a proper diet, they can gain more weight that will lead to obesity, and be more at risk of other illnesses.

Watch your moggy cats diet or consult a vet on what diet plan you should follow for these cats. In addition to obesity, these common illnesses can also occur to your moggy cat if they are not adequately cared for by the owners.

  • Gastrointestinal Issue

To prevent this health issue, feed your cat foods that are highly digestible with fat levels to help the intestines function well.

  • Vomiting

If vomiting happens to your moggy cat, provide water every 30 minutes or give them ice cubes. Allow them to fast and feed on liquids first to stop vomiting. Then, get back to its regular diet when the vomiting stopped completely.

  • Decrease in Appetite

It is typical of moggy cats too and when it happens, give them wet food with seafood flavor and give them chicken broth to encourage them to eat and so that their appetite gets back to normal.

  • Skin Irritation

Another common health issue that occurs in cats is skin irritation. Better go to your nearest vet clinic to prevent worsening your cat’s condition.

  • Urinary Tract Infection.

You can prevent Urinary tract infections on your moggy cat by providing them fresh water all the time. Also, they may have problems peeing, thus offer them a clean litter box that is easy to access whenever they wanted to pee. In addition,  change their diet by mixing wet food to dry food.

What to Feed Moggy Cats?

Moggies are carnivores, and it is recommended to provide them with foods rich in protein. If you are a pet owner who loves to prepare meals for your pets, give them fish and meat in their meals to ensure that they have the protein they need.

However, you still need to give them a proper diet and add veggies, eggs, and fruits once in a while to provide them with carbohydrates, calcium, and vitamins. 

On the other hand, you can feed them commercial cat food formulated to provide your felines the correct nourishment they need. Choose between dry and wet food depending on your moggies preference. Wet food is usually in pouches containing meaty cat jellies, while dry food can provide your pet chewy food. It is ideal for giving your moggy wet food when they suffer from illnesses and need to be hydrated for wet food containing lots of fluid. 

How to Groom a Moggy Cat?

Moggy cats are low-maintenance cats, and they are easier to groom because they are usually short-haired cats. However, it would be best if you still brushed them once or twice to prevent hairballs. On top of that, you can bathe them once a week to achieve a soft coat and to ensure that your cat is clean, especially when you have children around the house.

With regards to brushing their teeth, use a non-harsh toothbrush that might lead to wounds on your cat’s gums. Use soft-end brushes that are safe for your cat. Try to brush their teeth with the new toothbrush and see if it does not hurt them. If yes, then replace it with a softer one.

One tip in brushing your moggies’ hair is to do a downward brushing to ensure that the dirt, bugs, and dirty stuff fall to the ground.

Types of Moggy Cats

Moggy cats are very general and do not have any specific characteristics or appearance. We will try to differentiate them through types of moggies coats.

1. Hairless Moggy Cat

If you are familiar with the sphynx breed, they are ultimately hairless and have wrinkly skin. Moggy cats have a bald type too, though, in close inspection, they have fine hair but a hairless appearance.

If you happen to own one of these moggies, it’s helpful that you give them baths regularly, for they don’t have hair that will absorb the oil in the skin. In addition, they will be delicate in cold weather because of their hairless features; give them a blanket to wrap on them once they get out, and provide them with sunscreen whenever they go outside in sunny weather.

2. Short-Haired Moggy Cat

Short-haired moggies are the most common type of moggies. They are easy to groom, and the cat’s hair will not be a problem around your house. In addition, you don’t have to vacuum vigorously to clean all the cat’s hair when you have a moggy cat.

3. Long-Haired Moggy Cat

Long-haired moggy cats require a lot of cleaning because they shed more hair around your house. So when you own one of these cats, you have to do extra cleaning around the house to ensure that you are getting rid of all the cat’s hair. 

Although, long-haired moggy cats can be very fluffy and soft to cuddle with. 

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How Much Is a Moggy Cat?

Moggy cats are inexpensive cats. You can acquire these cats easily by adopting them at the nearest cat shelter in your place. You don’t have to spend much money on a cat, especially when you have other priorities in life. You can find moggies anywhere you go. Unfortunately, some of them are abandoned on the streets because they have no breed. Provide a home for one of the moggy cats, and they will help you get rid of rats.

Own one of these beautiful moggy cats, and you’ll be surprised that they are equally loving and intelligent despite them being non-pedigree. They can be independent, which means they will not require much of your attention. In addition, they are healthy cats with no genetic diseases, and they are not picky in their food.