Is Cat Litter Biodegradable: Eco-Friendly Litter Types for Your Feline Pet

No, most cat litter on the market is not biodegradable. It’s also bad for the environment because of the way it’s made. So instead of using pre-made cat litter, it is recommended to use a more sustainable option like recycled paper or plant-based materials. Doing so benefits not only the environment but your cat too!

The Benefits of Eco-Friendly Cat Litter

When it comes to cat litter, eco-friendly options certainly have their fans. Not only is eco-friendly cat litter biodegradable, but it also contains all-natural ingredients. It can be an excellent choice for cats since it can help control odor and keep them healthy. So if you’re looking for a more sustainable option, eco-friendly cat litter may be perfect!

Different Types of Eco-Friendly Cat Litter

Cat litters absorb and eliminate urine and feces quickly and effectively, keeping your home clean while sparing you the hassle of cleaning up pet messes. There are many types of eco-friendly cat litter on the market: clumping, absorbent clay-based litter, self-cleaning litter mats, etc. So whatever your needs may be, there’s sure to be a perfect option!


Clay litter is made up of small pieces of clay that absorb and lock in urine and feces. Clay litter is the most popular type of litter because it has a high capacity to absorb odors and moisture.

When it’s time to replace the cat litter, remove all the old clay litter and add fresh clay to the bin, it can also be disposed of in your trash or composting system, making it an eco-friendly option.

Silica Gel

Silica gel litter is such an excellent option for kitty owners! First, cats are obligate carnivores and need a diet consisting of meat, bones, and other by-products. As clumping litter helps trap these natural waste products until they are disposed of naturally, kitty owners don’t have to worry about their pet tracking in feces throughout the house or yard. 

In addition, silica gel absorbs moisture well, preventing leaks and staining on floors or furniture items – something that many clay litters often suffer from. 

Finally, because cats bury their waste (and humans want them to), cat litters help keep the environment clean by absorbing urine and feces before it reaches the ground – keeping our planet healthy along the way!


Pine litter is the perfect option for people with cats, as it is both odorless and clumping. It also absorbs moisture, which keeps the cat litter box dry and healthy. Additionally, pine litter doesn’t contain chemicals that could harm your cat or the environment.


Today, more and more people are opting for eco-friendly cat litter options. One of the most eco-friendly litter options is wheat litter. Wheat litter is biodegradable and environmentally friendly, making it the perfect litter for those who want to do their part in reducing their carbon footprint. 

Additionally, wheat litter is great for cats because it’s litter that provides plenty of places for them to go. It clumps easily, which makes it easy to scoop and lessens the chance of waste spilling out of the litter box. 

Plus, wheat is a natural fiber that helps break down the cat’s waste to their needs. This all-natural product comes in regular and large bags at an affordable price – making it perfect for budget-conscious cat parents!


Grass seed litter is low-dust and biodegradable, making it an excellent option for people with allergies or asthma. It’s also eco-friendly as it doesn’t produce waste that can harm the environment. However, this litter can be more expensive and may not work well if your cat likes digging through the pile.

Recycled Paper

Paper litter is the best option for cat owners who want to keep their homes clean and odor-free. It’s environmentally friendly as it doesn’t require any disposal, absorbs more moisture than other types of litter, and can be used in places where you cannot use wood or clay litter.

Unlike clay or wood litters, which can take hours or even days to break down and leave your home smelling bad (if they ever do), recycled paper cat litter clumps quickly and is easy to clean – making it an excellent choice for cats who struggle with tracking their waste around the house. 

While this litter is made from recycled materials, you must dispose of it after your kitty uses the supply. Additionally, some people find the odor offensive; if this is an issue for you, consider using one of the many other types of eco-friendly cat litter on the market.


Corn-based cat litter is the most absorbent, easy to clean up, eco-friendly, and clumps well. Additionally, corn-based litter does not have a strong smell, making it ideal for cats with allergies or sensitive stomachs.

Walnut Shell

Walnut shell litter is the best option if you’re looking for biodegradable litter. It is also environmentally friendly and absorbs moisture well. Walnut shell litter is another eco-friendly choice that many swear by – it absorbs moisture well and keeps your cat’s box clean, making it the perfect choice for cats with fastidious habits.

The downside of this type of litter is that it can be messy. Make sure to dust it regularly to avoid tracking dirt and dust everywhere in your home. If you have cats, be sure to choose the right type of litter for them – cat litters are not suitable for everyone’s feline friends! 


Wood-based cat litter is the perfect option if you’re looking for a great one for your cat and the environment. Made from natural wood chips, this litter smells excellent and helps to control odor in the home. Wood-based cat litter is also biodegradable, environmentally friendly, and available in a wide range of sizes to suit every kitty’s needs.