How to Train a Siamese Cat: What You Need to Know When Training a Siamese Cat

Siamese cats are highly intelligent, and here are a few essential tips for training them:

  • Start with positive reinforcement techniques, such as treats and praise, to encourage desired behavior.
  • Keep training sessions short, as cats have a shorter attention span than dogs.
  • Use a clicker or a specific word as a marker, so the cat knows correctly when they have performed the desired behavior.
  • Be consistent with commands and rewards to help the cat understand what is expected of them.
  • Stay calm and calm with your cat if they understand or obeys a command immediately. Training takes patience and persistence.
  • Siamese cats are amiable, so it is essential to make sure that they have plenty of social interaction and playtime.
  • Basic commands such as “come,” “sit,” “stay,” “lay down,” and “off” can be taught as well as tricks like “fetch” and “shake paws.”
  • Always end the session on a positive note.

Other Tips When Training a Siamese Cat

Start Young (If Possible)

If you start training your Siamese cat as soon as possible, you can prevent future problems. Start by holding your cat briefly and gradually increasing the time you hold them; this will help them get used to being handled. Make sure to reward your cat for good behavior. 

Once the cat is used to being handled, begin training with shorter sessions and progress to longer ones over time. By starting young, you can help ensure that your Siamese cat continues to be a loving family member.

Respond Quickly

If your cat is doing something you don’t like, the first step is to respond quickly. If you ignore your cat, it may become more active in getting your attention. Instead, be consistent in your responses and be firm but gentle when disciplining your cat. Give them positive reinforcement, such as a treat or pet, when they are doing something you enjoy. This will help strengthen their bond with you and teach them that it is okay to do things you like. 

Train Before You Feed

It is essential to establish some rules when training a Siamese cat. Only feed your cat when it is hungry. Instead, wait until your cat has sat down and shown signs of hunger before offering food. You should also avoid rewarding your cat with treats if it does not follow your commands. 

Use Your Voice

Using your voice to train a Siamese cat can be a successful strategy. To ensure the cat learns proper behavior and becomes accustomed to the sound of your voice, it is crucial to use positive reinforcement when training your Siamese cat. Speak calmly and consistently, and use treats or toys as rewards. Short training sessions are best, with frequent sessions over time. 

It is also essential to follow the instructions of your veterinarian or animal trainer, as they may have additional training tips or tricks to help you succeed with training your Siamese cat. Using your voice to train a Siamese cat can be a rewarding and effective way to improve its behavior and bond with you.

Ignore Bad Behavior

Ignoring bad behavior from your Siamese cat in training her effectively. Ignoring bad behavior from your Siamese cat will teach her that she needs to earn your attention. When you ignore bad behavior from your Siamese cat, be consistent with your commands and methods. This way, you can train her to behave appropriately. 

It can be tempting to reward your Siamese cat for good behavior, but it’s best to ignore bad behavior and focus on positive reinforcement. Remember to be patient while training your Siamese cat and follow your commands. Eventually, she will learn how to behave correctly and give you a cat ready for training and adoption.

Don’t Use Your Hands as a Toy

Using your hands as a toy for cats can be dangerous and may cause aggression. Instead, use cat toys that are specifically made for cats. These toys should be soft and preferably made of catnip or other cat-friendly materials. Avoid grabbing a cat by the tail, and never pick him up without putting him down first. 

Additionally, avoid sudden movements and loud noises when playing with your cat. Instead, proceed with caution and slowly increase the intensity of your interactions over time. All in all, it is essential to respect the cats’ behavior and preferences regarding playtime.

Things You Can Teach a Siamese Cat

Using a Litter Box

A litter box is an integral part of training a Siamese cat. According to PetMD, a litter box should be located in a quiet area, out of direct sunlight, and away from high-traffic areas. It should be kept clean and tidy to avoid nuisance behaviors like litter box pawing, spraying, or depositing feces elsewhere in the house. 

Cats tend to be messy, so provide them with a box that you can easily clean. For example, if your Siamese cat is not using the litter box, try scolding them, putting them in their crate, or taking them for a walk. This will help establish good litter box habits from the get-go.

Using Scratching Posts

Siamese cats are playful and curious animals that need plenty of stimulation to keep them entertained. Scratching posts can be a great way to provide your cat with the stimulation it needs while training. To ensure success, it’s essential to provide multiple scratching posts so that your cat has options and doesn’t become attached to just one post. 

It is also essential to train your cat gradually, so it doesn’t get frustrated or scared by the process. By providing your cat with the right type of scratching post and training it slowly and steadily, you can help it learn how to be a well-behaved pet.


It’s essential to train your Siamese cat the right way. This will help it become a docile and obedient member of your family. Basic commands can be taught to your cat using positive reinforcement, such as providing food or treats when it performs a behavior you have trained it to do. Additionally, providing your cat with plenty of toys and playtime will help keep it entertained and active while training.

Training a Siamese cat requires time and consistency. It may take several attempts to succeed, so don’t give up if the process doesn’t go smoothly the first time. Remember, patience and consistency are critical ingredients for practical training.


There are a variety of tricks you can teach your Siamese cat. Some of these tricks include fetching, sitting, and scratching posts. Cats are known for their intelligence, so training them to perform specific tasks can help them become more comfortable in new environments and improve their social skills. Some cats learn tricks quickly, while others may take a bit longer. It all depends on the breed and individual cat. 

Tricks to Teach Your Siamese Cat


Using a “come” word whenever you want your cat to come to you and a loud voice when calling your cat will help your cat get used to hearing those words, which will help it associate coming with positive reinforcement. Start with short walks around the house, gradually increasing the length and frequency of the walks as your cat gets comfortable with the training. 

When your cat comes to you on command, reward it with treats or playtime, depending on what you want it to learn. Be patient and consistent with your training, and be patient with your cat, too – it may take some time for them to learn the skill!


To train your Siamese cat to sit, reward it when it sits down. You can do this with a treat or affection, such as petting or scratching behind the ears. Consistency is critical in training a cat to sit. Keep training sessions consistent, and be patient with your Siamese cat. Reward your cat with a treat after it sits for a specific amount of time. 

As your cat gets more comfortable sitting down, gradually increase the time it must sit before receiving a treat. If your Siamese cat does not sit after training, try using different techniques, such as playing a game or using a toy to get attention. With consistent training and patience, your Siamese cat should be able to sit-downs easily.


Once your cat is reliably sitting and staying, begin training him to fetch. Use treats to reward your Siamese cat when he performs fetching tasks correctly. Continue training your Siamese cat until he can perform all of the fetching tasks you want him to. With consistent training, your Siamese cat should learn to eagerly seek out a tennis ball and bring it back for you every time.

“High Five”

Siamese cats are natural “high fivers,” and training them to do the same is relatively straightforward. The key is to start early and establish good habits from an early age. When training your Siamese cat, you should give rewards frequently and in a delicious format. This will help train your cat to perform the desired behavior of high-fiving on cue.