How Much Is a Russian Blue Cat? Price Guide for 2021

Before you get a popular cat breed such as the Russian Blue cat, having an idea first on what roughly the price is for a kitten of its kind is essential. Then, you need to dive through all its basic needs and costs you will have to spend on to support the lifestyle it requires.

You can cheaply get this cat for as low as $400 to $600 in various places in the United States. But, if you want to have the guarantee that you receive a decent feline, save up at least $800 to $1,200. Meanwhile, Russian Blues with superior lineages are often sold at an exceptional amount. To help you in finishing up your budget plan for a potential Russian Blue pet, here’s an article that will guide you through all of its possible ranges of rates and more!

3 Types of Russian Blue Cat Quality

Sure, you are already convinced to get yourself the adorable and majestic Russian Blue cat knowing that the price of one is extremely affordable, unlike most breeds. But, before you take out your cash, you have to know first which kind of Russian Blue are you looking for and what your long-term plan is with your prospective companion.

To help you out on this, here are the three types of Russian Blue cat quality that you can choose from:

Pet-Quality ($400 to $600)

Pet-quality is what you call any cat that has not passed the breed standards. A faulty Russian Blue cat is often not allowed to mate nor enter cat shows. Despite this fact, he is still a suitable pet with no physical difference compared to an ideal Russian Blue. He is even-tempered and predictable.

So, if you don’t foresee your cat participating in competitions, a pet-quality will be perfect for you. He will be inexpensive, yet you are still getting what you are looking for, which is a healthy and active companion!

Show-Quality ($800 to $2,500)

For cat lovers who want to partake in cat shows and various activities held by several cat organizations, a show-quality Russian Blue suits you better! This quality of cat possesses all ideal features as per the breed standards. There are no slight or major faults in him. This cat is permitted to breed, so he can produce more ideal kittens like him. 

Cat Mill Quality ($400 to $800)

If there is one place you must avoid at all costs, this would be it. Cat mills are unethical breeding programs with unconducive environments that serve as dangers for various animals that are cramped in such places. There is no guarantee that, if ever, you get a Russian Blue cat, the feline would be healthy. Backyard breeders often have no regard for the welfare of their cats. The business is mainly profit-driven.

Reasons Why a Russian Blue Cat Is Expensive

Sometimes, we may come across reputable breeders who, despite the general knowledge of the price of an average Russian Blue, still charge more. Know what these are so you understand the kind of value you are getting should you have a deal with a trusted source.

Breeder’s Experience

Let’s face it, breeding is not at all easy. You will have loads of responsibilities just to make sure that you sell off healthy Russian Blue kittens to clients. For this to happen, a breeder should have extensive experience in the said business. He must know what the perfect age is for a female cat to be mated, what to do to ensure that both parents are healthy, and what to expect during and after the birthing process of a Russian Blue feline. 

Most of all, if a breeder’s goal is to produce purebred Russian Blues, then the parents should be guaranteed to be purebred as well. Cat breeding is hard work and it is just reasonable for breeders to be compensated fairly. 


Some Russian Blues are out of the ordinary, it seems! If you ask a Russian Blue owner who has had his cat win prestigious competitions, you will be in for a shock as to how much the price would be if the feline produces offspring. The price range will even get more insane if the cat comes from famous breeding farms! It is all about the guarantee that the next kitten would potentially follow in the footsteps of its parents. The chances are that the Russian blue will have the coveted features most people look for in a pet. 

Popularity also affects the price. As we should know, good popularity entails reputation. If people have a lot of nice things to say to a certain cattery, reviews like that are a sort of assurance that their cats are of a high standard.


Breeders also have the right to charge more for a Russian Blue kitten if most if not all necessary processes are already done before handing you the precious feline. It is a hassle-free transaction if your cat already has papers concerning the following:

  • Spaying or neutering certificate
  • Up-to-date vaccination papers
  • Clean health document from a veterinarian
  • Health guarantee
  • Deworming certificate

Ways to Cut the Cost

We are with you in saving or cutting costs in your pursuit of becoming the new Russian Blue cat owner. If currently, the budget is tight, there are two options you can consider so you can still get a hold of a precious kitten such as this Russian breed!

Adopt a Russian Blue Cat

The noblest thing you can do as a pet lover is to adopt a rescue. Every day, thousands of cats end up in adoption homes either because they were either unwanted or abused. Look for a Russian Blue cat that fits your personality and preferences whilst considering the lifestyle he needs. Spend enough time to get to know him and ultimately bring him home with you!

Rescued cats are just as good as the ones that come from breeders, but one perk of adopting is that every feline comes in at a low fee of around $75 to $150. 

Go For a Russian Blue Cross

Mixed Russian Blues are sold at reasonable prices, however, you most likely won’t be sure on what breeds were involved. There’s also this uncertainty regarding temperament since a mixed cat is half a different breed. If you wish to partake in cat events, a Russian blue Cross won’t have an edge against a purebred in achieving the ideal standards.

What to Avoid in Buying a Russian Blue Cat

Be cautious about circulating scams on the internet. They advertise certain cats for unbelievably cheap prices. They will ask you to pay first and then deliver the cat, but once they have received the money, they can no longer be contacted. Do your research properly and make sure that you are talking to a reputed breeder and visit the cattery in person. If you can’t be physically there, check for reviews on their website and do a reverse Google image search in case the scammer is just using fake pictures.