How to Know If Your Cat Loves You – The Signs to Look For

One of the best ways to know if your cat loves you is to give them lots of love and attention. Cats respond positively to affection, so giving your feline friend plenty of petting and cuddling will usually be enough

You can also try playing with them, feeding them treats, or providing a litter box they feel comfortable in. Of course, always supervise your cat when they’re outside – cats typically have a hunting instinct that means they may chase small animals.

The Signs Your Cat Loves You

It can be hard to tell if a cat loves you, but there are some key signs that you should watch out for. Kittens will often seek out your attention and show affection by purring or meowing loudly. 

If any of these signs are present in your cat, it might mean they love you! Older cats may take longer to warm up to people, but eventually, they’ll come around and love you as well. 

If you’re still struggling to figure out if your cat loves you, here are a few other things to keep in mind: 


Purring is the sound that cats make when they are content and happy. It’s a reflex action that is triggered by stimulation of the throat, larynx, or windpipe. Interestingly, this noise has been shown to have calming effects on humans who hear it! 

In fact, research shows that people who listen to purring animals report feeling calmer and more relaxed than those who don’t. What’s even more exciting is that purring may be an indication of love in cats! 

A study found that when cat owners were given toys to play with but didn’t receive their cats as part of the experiment, they exhibited higher levels of stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline compared to participants who received both toys and their pets. This suggests that being close to your cat not only provides physical pleasure but also emotional comfort – making them one truly luxurious pet.

Likes To Be Close To You

Having a feline friend around is one of the perks of living in an apartment. Not only do cats love to be close to their owners, but they also tend to meow or purr more frequently when around them. 

This may even mean that your cat trusts and loves you more than other household members! If your cat refuses to leave your side even after being asked several times, this could be interpreted as a sign that it wants to stay close by for comfort and security.

Acts Loving And Affectionate

If your cat seems to love you a lot, it’s likely because they do. A feline friend who loves spending time with its owner will typically behave affectionately – from sitting in your lap to grooming you. 

Something might be wrong if all of this seems too good to be true. Your cat might be scared or anxious and trying to show that by misbehaving. 

On the other hand, if everything is going well between you two and your cat usually responds positively when called, chances are they do love you.


Playing games with your cat can be a great way to show you love them. If your cat starts to avoid eye contact or becomes more playful, it could mean that they don’t like you very much. However, this may be a phase and will eventually change once the kitty gets to know you better.

Playing fetch is one of those simple pleasures that cats and humans love. If your cat loves you, they usually return the favor by grooming you or providing lap time. 

A crouching body language often signals a desire to play fetch. So go ahead – give your feline friend some paws-on fun!

Sleeping In Your Bed

There is one sure sign that they love you back – they will often sleep close to you at night. Not only does this show affection, but it also means they are content and safe. 

If yours has started meowing more or begging for attention more than usual, it might be time to give them some love! A loving pet will usually seek close contact with its owner at bedtime, so if your kitty starts doing this- go ahead and oblige them!

Following You Around Constantly

Cats love to be close to their humans and will do anything they can to stay near them. This might include following you constantly, cuddling up next, or meowing incessantly. 

Cats may even start purring or meowing more often when they see you – this is a sign of affection.

Your Cat Will Groom You

Cats love to groom each other – it’s one of the ways they show affection. If your cat is grooming you, there’s a good chance they love you! They usually start by licking your face and then moving down to your neck and chest. If your cat is always around you, they may paw at you or sit on your lap – these are all signs that cats love their family members!

Spend More Time With You Than Usual

One of the best signs that your cat is affectionate towards you is if they start spending more time with you than usual. They may start following you or staying close to you when you’re not expecting it. 

They may also begin grooming or playing more with you – all signs that they appreciate your company. Cats are usually very good at hiding their emotions, but if your cat shows these behaviors, it’s probably a sign that they love and appreciate being around you.

She Rubs Against You When She’s Happy

Cats are possessive creatures! When your cat is happy, she will most likely rub against or sleep near you. 

This affectionate behavior is usually a sign that your kitty loves and trusts you. Watch out for purrs – they mean your feline friend is enjoying herself!

Are Cats More Loving Than Others

Cats are known for their affectionate nature; some of the most apparent indications include purring and licking you affectionately. Always take these cues with a grain of salt, though – cats can’t always tell how much they love their humans just by behaving in specific ways. 

That’s why it’s essential to watch for other signs that your cat loves you, like being incredibly clingy or wanting to be close all the time. If you see these signs, it may be time to give your cat a loving cuddle!

How To Make Your Cat Love You

Kitties are fickle creatures – they can change their mind about you in a heartbeat. Make sure your cat loves you; you must have a few favorite toys or activities specific to cats, and keep an eye out for any changes in behavior. 

If everything looks good, be patient and consistent in your approach. One of the best ways to make your cat love you is to provide daily affection and treats – this will show them that you’re serious about their relationship.

Give Your Cat Plenty Of Attention

Kittens and cats love to be petted, cuddled, and given lots of affection. However, if your cat seems to be avoiding you or not getting along well with you lately, it may be because they are unhappy with the current relationship. 

To determine whether this is the case, take note of any changes in behavior – such as becoming more stressed or withdrawn – and address them as soon as possible. If things don’t seem to improve after trying these measures, it might be time for a new feline friend! 

Make sure you give your cat a lot of attention each day; they will love you for it. Some key indicators that your cat loves being around you include becoming more playful and affectionate.

Reward Good Behavior

One of the best ways to get your cat to love you is by rewarding them for good behavior. Whether it’s giving them their favorite food, petting and playing with them, or doing something special for a specific occasion – all of these can work well in making your cat happy and wanting to please you. 

Make sure that the rewards are something your cat enjoys! This means if you give kitty some treats, ensure they enjoy what they’re eating. 

By following this simple rule, not only will you be providing them with positive reinforcement but also keeping things interesting for both of you!

Train Your Cat With Positive Reinforcement

Getting your cat used to be around you and humans in a positive way is not as hard as it might seem. With consistent training, the kitty will soon associate being around you with fun times! 

Start rewarding your cat regularly when it does things that make you happy to get the ball rolling. This could be anything from petting or scratching a kitty to playing with its favorite toy. 

As your cat gets more comfortable around people and starts behaving better, gradually introduce new activities- alone or with other family members. Remembering what has been taught and maintaining consistency are critical factors in learning cats’ good manners. 

By following these simple steps, everyone – including the kitty – can enjoy some peace of mind!

Keep The Environment Clean And Calm

Keeping the environment clean and calm is essential for cats. This will help them to relax, sleep better, and enjoy life more. 

Keep Up Consistent Verbal And Physical Communication

Maintaining consistent verbal and physical communication with your cat is the key to getting them affectionate again.