How Long Do Ocicats Live?

You can be easily captivated by the unique wild cat resemblance of the Ocicat Breed. Everyone would think that they have wild genes but this was just an amazing result of cat breeding. The line is from Siamese, Abyssinian and accidentally includes American Shorthair. The variety of gene pools of this Ocicat breed created a healthy domestic cat breed.

So, how long do Ocicat cat breeds live?

Ocicats are naturally healthy breeds and their lifespan could go up to 15 to 20 years. Although they are not free from hereditary disease and health issues, this breed still has longer life expectancies than most purebred cats.

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Ocicat Possible Health Issues

This healthy breed is not free from diseases and we’ve listed down some of the medical concerns that might happen:

1. Amyloidosis

It is a condition wherein the amyloid which is a protein gets deposited in organs instead of cells and causes dysfunction on organs of the cat. It is mostly hereditary on Ocicats and must not be taken lightly. 

2. Ringworm

Ringworm should be avoided because it easily transfers to humans when your Ocicat has it. It is a skin infection that affects the hair and claws of the cat and would cause circular patches on the skin of your cat. This is a serious infection and must be taken to the vet immediately.

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3. Gingivitis

It is a health concern common to Ocicats in which the cat’s gum is inflamed because of bacteria. The gums which are naturally pink in color will become purple or red once the cat has gingivitis. If the Ocicat is having bad breath, swelling, and bleeding gums then you must impose proper teeth cleaning so that the gingivitis will be cured and could not ruin your cat’s appetite.

4. Pyruvate Kinase

It is a hereditary disease for cats common to Abyssinian. One of the common reasons that this disease happens is due to PK deficiency. Pyruvate Kinase is an enzyme that is essential for cats because it produces energy for the cells to survive. Without this, the cat may experience anemia that can only be cured through medication partnered with a proper diet.

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5. Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

It is a heart condition in cats due to the thickening of the heart walls. When your Ocicat has this disease you’ll notice the following:

Difficulty Breathing


Paralysis of Hind Limbs

It is a serious medical condition that may require surgery and will cause pet owners a lot of money. To be prepared for emergencies, be sure that you have a pet emergency fund to take care of and save your cat.

How to Keep Your Ocicat Live Longer

Ocicats are an amazing breed of cats that you would want to keep longer due to their great personalities and wild appearance. These are the essential factors that you can do to keep the cat happy and healthier.

1. Exercise

Ocicat is an active breed that needs to have regular exercise and a lot of mental stimulation. Their energy must be used so that they can live healthy and happy. To do this, you can schedule playtime with your Ocicat just like fetching, ball playing, climbing, and laser chasing. You could also give your cat daily walks to exercise muscles and to avoid obesity. Just like humans, exercise will prevent diseases especially on the heart and other organs of the cat’s body.

Furthermore, to stimulate the cat’s mind you can buy puzzle feeders that will slow down the cat’s food intake but would make their mind sharp and useful. Ocicats are intelligent breeds that’s why you won’t have a problem in teaching tricks or even training them to do something.

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2. Nutrition

It is a very important factor in determining the health of your cat because this is something that they ate and helps them survive. The cat food should be filled with balance and appropriate nutrition so that your cat will have a strong immune system and have a healthy functioning mind and body. 

High-quality food for your cat should check these items accordingly:

1. The Lowest amount of Fillers or non at all

2. No artificial additives of the Cat Food.

3. 90% Meat ingredient on the cat food.

4. Free of Garlic Ingredient

5. Cat Food should have protein-based ingredients.

Your pet should be encouraged to drink water as well to avoid dehydration and to prevent UTI from happening. Monitor their daily intake of food and water as well as provide proper vitamins for their body and coat.

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3. Grooming

A lot of pet owners neglect this, but this is very essential for cats to live a wholesome life. Their ears should be properly cleaned to avoid ear mites, the nails should be cut to prevent dirt inside, brushing should be done to lessen shedding, and baths to keep the coat clean. Grooming packages are expensive but as an owner, you must learn to groom your cat and do it frequently. This could also be a great quality time for your cat aside from playtime.

Remember to only use products that are safe for your Ocicat because they have sensitive coats and might cause allergies and infection if you don’t ensure that it is safe for your cat. Always read reviews and monitor your cat’s reaction to the product. In addition, it’s best to browse some natural and organic products because it is safer and less toxic to a cat’s coat.

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Ocicat is an amazing breed that is highly adaptable to the environment. You wouldn’t have a problem in getting them used to the surroundings, people, or other pets in the house. Their intelligence will make them easy to live with and their energy will push you to do daily walks around the neighborhood. Pet parents must ensure the safety and good health of their pets thus the factors and suggestions above should be considered and followed to avoid sudden veterinary expenses.