How to Hide the Cat Litter Box: The Ultimate Guide to Keeping It Hidden

There are many ways to hide a litter box, but using a cabinet or drawer is the simplest. If space is an issue, consider purchasing a small cubicle designed for cats that you can place in another room. If you need more space, consider using a covered litter box.

Effective Ways to Hide the Cat Litter Box

Add a Trim Around the Cat Door

Adding trim around the cat door hides the litter box and keeps debris and cat urine contained. You can buy a simple piece of wood or metal to do this yourself or hire a professional to install it for you.

There are many benefits to adding trim around the cat door. First, it will keep your floors free of litter and feces, is aesthetically pleasing, and can make transitioning to a new litter box easier for your cat.

Organize Litter Cabinet

Keeping the litter cabinet organized is essential for a cat owner. Not only will this help limit the smells and pest outbreaks that can occur, but it will also make the cabinet more visible, which can be a nuisance for the kitty.

To keep the cabinet and kitty litter hidden when not in use, try the following tips:

  • Store garbage in an outside container instead of putting it inside the home.
  • Place sturdy furniture in front of the cabinet to block visibility from the top and sides.
  • Hang a curtain or fabric over the door to keep kitty litter and another waste is hidden when not in use.
  • Ensure the cat litter box is located in a location that is easily accessible but out of view.

Keep the Litter Box in a Large Basket

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to hide the cat litter box – that’s where a litter box hidden inside a large basket comes in handy. But, by disguising and making it less visible, cleanup becomes much more accessible.

Make sure to elevate the basket so your pet has enough space to stand and pee/poop. This way, it’s hidden but still within reach. You can add some plant life or toys for visual interest and fun!

Build a Mini Cat House Litter Cover

A cat house litter cover is an easy and inexpensive DIY project to help you hide the litter box container and keep your cat clean and healthy.

All you need are some materials you likely have lying around your home – like a piece of cloth, a wood frame, and some screws. Customize the cover to fit your specific needs. For example, if you’re still struggling to get your cat to use the litter box, try building a cover to completely hide the litter box container.

Remove Drawers and Install a Hinged Door

To remove drawers and install a hinged door, decide where you want the litter box to be. Measure the space and sketch or plan how the box will look. Remove any furniture that will block the kitty’s access to the litter box. Then, cut the door to the correct size and hinge it on the bottom. Lastly, install the litter box door using screws or nails.

Drape Fabric Around an End Table

This solution is simple, easy to do, and can be customized to your needs. You can use any fabric you like – from lightweight cotton to a heavier woolen blend. You only need to cut the fabric to fit around the table’s edge and hem or tuck in any excess material on one side. Once the fabric is included, drape it around the litter box and pull it snugly against the table.

Installing Cat Door in Wardrobe Cabinet

You can easily hide the box by installing a cat door in your wardrobe cabinet. A well-hidden litter box makes life easier for you and keeps your home clean and clutter-free.

Measure the space where you want the cat door to be installed. Decide on the type of door you want – a sliding door or a door with a flap. Order the door from the supplier and make the necessary adjustments to the cabinet. Fit the door and ensure it’s well-secured to the cabinet with screws or brackets.

Paint Patterns on Plain Litter Box Cover

Painting a pattern on a basic litter box cover is a great way to hide a litter box. Not only will your cat be happy to know the litter box is hidden, but the pattern will also keep the litter box clean and scratch-free. You can find many different ways online or in cat magazines, so find the one that best suits your kitty’s preferences.

If your cat doesn’t like the litter box hidden, you can still use the cover or sand down the pattern if it gets dirty or scratched.

Repurpose a Tote for a Larger Litter Box

By cutting a hole in the bottom of a tote, large enough for your cat to enter but small enough for them not to fall out, you can effectively repurpose the tote for a larger litter box. You can use any old bag that you no longer need – like old totes or grocery bags!

Hang the tote from a beam high up in your closet or above another furniture area so your kitty has plenty of room to go but doesn’t have access to other areas of the house. This simple hack will keep your home clean and your kitty happy!

Use the Inside of a Bench for Kitty Litter Storage

Your cat’s litter box can be hidden and easy to clean by placing the litter on the bar and ensuring enough space for your cat to move around. If your cat moves the litter box, sweep it up and replace it with fresh litter.

Use Wine Crates

Use those wine crates – they make a great hiding place for cat litter boxes because they’re already semi-hidden. Next, cover the top of the litter box with a fabric or paper towel so your kitty can’t see the litter box from the outside. Then, hang some plastic plants in the corner to simulate foliage and create an illusion of privacy.